The bronx (new york)

ayo whats really hood wheres all the bronx/ new york peeps at man

Former Bronx kid right here. Living in BK now. What’s good?

same but i live in calif and my bro lives in the bx and 4 of my friends thats good in mvc2 and some in cvs2

I’m up for some matches. I’m an SNK player myself though…

its cool let me give some friends a call if u dont mind

Live in bronx 8 years ago now in north jersey play MVC2 3S and sometimes CVS2

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What’s up bro! I used to live in Harlem a long time ago, before I moved to Philly. So brothas from The Bronx I can respect.

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BX is cool. Not many arcades but I still respect it. I’m a Brooklyn native. And current SNK god of Canarsie. Hold dat bitches…

lol wtf, jon, you live in Canarsie? you wouldn’t happen to live near Starrett City/ Spring Creek towers, would you?

hey yea your right not many good arcades

CTF and port, as far as i’m concerned are the only good places… and both suck… neither have guilty gear…

I could walk there. I live at the pier. Why, want a lesson in asswhuppin?

Nah I’m playin. But I’m not too far. A bus ride away…

You have to respect the Bronx because thats where some of the best players rose up from. Myself, Sanford, Desmond, Erik Smoothviper, Yipes to name a few.
I remember when I live there back in the day I use to play at Neo Crash. It was a comic store/Arcade and the owner was mad cool. There is where I played KOF because a couple of friends of mine was into it and actually KOF was big at Neo Crash. I started at 96 and played all since. Played MVC 1 and A3 from time to time but it was all about Neo Geo there, actually a little transition of both. Thats also where I met Triforce this was back in late 95.
I have alot of good memories of that place, friends and all. I even use to go to Phil’s and play from time to time. Theres alot of history that comes from the BX and as Im going higher I will never forget where I came from.
Shout out to the BX!!!

hey any one from the bronx hangs out in bronx park east and knows a kid name tim and the skool he went to was columbus

I am from the bx as well. I am new to the competitive game but I played SF since I was little on SNES when it SFII premeired. watching all of you, my boy Phil Kao, Hold Dat, Snake, and Capcom Killa is just amazing ( i know there are others better but watching them is culture shock enough) and seeing what you guys do with the characters is beauitful. I hope to get good and actually be decent in the game but I guess I need to lan with people first:)

About Neo Crash, i used to go there back in 99. but i moved away after i had some family issues… PM for more info. After that I used to go to Fordham Comics. SvC all day. Now I’m in BK and I go to Kongman or CF for some arcade action…

Ah…the Bronx…home and birth to the Empire. Were it all started. Neo Crash, The optimum store on 228th back in 85! Phils on Fordam, the comic books store on Allenton Ave and White Plains, the pizza store on 233rd back in 84!

The Bronx is the origin of some of the worlds best gamers. Jeron, Santhrax-(Sanford Kelly), Devon Braxton (FUCKING APOCALYPSE) Kylian, Smoothviper, Edwin, Jermaine (GamingKnight), Teddy (Hunter) and myself…Understand the power of the Bronx its the origin of the greatest gamer organization there is. Empire Arcadia. Hail my niggas! lol. <---- I’ll get in trouble for this later in the future…but hey I wanted that ghetto affect. LOL!