The Brotherhood of Fighting: "Central VA. Showdown, The Beginning" Lynchburg, VA area tourney

We, The Brotherhood of Fighting would like to invite you to “The Central Virginia Showdown: The Beginning”

This is The Brotherhood of Fighting making their first appearance to the fighting game community of Shoryuken. If all goes as planned this will not be there last you will hear of us. Our members are the SizzlinPapaya, The Wondermann, and Country. First we will introduce ourselves then after introductions there is plenty of info, all that we have at this time, on the first tourney we are setting up in the lynchburg and roanoke virginia area.

The SizzlinPapaya is a master in training in the practice of Mortal Kombat with hopes of one day taking on the world in this artform. He has spent his life training in the dark arts with the mighty sorcerer Quan Chi. During training one night Scorpion made his way to earth realm and wreaked havoc on his home town and because of this The SizzlinPapaya is back to earth realm in hopes of one day finding redemption.

The Wondermann has been donned as the newest Avenger sent on a mission from Asgard to take on the world in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. With Thor down and Loki missing in action (thought to be working with the yeodinheim) Odin had to rely on one of Thor’s lesser known friends, The Wondermann. With the earth being in dire straights the only way to save it was take everybody on in Marvel 3. Due to this his skills are second to none and his energy is never in need of revitalization.

Country has a different calling. He is there to keep the above two member’s powers from growing out of their control. He is the brains behind the operation. While the others are the brawn. He has drawn powers from the greats such as Shang Tsung and M.O.D.O.K.

This is the first tournament we have put together but I promise you it will be a good one. There was no fighting scene in the Lynchburg, or Roanoke area so we decided to start one ourselves.

There will be tournaments in the following games:

  1. Mortal Kombat 9

  2. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

  3. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

In addition to the tournament games we will have other games not strictly from the fighting genre set up for free play on a rotating basis.

There will be prizes for the top three placing participants of each tournament.

We are going to be set up with 6 47" HDTVs. Four will be used strictly for tournament play while the other two will be the free to play consoles. We are going to have 3 x box 360s and 3 Playstation 3s.

If you are interested in joining e mail

You’re feedback would go a long way into making this the most awesome and epic tournament we can make it into. We plan on this being the first of a long line of tourneys.

We will be posting more info on this thread at the beginning of next week so watch out and check back on a regular basis starting monday.

We need a logo for our group. We have Wondermann working on it but we want to get you guy’s input. If you would like to come up with something and post it on our facebook we will pick the best of them and then decide. Give us your best brotherhood artwork!!!

If you are interested in the tournament and/or artwork please e-mail the group at the above address.

Don’t forget to add us on facebook @

note, we are still working on our facebook so work with us if it’s bland at the moment.


The SizzlinPapaya, The Wondermann, and Country

Regional Matchmaking

Welcome to SRK, try the Regional Matchmaking thread if you’re looking to start up a scene in your area.
You’ll have a lot more luck then the MvC3 main page.


He posted this in FGD, MK, SSF4, and regional forums…and the tournament sections.

i was told that was cool to do. you can take em down if you want i don’t really care. i was just putting it in places i thought people would see that were relevant. just tell me where it should go and i’ll put it there and that’s it. not tryin to be a dick here.

as for the tvs… the place we got is a pretty sizable room… so something decently sized with reference to tv was needed. don’t get why that was gross.

I said gross because they’re 47" HDTV’s which I can only imagine has less than desirable input delay.

nah… all but one of them we play on and from what we’ve noticed no delay. i played on one of my friends 52 at some point and it was ridiculous. it seemed like all my combos were so off cause my timing was so off. so i get what you mean but ours are fine. i wouldn’t use them for tourney if they weren’t.

Hey guys. Welcome to SRK. Three things:

  1. There’s no date on this tournament. That’s kind of a important for an event to happen.
  2. Perhaps you guys should travel to area tournaments a bit and get in with VA players. I don’t really think the success rate of tournaments thrown by relative newcomers is very high. Even I have trouble convincing players to travel an hour or two and I’ve been throwing tourneys for 10 years.
  3. Players are not going to like playing on 50" HDTV’s. I’ve yet to see one that was lag free, and even if it was, players would still bitch and refuse to play on it. Get CRT’s or computer monitors.

Some pointers in the right direction:

VCU Fight Club on facebook: Where most of the action is here in VA.

Upcoming regional tournament Civil War 3 on 7/16. Will have out of state comp and a great time. It’s a do not miss.

Virginia has 5 regional threads already. You guys are an hour away from Roanoke, an hour away from charlottesville, and two hours from Richmond. You should probably participate in those threads rather than create your own. It takes anywhere from 20-30 active to semi active posters to keep a thread alive… and roanoke and charlottesville barely have that.

i totally get what you’re sayin… and understand. the only thing that bus me is that everything is at least an hour away. the closest one is roanoke, which isn’t terrible i used to go there every few days. anyways… we were just trying to get something started in the lynchburg area. we know there’s tons of fans of fighting games and just looking for a way to get them together. We’re not looking just on here we’ve canvassed places in lynchburg and all three of our gamestops are supporting us.

and what’s a crt? never heard of that. we regularly play on 32" and there was no lag that we could notice and that’s with hours of game play a day for two of the three of us. we were only thinking 42-47" but if that’s not gonna be good then we can change it. those plans aren’t set in stone yet. But yeah… what are you talking about with CRTs?

CRTs are those old, big ass TVs that don’t lag, which is why people like them.

Lynchburg is pretty much half way between Blacksburg and Richmond, so having tournaments there wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Except when you think that usually half of a tournaments population is derived from “locals” who wouldn’t drive more than an hour for a tournament. There are about 5-7 guys from Richmond who will routinely travel to tournaments outside that zone… and that’s a metro area of 1.2 million. Our tournaments usually have between 30-40 people.
Xanadu is in Baltimore, they get 30 for weeklies are like 40-50 for monthlies… but how many of them travel? Like 3?

So basically, an assumption that b/c something is halfway between point A and point B, 100% of the participants will make the drive.

I’ve kept trying to push Richmond as the halfway point between the NOVA and Hampton Roads areas (It is), but most tourneys we get 5-7 people max from SOVA and even less from NOVA.

It’s much easier to build a scene when there’s a large population base or a major university or something nearby. I’m sure the only reason Roanoke even has a scene is because of VA Tech.

All in all, an hour is not too far to go when in comes to finding decent competition for fighters. Back in the day, I had to beg my family to drive me 45 minutes to an arcade in Alexandria, VA to get some games of Alpha 2 in.

Anywho. Not trying to be a debbie downer.

Sizzlin: You guys should really come out to a few state tournaments before you try to run something semi large scale. Or at least study the benefits of using CRTs or computer monitors.