The butt slap is back


it was “such a huge deal” to everyone when they took it out, but noone even batted an eye about it being back in. I didn’t even notice myself until someone pointed it out to me. :smiley:


They probably just waited until the game was out for a bit before reinstating it. Not really create a new thread worthy though IMO.


Time to front page then.


If this was true it would be a good business decision. It would also make those that like Mika very happy and Capcom would have none of that.


I play Mika, it ain’t back.


No offense, but this thread is fraudulent. It’s not back, though it was never really gone you can hear the slap but only see the but after lol




Get rekt.


butt keep the dream alive


Would you look at the date.


Fuck, you got me.


You got me, but thanks to PC gaming I can put the butt slap back in myself.
Jokes on you, I never really lost it.


Actually he may be right, if you watch this video of the premium costumes and everybody doing there CAs you can see Mika has the original but slap. Just skip to 30 seconds. Maybe they’re going to update it back when they put in the premium costumes? It never even bugged me but pissed everyone else off, so its good they put it back in make people happy capcom! JUST DO IT




i fell for it.



PC mod. It is obvious.


Ah ok was I thought just maybe. Giving this guy some credit after calling him fraudulent, but I guess the thread still is then. Lmao


Nice April fools joke bro!


Yeah it was pointed out to me in the costume video, didn’t realize it was a pc mod. Thought I had seen it again during the Churning the Butter tourney last night. I guess I shouldn’t watch these things at 3am. My bad. Not an april fools attempt.


Ha too late, I already cranked one off to the original mika animation that I saved before they censored it!

Wait, that doesn’t make me cool? Crap.