The BYOC Thread


Personally: I would like to request that someone bring Puzzle Bobble 3 in some shape or format. Vampire Savior also needs to be present.
edit: I am an asshole for jacking RavenTech’s thread. I was bored plz forgive me :sweat:

To add to the 5 v 5 regional tourney madness in HD Remix and sf4,

You Can Expect:


Dark Geese and his entourage will be using several televisions for tourneys and casuals in the following games:

-Garou: MOTW
-KOF 98 UM
-KOF 2k2 UM
-and many more of your favorite SNK titles!

for more information please see


-Old School ST (Cigar Bob is hosting a team tourney!
-Anniversary Edition (A clash of EPIC PROPORTIONS! check it out
-X-Men Vs Street Fighter (See Vic’s thread for more details
-Marvel Vs. Capcom 1 (See Vic’s thread on the exhibition clash between art and magneto maniac!
-Tatsunoko vs Capcom



-Fighter’s History Dynamite (Karnovs Revenge) and Breaker’s Revenge

-There is a chance we could see a KILLER INSTINCT bout between wiz and sabre. stay tuned


See the EVO World SNK 2009 thread, we will be very much present in the BYOC section.


+1 for Vampire Savior

somewhat obviously


Just out of curiosity anyone know if there will be any 360s at the byoc section. Tried to get one of my 360 sticks modded to ps2 for old school gaming then get a converter to ps3 for evo but the guy held onto it for 4 months and didn’t get it back until a couple weeks ago, the guy I sent it to now who seems to be more reliable isn’t gonna have it done till next week :(. But so I still brought my other 360 stick in case anyone brought their 360, so was just curious if anyone knew anyone who would be bringing theirs. If not I’ll guess I’ll just be ps3 padding it.


A few of us locals are bringing cabinets, we’ll have at least two Neo-Geo MVS cabs, a couple superguns, and a few other misc cabs, depending on what everyone decides to bring. Find the two Neo Geo MVS-2-13 cabinets and come say hi!