The C.Viper Mission Help Thread



hey all, i figured we’d get one of these started to help each other out with the missions, as the last half of them can be pretty daunting. Feel free to ask questions or post tips on how to get through those last few that can drive you bonkers. For starters, here’s a vid courtesy of VesperArcade, completing all ten missions, using control type b. I’ve also completed them, so i can answer any questions as well. as far as the layout i use, its custom. I roll with (top row)M H A1, (bottom row)L S A2

link: [media=youtube]8xdZgESV1Qg[/media]


I’m having trouble with #9, though it’s probably more a general question. When exactly do I call in P1? I just can’t figure out the timing.


its tricky, but you put the input in just like it says, before ducking H. you have to do it pretty fast. it has to be before they recover from hit stun so that the H will connect. make sure yo go straight into the BK then you have plenty of time to jump up to finish the combo,l as chun juggles them for a while.


Thanks for the info! I thought you had to get your partner out when doing L -> M, but it seems you can do it right after M even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Ok, I’ll give it a shot.


Your H attack will hit before chun does but what it shows on the screen is the order you hit the buttons.


Ah, I got it. It was pretty easy, actually. I just had to do it in order, but faster. Thanks guys. :smiley:


im on her least mission man it’s crazy


The missions aren’t hard their just long so it just takes a couple try’s to remember what you have to do, I finished Viper’s like 30min after I got the game lol but I will admit I got a headache when I saw her 10th mission just by trying to understand what I was supposed to do lol I had to walk away from the game cause I got mind fucked by those 2 page’s of inputs lmao


hi guys i’ve completed all the missions except mission 8. i can’t seem to connect the M after the double jump, i’ve tried attacking as quick as possible after launch and tried delaying my attack, either way the same result i just fly over skrull and M after double jump misses


You have to delay the M after the the grounded S so that when you double jump you don’t fly over them.


im not gettin the timing for the air combo :/its anoying i always miss the first hit on the double jummp m they jus fall


I don’t think they are as hard as her SF4 combos.