The Cabal Online Thread: It's free and has a combo system

In order to pimp this game out to a wider audience, we in the Free MMO thread have agreed to make a new thread for this impressive game. It’s got a combat system that evolves as the game goes on, including a combo system starting at level 10, solid PVP, more action focus, really great (TIMED!) dungeons, and a 100 vs 100 war system at high levels. I’m currently on Mercury server, but will probably move to Venus at some point to join monkeyspank. Give it a shot. I’ll post vids later.

It actually looks pretty neat. I’d get it now if it wasn’t so big relative to the slow speeds (20-30kbps) I get at work. Definitely can’t wait to get home and find it though. Subscribing.

Looks hella interesting. I’m gonna give this a read first. :cool:

I’m thinking of joining, but I want to be in a guild/clan as much as possible if I’m going to join. I get too easily bored and tired of an MMO without social interaction via guild/clan/group, but thats up to me to decide to choose anyways. That and I’m not sure of the replay value for this game is at endgame. It looks like it would be fun, but can we get peoples opinions on this game with comparisons to other MMOs and such? The pvp system, character skill progression, class progression if any etc etc.

Otherwise its just some boring game with a boring objective to become the strongest without much of a story, atleast not as intriguing as most console rpgs and no fun, to me. So, that was pretty pointless to point out, but nevertheless, I’ll consider joining in with you guys. Though one thing I suggest is, everyone going into Cabal post up their characters name in here and server (Which looks like its going to be Venus :P).


Madonna’s religion has a combo system now? :looney:

Kaballah Online would be the best damn game ever.

And when did you become a troll, lol:razzy:

I started playing Cabal today, and it’s pretty good. I can see myself playing the game for a while. I chose the wizard class…anyone have any tips for someone starting out?

81% complete [download]. Takin’ a moment. :confused:

so is this like an action/mmorpg?

Edit: guess not, I was hoping it was an actual action game =/

Don’t be afraid to dash.

Just started but didn’t know what to do. How do you attack something? :confused: Press 1 right?

Yes, attack is done via the number keys. 1 is set to basic attack by default. Click to target.

game is mad fun
played it during trial but didn’t continue after because they shut it down in the UK and waited some time for the US version to come out

Do you mean roll?

Well, I’m on channel 12 of the Venus server as a Wizard. I’m only level 10 and supposedly I’m doing quests for a promotion right now.

SN: VerParaCreer

Vegett0, you on this shit too!? Dopesauce. :cool: I’m still new to this but I made it to level 3. Screen name: Rinbatu

Here’s a pic of my almost naked swordsman. Defense -1, Style +10. :woo:

Nice. Everyone add me my sn is mcbears. Im lvl 45 wizard :D.

So, I could read all of this or you could just tell me. Are all the SRKers on one server? I’m interested but I’m not going into this shit alone.

Everyone should be on Venus imo which is where me and monkey are currently. Feel free to add me on Venus, character’s name is preptime.

Downloading now. I’ll be on Venus I suppose, since it looks like other srk guys are on it.