The Cakin Off Thred

So who did and who didnt??

md got cakey.

Lol Skisonic got so cakin he was shakin

i came to evo with just 2 dollars

i ended up with 235


ima let my new raybans speak for them damn selves.
im not on that wigfall lvl thou bows low

You forgot to thank Rob and Brian.

I could see you making a commercial for this, Bill… hahaha.

The dips was nice this year… i went to evo with 5 dollars… left with +170

Whats good

340 here ;(!

over a g and a half here.

I caked off with like a million thanks to marvel/poker.

Pat is by far the champ, with over 5 million just on poker alone.

yeah thats right i beat phil ivey heads up. we started small limits like a thousand and he kept wanting to go double or nothing till he lost 5 mill.