The Call To Arms: Let's get this shit movin'


So Coth_x just shattered my world with this:

Dated just a mere 3 weeks ago, Sven and Jimmy Rey both confirmed that they are content to let HDR languish with no additional patching. For XB360 users this might not be too big of deal (it is to me, as there are quite a few things needed to be done), but for PS3 users, well, you already know how shitty the situation is.

This is ridiculous. Negligent. Abhorrent. The whole purpose of this game was to be a tournament standard. Putting the online issues aside: WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BUTTON REMAPPING! Seth Killian, community manager at Capcom and Street Fighter enthusiast was RIGHT THERE during Evo with all that shit going on. He even commented on how bad it was with the players having to waste so much time with the button map checking.

What I suggest we do is rally our troops here and take it to that Capcom thread. Maybe they don’t have anything “planned” because we haven’t made enough noise yet.


Signed. There’s really no excuse for this. If I had a PC, I’d probably go to GGPO.


I’m no PS3 user, but it seems to me that letting such a wonderful treasure go unfixed seems like a terrible waste. I’m on board! Nosotros podemos empezar la revolucion!



I said my peace:

I suggest anyone willing to help out with this sign up there and post too!


I don’t own a PS3 either, but I certainly will make some noise.


I don’t own a Playstation 3, but I agree with the above post.

I’m not sure if people have mentioned this but they should also enable an option where you can go back to the character select screen during mid match rather than going back to the title screen. That would speed up tournaments.

I remember being at Remix Finals Evolution 2009 where we would normally see the contestants play on Ryu’s stage. Then the crowd would shout “change the stage!” or something along those lines. I think they should make random stage select as default rather than Ryu’s stage. That way contestants won’t need to remember to switch stages for viewers sake.


Aug 21, 2009: “I’m looking into things… but being honest there are no plans for further patches.” - Christian Svensson

Aug 28, 2009: “Sorry to be a pooper folks, but I’m going to have to confirm what Sven is saying. There are currently no plans to patch HDR at this time.” - Jimmy Rey

Damn I’m pissed!! And I let them know…politely of course. Even if you don’t own a PS3, get on the capcom unity boards, and let them know this isn’t cool. Cuz if they won’t support the PS3, you know damn well they won’t support XBOX either.

Halfro did start a thread a while back about this, but I can’t find it, so I posted a new thread in the PSN forums, since a lot of PSN players don’t visit the strategy forums. I was feeling pessimistic and defeated about ever getting another patch, so I didn’t bother posting in Halfro’s thread. But this decision by Capcom has energized me!! I usually check the unity boards, but hadn’t in a long time. Ah well, many thanks to Halfro, Coth X and studtrooper for posting the info.

blitz dem fools son!!


My reply…

Here’s my reply on the CAPCOM boards.

When you guys post, please be civil, direct, and cite specific examples, repro cases, and leave out the emotion. That’s not going to get us anywhere.


I’m down for the cause.


Capcom is a company is decline, they have a terrible after sale support reputation. and they decided to use a game developer with another terrible reputation (backbone) to develop the next version of their biggest cash cow (street fighter). Even the 360 version isnt without flaws


Is this your way of saying you’re in support of trying to get your PS3 brethren a patch?

Some things are better left unsaid. Why don’t you just go to Capcom Unity and ask for a patch anyway? How much time would it take? 5 seconds, maybe?

Otherwise, pour out your Haterade and pessimism somewhere else.


Well civil or not, they haven’t touched that thread again. I’m surprised its not illegal to release two different versions of the same game. They are still selling PSN HDR, that’s almost discrimination.


The scary thing is, the big wigs know about it and don’t care. I would think at least Seth Killian would raise a stink about it because he’s a big ST fan.


Did my part and chip in some comments in that patch-request. :china:


Well I if we take your statement literally then st =! hdr


Was that directed at me? I’m sure Seth loves HDR just as much.


well you guys know that Capcom isn’t so much lazy as it is cheap.
Profit is what they are looking at…at the end of the day.
THAT is why they hired a cheapo company like Backbone.
The people at backbone are BROKE.
Capcom paid them like $2000 to do HD remix.


Did my part. I need an X-box. I seriously bought the PS3 for this game.


No offense, I was just saying that loving ST doesn’t neccessarily mean loving HDR.

Regardless, PS3 users got shafted, and capcom doesn’t care.

MvC2 will probably get one patch, and then they’ll be like ooohhh lets work on SFIV!


To be honest, I’m pretty close to ditching HDR for SFIV. It’s just annoying because I just picked up HDR because 3S started to die out.