The Cammy renaissance thread

What happened to all the Cammy players? Seems like all Cammy players died or something seeing that no one post here like in 7(!!) months. Even the kyosuke and king forums is more active than this place.

I guess either everyone has found ways around Cammy or they hopped the a-yare/C sagat bandwagon. not surprising since there were no Cammy users during evo’s final and Ino went MIA.

Seeing how 7 months has passed, i’m sure there are some new strategy and tactics and some became obsolete.

im badly in need of P-cammy strategies…
she’s my r2 character,
the things i do w/ her are lots of fierce & roundhouse, her short crossup, fierce linked to super…
anyone here who can help??

i think its mainly cause shes not that good ina-groove, and mroe ppl are switching into it.

plus alot of the bnb stuff you need are easily countered. drill for example, is pretty necessary for you to space yourself and get it, but just about every in the game beats it out clean.

hey i have 2 questions.
anyone know the characters that cant crouch far standing strong?

and if i block a blanka ball while crouching, can i standing rh super, or do i have to walk forward slightly first, then rh, super.

as for strategy, i never see ppl use her standing forward in videos, i think its a pretty good poke, i dun know about its priority, but at least it can throw ppl off to try to hit u back, and u can prolly counterhit them with standing roundhouse

That’s because she’s not exactly a complex character. Pretty much all the effective strats (sfierce, sfierce, sfierce…… sfierce = P) have been found. Doesn’t mean she’s not a good character, just that she’s incredibly simple to use.

i bust out s.:mk: sometimes. most of the people i’ve done this to so far spaz out and try to poke me back, i throw out a lvl3 and hit em :confused:. but thats not saying much. i’ve done this all of like 5 times

sounds top tier

I don’t know if this is new or not, but Cammy’s far s.HP is a reliable counter to Sakura’s far s.HK. You punch Sakura’s leg on reaction and then you can link your level 3.

Cammy’s run d.MK is also very abusable against Sakura. If she starts getting itchy on the RC hurricane kick button, then you start busting out your JD skills (since good Sakuras know to use the qcb+MK) and punishing her with a combo after JDing every hit. If she does the HK hurricane, then you Random Spike!

close fierce, far fierce combos against Blanka. Use it and link those supers!

Deshiken the Beast combo against fat characters…

jump in HP, d.MP, far s.MP xx qcf+HK

the OTK special! he abused that shit like mad in casual play against every character w/ cammy. it’s a lot faster than you think…

u mean lv3 super or RH AND THEN SUPER?

I’m sure u can lv3-super a blocked blanka ball, but the timing has to be precise. Too early and u’ll juggle him (1 hit), and if too late he’ll block it. Both situations can leave you vulnerable.

I’ve never tried RH and then super, if that’s what you meant. To hit with a s.roundhouse u do have to take one or two steps forward however.

Cammy can cleanly beat out Sak’s dive kicks also with far s.hp. Unlike far, the hp will cleanly beat it out.

I just realized the other day that cammy has the easiest, simplest, and most super links I’ve ever seen.
Dude’s in the corner, and like’s to just jump back and do roundhouses. Let’s say, sagat small jumping backwards in the (corner). Short cannon spike him as high in the air as possible, and link to reverse shaft breaker.
Or, meaty spiral arrow (corner), link reverse shaft breaker.
That’s you’re most advanced stuff, because you need to land the first move, pretty much randomly by reacting to opponent, and link to super if it hits properly.

She also has:
-shortx3 xx super
-(corner)hcb+p(2 hits preferably), super
-close s.fierce, cancel or link super
-c.strong, c. forward xx super
-close s.fierce, s.roundhouse xx super
and my favourite
-(corner)far s.fierce xx short spiral arrow, reverse shaft breaker

If you can land supers at every opportunity with cammy, you will be a beast.

edit: forgot to put (corner) all over the place.

just do far/close s.fierce, super. that’s all you need :smiley:

I want to know what to do for this combo:

cr. shortxx wild bull

everytime i try to pull it instead of getting the super i get spike cannon. This is because i press short and release a bit before i do the first qcf and because negative edge (you can do a special move by pressing the button as well as releasing it) the cpu makes it count as a cannon spike motion, what can i do to fix this?

strange combo

did you know that you can do hcb + fierce, qcb qcb + RH in the corner? That suprised me, the fact that it worked.

missin cammy

why have people abandoned cammy? does everyone wanna use a-sakura or rolento that bad? even when i play wit my friends, i feel an odd sort of guilt usin cammy…crossup lk xx reverse shafter…that one makes me feel like a scrubby cheeseball. That wont stop me from lovin her! btw ne1 got tactics against bison (english not jpn)

you know, you might feel guilty if you win with cammy using “skill” or “skillful” tactics rather than going for …i’m not even sure what to categorize that combo you listed…

and not everyone has abandoned cammy. it’s just there’s not much to do with cammy other than to hone your distancing/reaction with her cuz most of the stuff she’s capable of has been done already, so there’s never any new fads for people to jump onto for cammy.

A-sak is good, so naturally people would want to use her…

rolento is hot shit if you can use him like iyo, shiro, kim, insert good rolento player names. so people naturally want to attempt at getting good with him.

i have one question

Why the people say cammy is god in p groove?

parry > :hp: > :hk: > super


she also has great walk speed and a good dash.

hp, see if it hits, super is godly