The Cammy White Thread

Cammy White, Unrelenting Soldier.

A young woman who belongs to the Delta Red team in the Secret Intelligence Services’ Special Forces Unit. She was formerly one of M. Bison’s brainwashed soldiers, but has since reverted to her former self and now works closely with her comrades. She speaks with level-headed attitude, but due to her comrades she can come off as a tomboy at times. When Chun-Li requests her help, the two begin their investigation of both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu

Official Tag Partner: Chun-Li

Move List

**Spiral Arrow ****(Super Charge Move) ****:qcf::k: **

Cannon Spike :dp: :k:

**Quick Spin Knuckle :hcb: :p: **(Ex Version has wall bounce)

**Hooligan Combination :db::qcf::uf: :p: During Hooligan you can…
** - Fatal Leg Twister
:lp:+:lk: (Throw, does not grab crouching characters in SFIV, need to confirm for SFxT)
** - Razors Edge Slicer **(No Input) Slide

**Cannon Strike :qcb: :p: **(Air OK, No height restriction)

**Spin Drive Smasher (Super Art) :qcf::2k: **(2 Bars)

Cross Art :qcf::mp:+:mk:

A homage to her scene from Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie.

Close HK is jump cancel able.

Video of Cammy’s Super and Cross Arts.


Cammy and Rolento Combos by DaFeetLee

Pre Gem Build Korean Gameplay 1
Pre Gem Build Korean Gameplay 2

EG Justin Wong (Cammy/Chun) Vs EG Ricky Ortiz (Cammy/Chun) NCR Exhibition Finals.
EG Justin Wong (Cammy/Chun) Vs Floe

Cammy’s Swap Costume

Cammy shows off her love of cats with this leopard motif costume. It would seem that Cammy has become one of King’s fans…

3rd Costume ripped from disc.

Reserved just in case.

She gonna be great in this game

I love Cammy, faster character :slight_smile: hope she is beast in this game and not low tier

I’m not that interested in Cammy in this game, because I want other characters to be in, but damn, I’d wish she would gain her TKCS back in AE. (mained her in Super)
She looks pretty good in this game though could be one of the better characters.

My second favorite Street Fighter character.
She looks great so far.

Nice partner for Chun, It’s a good idea from Ricky/Justin to start with Chun for amazing footsies/zoning and then tag in Cammy for the big combos/rushdown.

Cammy and Chun are looking great together as we’ve seen from Justin and Ricky. Do you think there will be a better partner for Cammy or is Chun her “bff”?

The CQC cross art should look awesome leading into Chun’s Super. Oddly enough these were my 2 mains in Super so my team gets a story mode ending to!

And while I know we’re all happy about the TKCS return for SFxT, please don’t forget to vote for it in the AE rebalance thread! I’m hoping ONO is leading this way after including it in this crossover title! Cammy ain’t Cammy without TKCS!!!

BTW, are you sure this is the new input???

Hooligan Combination :hcf: :p:

that’s gonna take some getting used to…**

I’m hoping we get to see footage of this soon… if anyone sees it on a youtube clip please link it here.

Cammy didn’t have it in CVS2 :stuck_out_tongue: But she had godlike normals and could divekick out of hooligan. I don’t think TKCS is as big a deal in this game, no crouch teching and throw ranges are ass.

Ops my mistake, Fixed.

I think that way is slightly better IMO Though as you say will be hard to transfer to :stuck_out_tongue:

*bump…no new information? Still no video of ultra 2?

I’ve watched a lot of mediocre clips… and even those ones with infinite super meter still don’t have any Cammy players doing her Cross Art :frowning:

oh and her Links work~i had forgot to mention this when i went to PAX~ sorry for late info

Good to know, Cuz tekken character looking strong with their tekken strings

yeah, i used Cammy at PAX, and she was helping clutch out wins when i was trying new things with Poison…it dont help when people play Ryu/Ken teams…mashing DPs all day…so ya. but her links are intact, i wish i could elaborate more but again i do easy links because im not really good…hahaha im not on your guy’s level. i just know the terms and can do some advance things but im not really good at putting everything together…if that makes sense.

another thing is…the tigerknee seem to be alittle harder to do…either that or its the lack of me doing it as of late, made it seem that way…and the TE’s there were fucked…

well im going to add alittle more to the last post in my Impressions of cammy in that build. Cammy does feel alot like her Super self as in her tigerknee combos worked and she seem really strong, i like her in this game and she can complement a wide range a characters…however…for Poison err not soo much. I say that only because Poison does not really benifit from any of her special moves, in terms of tag cancels or anything, i mean sure you can DP then exchange but really? i tried trick things like hooligan tag exchange to crescent kick for a high/low mix up, what end up happening was the ken got a happy birthday and i lost that round…so thats not really good either.
Shes a good anchor though~ as in she cleaned up the mess i had made with raven and poison. if your a cammy player in SF4, then you want to be a cammy player in this game for sure~

Her Cross Art starter, is a reference to the old SFII Animated Movie.