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Hi all, the amount of information here has become extremely robust and hard to manage/find. A lot of good information is spread out everywhere and ultimately forgotten, lost, or possessed by a select few. The idea behind a wiki is having many people contribute and edit, making it easier to add information and keep it up-to-date.

A lot of the information is posted on the first page of each sticky, however each sticky is maintained by a single person. This eventually becomes daunting to update and then the front becomes stagnant (and we’re back to square one of searching page 66, post 182 for the Guile strat we remembered we saw while at work).

I think the idea of a wiki where the Cammy community could post clear, concise, tested and relevant information would be a good thing. A majority of the discussion could happen in the threads, but when the idea becomes proven, possibly someone could update it in the wiki.

I’ve already started it out and hopefully people will continue to contribute (including me). It’s basically a lot of the information found in stickies that I just updated the wiki with. Sorry if you guys did not receive credit for it (if you want to feel free to add your name next to it).

I added:

  • Basic Attributes
  • Basic specials
  • DJ-B13’s Cammy Advanced Play videos, which I thought were excellent (I don’t think many of the new Cammy’s know about these).
  • Option Selects
  • A few match ups so we could get an idea of what it would look like
  • Frame data was added by someone else prior

Almost forgot the link:

Bad link yo, missing a )

Fixed, gracias.

Im waiting for my Wiki request confirmation, its taking forever~

Takes a few days, remember, only add credible and widely accepted ideas.

Copying my question from the Q&A thread:

Just skimmed through the Cammy wiki and found this:

I thought dashing under into combo was better? Or do people still think they can FA2 on reaction a kunai followup or non followup?

Also found this:

How do you know which way to dash? Toward Ibuki before the jump? Away from Ibuki? It doesn’t exactly destroy her fake 50/50 vortex when she can still mix up which side she lands on. Albeit it’s slightly less ambiguous, you may simply accidentally dash into Ibuki and eat another combo into the vortex.

You have a few options after a blocked ex-dp from ibuki. dash under (which can be risky if you dash too late), cannon spike, block, focus. i prefer to focus most of the time because you get pretty good damage afterwards

this one is tricky. you have to pay close attention to where ibuki is positioned over you, in correlation to which way you are facing. let’s say you are on the left side (facing right) and ibuki is trying to cross you up with kunai. if you are facing right, but ibuki’s sprite is behind you…you will want to FA then backdash (:l::l:). since your sprite has not changed directions, inputing the backdash with auto-correct and send you away from ibuki.

the reason this can be difficult, is that she can control where she lands 100% of time. if she catches you escaping this way, she can setup a very ambiguous kunai setup where it will be very difficult to determine which way to dash. This is where it becomes a true 50/50 guessing game. :frowning:

As long as you’re accustomed to dashing under after a blocked EX kazegiri, you shouldn’t get hit by any kunai followup unless you have slow reactions. And the dash doesn’t have to be reversal timing or anything; just dash before she throws the kunai.

2nd/3rd paragraphs: my point exactly.

Says her all her cannon spikes have the same damage output except for EX. Surely that isn’t true?

it is very true

no mention of the way spike damage changes ground vs. air. they do 100 on the ground with ex doing 150, but in the air the normal ones hit for i believe 150 each (some might be lower) and ex only hits for 90

also on spin knuckle we should have listed which fireballs it does and doesn’t work on, like which do you have to be psychic to punish etc.

also there is a ton of character specific shit that we can flesh the wiki out with, like in the match-ups sections we could talk about character specific punishes, combos and setups, like vs. shotos the ambiguous cross-up off arrow knockdown with meaty mk strikes (love how it makes dp’s whiff)

Well spin knuckle goes through all projectiles that don’t hit her upper body. so an upper body air akuma fireball and an anti air gouken fireball both hit if they hit her chest. The ones that i can think of that need to be psychic SBF are guiles Sonic Booms and Sagats cause they recover so quickly from it, no?

How long does it take to get confirmation for the wiki? I have an itch to update that page but i cant cause i can’t get the confirm!! >.<

"This is Cammy’s dragon punch. Light version is the safest and weakest. The heavy kick goes high in the air and very unsafe…use it wisely. "

Uh… what? They all have the same recovery on block and have horrible ground recovery on whiff. The way that is worded it makes it sound like the lk version is like a lp dp from Ken or something. Calling any spike safer than another is just dumb imo. They’re all unsafe as hell if whiffed or blocked. And other than having 1 frame less of invul, not sure how it’s “weakest”.

Well dude… I didn’t write that, but you’re right about the damage however the heavy literally does travel the farthest and is the least safe on whiff. You’re own bias just processed into how you read it. No one said “oh it’s safe like Ken’s lp” they just said it was “more safe then the heavy version because the heavy goes high into the air.” Instead of being an ungrateful ass about it why don’t you just be proactive and fix the wiki yourself (that’s the point of a wiki).

Cammy goes higher in the air with every version I guess you can say Lk is safer technically. I always thought it had the same recovery on whiff for all eventhough you go higher for some reason. Come on you miss a dp no matter the version with cammy your screwed.

nice job with the wiki stuff finally a helpful wiki page that tells detailed info.

But on the wiki it says the light version is the weakest. If the damage output is all the same for all 3, then how can one be weaker than the other?

Finally got approved for the wiki, so I’ll try to add some more info later today if SC2 doesn’t take up all my time.

this is very helpful

I still havent been confirmed for the wiki! I think i am ignorant of an obvious and necessary step to enrollment.

Xrii - that’s weird. I got it in about 3 days. Try doing it again.