The CamPAIN Trail: A Mike Haggar Combo Thread



Since nobody is really making much progress in the other thread since we dont know damage numbers on the numerous BnB’s posted. I’m going to try to organize and start posting combos we can use a benchmarks to improve on. These are not my combos, aside from the first meterless which added the pipe xx violent axe.(I’m sure someone thought of this combo before me though, didn’t see it posted anywhere before I did though)



c.:l:,c.:m:,:f::h:,:qcf::l:,:l:,:m:,:dp::l:,j.:m:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:d::h:,:dp::l:,j.:m:,:,j.:h:,j.:u::h:,j.:qcf::s: 595k damage.
Can be started from a standing jab instead.

c.:l:,c.:m:,:f::h:,:qcf::l:,:l:,:m:,:dp::l:,j.:h:,j.:d::h:,:dp::l:,j.:h:,j.:u::h:,j.:qcf::s: 603.7k Stricter positioning after the launchers, still fairly easy.
Can be started from a standing jab instead.

A Basic BnB without the SRK inputs [media=youtube]45ctVrJqUpI[/media] little easier 585k

Like above, just posting options, use the combo you’re comfortable with [media=youtube]ip7zMCxPn9o[/media] 589k

Pipe Combos(beginning with j.:d::h:)
j.:d::h:, land,(distance dependent dash), jump, j.:l: :m: :h: > land :m:xxL Hooligan > sj. :m: :h: :u::h: :qcf::s: 536k

j.:d::h:, c.:m:, c:h:,:qcf::l:,:l:,:s:, j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:u::h:,j.:qcf::s: 567.8k

1 bar

c.:m:,:f::h:,:qcf::l:,:l:,:s:,j.:m:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:d::h:,c:h:,:s:,:dp::uf::atk::atk: 712k
688.1ish~ if started from a standing or crouching jab.
Opponent must be in the corner after first aircombo.
Tack on an xfactor to relaunch and add on more damage.(1.1m with level 1 x-factor)
You have to do the tigerknee motion to superjump cancel even though the input is on the ground.

Metered Pipe Combos(beginning with j.:d::h:)
j.:d::h:, land,(distance dependent dash), jump, j.:l: :m: :h: > land :m:, :s:, :dp::uf::atk::atk: 615k

You can reset after c.:l:,c.:m:,:f::h:,:qcf::l:,:l:,:m:,:dp::l:,j.:m:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:d::h:,:qcf::l:then use heavy hoodlum toss. Then do j.:m:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:d::h:,:dp::l:,j.:m:,:,j.:h:,j.:u::h:,:qcf::s:(corner)

Most of these combos posted are not optimized, experiment to avoid proration and post the damage numbers or a vid(The vids should have damage display on).




Reserved 2: The second coming.


I haven’t had much luck with Haggar combos (though I’m pretty damn uncreative) but I’ll try out the ones you posted. Maybe I’ll be able to make something up with Lightning Legs assist


Video of the really easy one.

one that you haven’t listed is:

(need one bar if point, two bar if assist)

Lariat xx qcf atk x2, qcf A, super jump, sj up+C, sj C, sj qcf+S


I don’t remember the specifics (don’t have my own copy of mvc3 yet :<) but this seems pretty useful.

6C, qcf B, launch, j.b j.b j.c j.2c, land, 5B relaunch j.b j.b qcf+S.

The buffering on pipe to axe is really derpy, but it seems pretty useful. You can also cancel pipe’s startup into any special, including his rush grab.


I’m far from good at this game and my execution is pretty bad. That being said, long elaborate combos are prone to be dropped by me very often.

I am also new here so I have no idea how to make arrows or attack buttons so please bear with me!

Jumping down-H, M, S, sj M, M, H, QCF S.
484.2k dmg

It’s nothing fancy but there’s a lot of range on his pipe move and it’s easy to confirm so despite being so simple it seems pretty effective.

Alternatively, using Wesker’s OTG assist (Samurai Edge)

Jumping down-H, M, S, sj M, M, H, down-H, Assist , S, sj H, QCF S.

If you press H too early on the relaunch you’ll whiff the QCF S.


1meter combo + Wesker’s Samurai Edge
Jumping down-H, M, S, sj M, M, H, down-H, A2 QCF+2atk>MASH!
The only down side is this will leave you vulnerable as the enemy will flip out of the last two hits. However, this move will always get 36 hits so you can DHC into something safe (since I also have Spencer on my team, if you DHC into Bionic Arm on hit 36 you end up with 828.8k for 2 meter total or if you want to be REALLY wasteful, XFC the Bionic Arm then DHC back into Hagar’s Spash for comedy damage of 1,150k)

This was all tested on a normal sized character, not sure if the throw will whiff on smaller characters.


how do you time the Assist in your last combo? Do you just spam wesker as u try to land? I haven’t used an OTG assist yet but i was really thinking about using wesker,


Yeah, just try to spam it as you land. Wesker’s shot comes out pretty quickly so you have some leeway. I tried it with X-23’s Ankle Slash and while that workse ok too Wesker’s shot is much better imo. Now, I know this is Haggar’s thread but using Wesker, even if you’re bad with him, is pretty hilarious. If you pick Haggar’s Pipe assist then when you do Wesker’s Magic series, launcher, aerial rave into S (smashing the opponent down) then when you land you hit Haggar assist, then press down-forward H. Wesker will OTG the character, Haggar’s pipe will floor bounce them, then you are set up for either a relaunch or his super. I am also using Spenser at the moment and using his wall bounce assist. Since wall bounce is different from ground bounce (I guess?) after the relaunch you can aerial rave into S, call in Spencer, and OTG with Wesker’s shot. You can then either super or relaunch a second time (unfortunately, by this time stun buffer will make them spin out of anything else you try to do after one hit).
Using that method and ending with Wesker’s level 3 (no need for x-factor) will do quite a heafty amount of damage and it’ll look flashy as heck!

Anyway, as for Haggar, I haven’t really used him against people yet – nor have I used him extensively. I just really like smashing people with his jumping pipe because it’s awesome. It’s too bad he can’t really X-factor any of his supers into another one of his supers. vOV


Cool thing about the combo in that Youtube video is that the air moves aren’t optimized for scaling and the qcf.a can just be replaced with s.pipe to dp.a for the same damage.


I’m adding the strategy guide combos eventually. I just need the book.


Damn Ive really been takin it ez on my opponents. These combos are gonna net me alot more damage.
Rep + for op


I edited the Strategy guide BnB for my main midscreen combo, it is a bit more spacing dependent and the crouching medium likes to whiff on sentinel after a jump in, I plan on elaborating on variations. But it’s a quite discouraging combo if you land it.



I made a full life combo video on sentinel because I was bored. Cool thing is that you don’t have to start in X-Factor.
Damage 1314000.

edit: I don’t know how to do spoiler tags



Just for fun, although these can be made more practical for this team with a few changes. I’m liking the instead overhead into the pipe better than the headbutt one…


Haggar can combo his Haggar press from a standing launcher for huge damage. Does about 4 hits outta a corner and easily 8 in a corner. I’ve been trying out this combo. s. L, s. M, dp+M, s.S, j. M, j. M, j. down+H, c. L, c. M, s. S, dp+AA. Timing is pretty hard for S -> dp+AA


The 236L in the BnB you offer can be changed to a 236M for more consistency :wink:



Got bored so I uploaded some combos. Meh.


Those seem, just awful, 5 bars? and it only kills one character? A 100% combo that uses more than 2 bars is like a joke without a punchline. and really, theres no reason to use body splash without lining them up to take the fall damage.


My BnB thats really simple, and will kill in xfactor, and can also be used as a punish, is as follows:

l, m, qcf+m, s, sj m, sj m, sj h, sj d+h, relaunch with s, sj m, sj m, sj h, sj d+h, haggar press

It doesnt look flashy, but it pounds (623k).