The "Capcom should've buffed this" thread

This thread is basically a discussion on what buffs you think would better balance the game for characters. Since herp-derp Capcom believes that Wesker needs more tools because he is severely disadvantaged…

So yeah, I think the community could do a much better job at this.
Try and stay reasonable, refrain from “Hulk needs 4 points of armor on every normal he has” ideas.

Anyway i’ll kick things off.

Shuma-Gorath: Much higher priority on Mystic Smash is what he needs, or just give him a teleport so he’s not reliant on assists to get in the opponent’s face. Also his damage should be somewhat buffed since his damage scaling is so high. In addition, can Chaos Dimension cause invisibility like X-23? That would be awesome. Finally, his launcher should send the opponent straight downward and not to the other side of the freaking screen :P.

Thor: Cr.H Should have a point of super armor, So Thor has a chance to actually punish Cr.L spammers. In addition, I always imagined THE GOD OF THUNDER having a beastly anti air attack where he calls lightning down from the sky (tracks the opponent). When the lightning strikes an airborne opponent they are knocked into an untechable state. Finally, his “bomber” slam aerial move thing should cause a ground bounce on hit.

Chun-li: significant damage buff, noticeable speed nerf, Hawkeye slide, and a fully charged Spinning Bird Kick would have projectile immunity. Easier OTG command.

Hsien-ko and Tron: Everything.

You should ‘of’ spelled the thread "Capcom should have buffed this"

For starters, I think She-Hulk needs her slide back. I hated that character in Vanilla, but I now want to simultaneously laugh and cry whenever I see her slide now. Hell give Jill her slide back too. And her huge hitboxes on jumping attacks. Everybody else gets swords and claws and shit, it’s not fair!!!

Hsien-Ko needs something to make her mobile (I don’t know maybe a spiderman like grapple hook command) and an OTG that she can relaunch off of.
Also her items should have higher durability and cause more unique effects. Higher damage too

They should’ve buffed the release date. Normally putting more startup on a move isn’t a good thing, but… here we are.

Poor jill…Seth and the team literally raped the shit out of her :(. I totally agree. Also she needs her hard knockdown kick back and Machine Gun Spray should have higher OTG float capabilities

Wesker. Clearly the 10% added damage boost wasn’t enough. If he removes his trench coat they should have added another 20.

Thor might need something to cover the upper diagonal part of the screen. Something like a high durability point hammer toss. That aside, Mighty Thunder still needs to be useful in some way, shape, or fashion outside of OTGing. I’m thinkin’ like a full screen, multi hitting lightning bolt that’s as epic and effective as Arthur’s Fiya Deragun super. Or just give it pushback on block. Everything else about him is fine though. I’m sure I’ll get to give him insane insanity in heroes and heralds mode.

Two words…
Hammer!.. Throw!..

You should change the thread title to Legendary thread because the heat this will draw will be legendary.
late TotY hopeful?

My .02 is Thor’s might smash get 2 invul frames on start up to handle tri jumpers a little easier.

And I’m gonna be* that* guy for pointing out your own mistake. :slight_smile: You just got cross countered.

Hsien Ko - She needs her VSav mobility. Make her a lot faster overall, specially her air dash, and give her the damned Pendulum cancelling Ko players have been asking ever since Vanilla came out. Anything else is a bonus - combos off her command grab, a OTG, less scaling on some of her moves, Anki Hou bombs exploding on impact, etc.

Hsien-Ko’s speed, pendulum cancels, and minimum damage scaling.

Also Skrull should’ve gotten an invisible-girl-bubble dragon punch.

Give Author normal/average mobility damnit!

His one and only strength is the long range projectile game, and against a teleporting character who is always in your face, Author is virtually a helpless target.

And no, he wouldn’t be broken if he had norm movement. As there are enough characters that outclass him in the projectile game, and of course, teleporters.

Actually I was going to say that Tenderizer should of been a command move and fatal buster should of caused a higher wall bounce

Capcom should have / should’ve buffed the thread title.

I would of loved to see him have a trick jump like Hawkeye. That would of been so beastly!

The thread title is spoof of what Capcom should have done but didn’t :wink:

Why stop there? Further Wesker buffs:
Rhino Charge -> Takes trench coat off (+ 5% speed/+ 5% damage)
New followup S to f. H and df. H -> instead of teleport he throws one of his shoes at the opponenet (+ 1% speed/+ 1%damage per shoe)
Successful Tiger Uppercut -> takes shirt off (+ 5% speed/+ 5% damage)
Lost in Nightmares -> takes pants off (+ 10% speed/+ 10% damage)

Really, how the hell do they justify projectile beasts like Hawkeye & Strange moving normally, and yet Arthor has to hobble around like a cripple?