The Capcom vs SNK 2 @ Evo thread: Millionaire Fighting 2011

It’s been fun having a side tournament the last two years, lets do it again this year. Discuss.

RULES: 2PM on Saturday
Double Elim
$10 entry fee


Results (29 entrants):

  1. Gene Wong
  2. Tyram
  3. MuffinMan
  4. Geesemaster
  5. Afrocole
  6. Nick T.
  7. UCRJesse
  8. Lycan

Good times this year, the tourney exceeded expectations and a lot of great casual matches too. Got a lot of ideas for next year too. Stay involved guys, and if we can get more help with the organizing next year, look out!

Shout outs to all the usual suspects who’ve repped cvs2 these past few years, as well as to all the new people I got to meet!

ooohh I want to play.

I am interested indeed! One suggestion thoughif I may, is it possible not to run the tourny on day 1? The reason why I ask is because last year me and my buddies really wanted to enter this tourny but were caught up waiting for hours at our pools. Normally I’d say screw it and gladly drop any game for CvS2, BUT it’s much tougher to do when I had to pay $60 to compete in SSF4/MvC3/MK9.

I agree to have the side tourney on Saturday. Last year Friday was very crowded and difficult to find the tourney participants.

Good call, I like it for Saturday as well if possible.


im interested. ps2? dc?

I would like to play, I aint that good but I will play

I’m down. Let’s do this.

Sounds like everybody wants it on Saturday, so Saturday it is.

@insomnotek: ps2 is what we play on

We will need to coordinate setups (and maybe sticks, in this age where most people don’t bother to have their stick ps2-compatible). Nick T., since you’re local to vegas, would you be able to help round up some ps2s so people don’t have to bring them on the plane?

Packing a PS2 slim doesn’t take much space at all. What I am concerned is will there be enough sticks (as last year was lacking)? I really don’t want to bring 2 of them as i’m flying up there.

I will bring my PS2 pad then as well to Evo

I’m down for cvs2 we should make a big banner somewhere that’s like 7ft tall 2 feet wide so people can see

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There’ll be some true love makin’ at this EVO. Glad to see Cvs2 staying strong.

Hey yo, it’s mem it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanted to say…

Helllllllllllll yeah!! CVS2 all day baby! I love that game and can’t wait til they FINALLY put in online on 360 and psn!! Im in this fasho!

Good shit VDO, looking forward to dat p-groove. Get some more heads from the midwest to come out this year and play!

@HaikuWar, if you can get me a design, I’d be down to make it happen. How much would it cost to do something like that.

Any local volunteers to provide setups yet? It would be smart also to have people going early to get to those byoc tvs - they tend to fill up quickly on Saturday, and we’d like 3-4 to be next to each other. I’m not staying at the Rio, so it’d be hard for me to do it.

How much to enter and about what time on Saturday?

Depending on fee and time on Saturday I’m down.

Sup warrrrrrrzard… its m g host the ghost lol… anyways I actually got time off to go to EVO count me in… you know me!!! Just need a room at the RIO lol. Soo if anyone have a room and need another person let me know.

PM’ed u Mghost.

Sup mGhost, thats good shit, glad you’ll be making it to evo this year. Anyone else from the crew coming this year?

For entry fee, we did $10 last year, lets keep it the same. We should do the tourney early afternoon on Saturday, thinking like 2. Anybody have suggestions?