The Capcom vs SNK 2 @ Evo thread: Millionaire Fighting 2011

Um we should use like the artwork cover as a poster and just blow it up. I needa brush up on my cvs2 skills… I’m pretty sure I can only play claw now… lol

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Who else is bringing a setup besides myself and Mr. Warzard?

What times are u guys setting up CVS2 on Fri and Sat?

I’ll probably set up around noon on Friday…after pigging out at Sonics!

Cvs2 sessions tonight?

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I was wondering if anyone is having cvs sessions at the Rio on Sunday since I don’t think there will be BYOC? If so post the room # here.

I’m down just give me a roomnumber and ill be there :).

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Noon Friday sounds good, I’ll see you there.

Also, I printed a 64-man double elim bracket to be on the safe side. Lets fill that shit up this year!

So no sessions today?

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I’m getting in later tonight, probably going over to insert coins (the arcade in vegas). No idea if they have cvs2.

War its me ghost hey I’m about hit up insert coin tonight let’s go there later. If you don’t have my number its 510 828 8131

U guys down to hit a buffet on sunday?

Not sure

Mghost ill text u if i go.

wish I was there…

cvs2folyfe cuzz8-)

we need 1 more setup and some ps2 sticks for the tourney.

Nice playing Laugh at Evo. He is too good.

Check the first post for results. Also, anybody know how to change the title of the thread?

Ggs all! It was so much fun!


any footage??