The Cape is worse than two seasons of Heroes


Who is else is watching this garbage?

Like it’s… bad.

Keith David and Summer Glau can both do better.


it certainly looks stupid. it gives me a vibe that a bunch of ceos thought it would be totally badass


I don’t watch bad TV.


Man I figured it would be decent but it’s worse than the last season of Heroes.

I’m giving up after 47 mins.


Trust me this is. Well at least this has action but it’s the damned pilot. All pilots have action. I had to turn the shit off. I think I might have enjoyed Batman and Robin better.

Batman and Robin…



The local radio station has been bombarding the airwaves with adds for this show, trying to hype it, I hate radio, they promote the worst stuff including refusing to play music other than grunge in Seattle…


Miss fire there Rock.

And I dunno Furry Heroes was pretty fucking terrible…and I stopped at the 3rd season.


Dog this first hour was abysmal. Like seriously his hood is his only mask. If you uppercut him his hood will be off and his identity revealed. They should have given him a damned mask.

Should I go for hour 2?

Edit: Yeah it’s supposed to be campy and feel like you are reading a comic book but geez I don’t think this shit is going to work.

Edit 2: I’m in the second hour and what a waste of real acting talent.

Edit 3: I hope that every episode features a new car for Summer to drive. They must be borrowing from Jay Leno’s garage.

Edit 4: The second hour is better than the first. He just got his mask. Trip and his mother are annoying though.


How the fuck is responsible for these laughable action sequences?

And Summer Glau needs to stop. Please just stop Summer.


yeah, I have a feeling this show will bomb simply because of how the main character looks. The hood in particular just adds a certain goofy and cheap quality to the visual…did he get the outfit from a sale at Party City? Hopefully I can catch at least one episode before it’s gone…


The Summer Glau Curse strikes again!


Reminds me of this terrible mid 90’s garbage.

Black Scorpion



nothing can top M.a.n.t.i.s.


Even if this show sucks I want it to be successful. I want superhero shows back on TV


Yeah I can’t sugarcoat it, the show is just plain bad. They didn’t know what direction to go with it so it became a soulless, corny tripe of a show.

The fact that a mere cape hood is supposed to keep his identity, randomness like spider silk cape that has no logical backstory for its creation, mid-episodic flashbacks to things we’ve seen within the hour, and corny-ass enemies ruins everything.

The dialogue is so contrived, I was literally saying some of the replies/puns in my head before they said them… and I wasn’t even looking at the scenes half the time.

I’m usually the type to continue watching cheesy shows just for amusement, but it’d take a double lobotomy for me to willingly watch this show again.


The second episode was better paced. He also gets a mask in the second episode too.


Damn. So this show is that bad? I was already turned off by the preview showing off the Dick Tracy-type villains, complete with the Dick Tracy-type villain names.

Nothing against Dick Tracy though.


God damn, that’s harsh.


The worst show of the decade, as well as the worst show of all time, is Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. No matter how bad this show is, it is mathematically impossible for it to be worse than two grown men talking about their urinating habits.


And one of them dolling himself up to look like a VERY VERY bad Ellen Degeneres.