The Cape


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Premieres this Sunday on NBC 9/8C…I’ll check it out.
Keith David is awesome.


Not really interested in seeing flogged-to-death superhero tropes get flogged to death some more, but Keith David is great and the premise is reminiscent of The Spirit.


No capes!


Looking forward to this series. :smiley:


That trailer caught my eye–Imma check out Batma–I mean the cape!! Sunday @ 9pm Im there.



Looks gay.


So far…the story looks rushed.


Combine threads?

The first episode was hella rushed. Should have spread the origin out over both hours.


My first impressions as well, it’s like the opposite of Heroes lol
the 2nd ep is much better pacing wise though.


The 2nd hour was much better IMO…better pacing of the story.
I just hope future episodes don’t go everywhere at once.


I’ll watch the third episode. The pacing was a lot better.