how do u actaivate them?

put the secret code in during training mode

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All the cards have a primary and secondary effect, the primary effect is indicated by the star. Each card has two descriptions, one description for the primary effect and one for the secondary effect. Most of the effects will have a lvl. # by them. The level numbers go from 1 to 4 with 4 being the MAX lvl. So if a card said “Increase Attack lvl. 2” You could have two of those cards and have MAX attack. It would be a waste to have three of those cards because you can’t have lvl. 6 attack.

helloooo how do u actiaviate them?

Read the description on the card. Most of them are activated automatically. Your question is kind of vague, so my answer is based on my interpretation.

with the heart.

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If you mean in Training mode, you can go to the last page in the menu and there is an option for enabling them. I think.

If that’s what he is asking about then yeah, there is an option that is “Set Ability Cards”.

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