The Caricature Thread

You guys like doing caricatures? I’m not all that great at it, but I could do this all day and be happy.

Hehe, no pressure, no deadlines, just fun stuff if anyone else wants to join in.

Exhibit 1: Steve

My caricature of Steve:

OMG dood, I was just studying caricatures, too man. I’ll pitch in, this should be fun(ny)

heh caricatures… I’m really hit-or-miss with them, mainly miss.
it’s really fun though :slight_smile:

good job on the Steve one btw. colleague?

lolz, he looks like peter from family guy. Give him some glasses and he’s made.

looks more like john goodman but so does the original guy. I think caricature shows alot about a person’s knowledge about character features and the ability to exaggerate those features, which is the definition of caricature pretty much eh? lol.

I freakin suck at this stuff. Yeah I am on the same boat as Rook. about 40/60 for me. Anyways that does look very much like him haha. Good brush work. Is that a brush pen btw?

Kando: Sweet! Can’t wait to see!

Rook/SFMC: I feel ya on the hit or miss thing. A lot of the time I do them and they don’t look like the person that much at all(as you shall see with my next few), but either way I end up with a fun sketch, so I’m still happy with it.

Rook: Nope, not a colleague. I just type in random names into google image search and pick a photo.

SFMC: Yep, brush pen. A lot of the time I like to sketch straight to ink with no underdrawing. I find it a lot of fun. Not as accurate as spending time doing an nderdrawing obviously, but it helps keep me loose, and since there’s no planning, it’s lightning fast to do.

Deon, DFist: Lol, you guys are right about the likenesses, I can totally see Peter Griffin or John Goodman in him.

I’m gonna post more tomorrow. Goin to sleep for now.

Guys… what about doing caricatures of yourselves? Tee hee…

Oooh, can I put my picture up for caricaturing~?


Chibi sure put up your pic and someone here will do it. I’ll do one too. I know how you look like so don’t post fakies. Saw you at ctf playing rumble fish.

Master Chibi: Yeah, most definately! It would be cool to do caricatures of SRK members.

Here’s a few more caricatures. Hehe, the likenesses are pretty off, but oh well. It happens.




Sorry I don’t have a better picture guys~


Huzzah, here you are dude.

Hahaha, that’s bloody awesome. Fuckin Mafiaoso~.

Could I plead with you not to look so shockingly bald (though it’s the truth)?

It’s great, I love it.

Hmm excellent! Seems like you put more effort into Chibi cause the likeness is really there. LOL at the baldness!

haha yeah i like th chibi one the best. I think the baldness is partly due to the outline of the head. If you take that away it’ll look more like light hair rather than bald.

nm i just looked at the real pic, your hair is pretty thin master chibi, lol.

Hehe, sorry dude, the baldness stays. The point of a caricature is to take a person’s identifying features and exaggerate them, so if I took away the thin hair, it wouldn’t look as good ^_~