The Cartoons and Animation Thread


It’s the style that’s easier to animate on today’s technology. Less details, rounder shapes, fewer lines, flat colors= cheaper, faster work.


80s still remain top-tier…


Haven’t watched an 80’s cartoon in a while have you?

Anyway with the way they pay and how they treat animators I dont blame the animators going with the easier style. They aren’t paid enough to do “good” work.


we def didnt get more lazy. if anything the tech is alot easier to draw more difficult stuff faster. Buttt thats not nessisarily what the industry and people paying the big bucks want on tv. Like most of the shows have a very cartoony basic style but thats also to me what kids art in general looks like. but then you got shows like gumball where the backgrounds i honestly cant tell if its cg/drawn or what. shit looks realistic as fuck.


I was referring to the designs in that lineup.


Yea the 80s bust is from the shows OP no 80’s cartoon actually looks that good lol.


Also everyone forgets 80s shows have terrible frame rates, 15 to 7 frames per second, looping backgrounds, reused assets


I forgot but only because I was born mid 80s. I should look up those awful gifs where everything is clipping into other scenes.

What is everyone’s favorite adult series? Animated movie or show? Don’t everyone pick Family Guy now.


Rick and Morty / The Boondocks.




Jesus christ that lineup of cartoons from 70’s-90s threw me for a loop. Had to youtube how nuts Bonkers was and Gummi Bears was my jam too.


yep 80’s theme tunes were the best, followed by the 90’s.


Yea the 80s



You would have to pay me to watch/endure Family Guy. For show I would say either Archer or Venture Bros. For movie, I have a question first, does ‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’ count as adult enough? If not then I would say either ‘Waking Life’ or ‘A Scanner Darkly’.


I didn’t realize he’s got 4 shows now…also I somewhat figured since he debuted his show same night as Invador Zim is one reason it killed off that show down the line.


yeah my son was into that big time… atm. Now hes into lego, power rangers, transformers… how time flies.


I actually would place Batman:Mask of the Phantasm as adult. Damn B:TAS was just magic. Everything was so well done.

Little girls my mother takes care of love that Sophia the first and Princess Elena. She looks pretty good in the park at her meet and greets (Elena obviously)

I do hold hope that one day a live action Batman Beyond can be done.


WARNING: below is the supposed main spoiler for the new Incredibles 2 movie from an archives 4chan thread (yes you heard me) so take it for what you will…if you dare to read:


click link at your own risk[details=Spoiler]last chance…[details=Spoiler][/details][/details]

and here is your trailer:


The remastered B:TAS and BluRay Mask of the Phantasm are definitely on my ‘To buy when I have more money’ list. With the way that DC live action movies are and the way that their animated films have been going as of late (steadily downhill since at least Batman: Assault on Arkham) I would hope that they sort their shit out before they touch Batman Beyond in either format.


About Batman Beyond, it’s ok, but after a while you could tell the show was running out of ideas. Originality took a big hit with that show towards the end, that’s probably why it ended so abruptly.