The Cartoons and Animation Thread


Best one liners ever. Even Ripley wouldn’t believe this.


Here’s the new reboot show.



I’m always fascinated by the creative process behind making animated films. below in the spoiler is the documentary behind Zootopia:



I know man… i know…

I remember when this episode was shown…


Its beyond awful, even for bad 90’s TV standards.


The guys behind the Avatar shows pitched a Street Fighter series a few years ago around the time Korra was warping up. For whatever reason it wasn’t picked up


I cannot believe I’m just now seeing this thread here. I love cartoons and animation.

Some of my current fave shows are OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Steven Universe, though I’m a few episodes behind on the last two.

What are some of you guys favorite openings?

Mighty Max’s intro was dope. No vocals, just a whaling guitar and sweet animation. This show needs a DVD/Blu-ray release.

Also, Heathcliff’s opening was the GOAT. How many furies was Cleo responsible for creating?


Mighty Max was awesome to me as a kid because it was one of few times In a cartoon/show in general that the hero actually failed In his quest to save the world. It was really well done too. The last few episodes were surprisingly dark; like all of Max’s allies die and he loses to Skullmaster



We could have had an Street Fighter toon from the Avatar: TLA/Korra crew!!!


I never knew I woukd want such a show from them.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Ryu




Really want to see a new season of Static Shock…


What…in the fuck?


It burns. Make it go away


We lost the CG show for that!? Something at Nick must really hate the turtles.


Phil is a treasure and a blessing to voice acting. He was good on the comedy skit show MadTV and memorable in his short role in Pulp Fiction but his voice work is legendary at this point.


This looks like something deviantart shit out.


I’m sitting this one out.


Hold up. So TMNT 2012 is done? Man, that sucks. I’m just about done with the fourth season. I’m not digging the art style of Rise of the TMNT. Raph is swol AF and he’s the leader now? Ehhhh, I don’t think this show will be for me.


I think it’s amazing how TMNT continues to be reinvented over and over again. Since 1984 they have pretty much never not been “a thing.” Sucks that the creators sold them. Is never sell something like that unless royalties were attached even if it were just 1%