The Cartoons and Animation Thread


Found out that Amazon has BTAS on prime…my Afternoons are fucked.


Welp guess I’m renewing my prime then.


Rick and Morty Season 3 comes out on dvd and Blu-ray 5/15. I just preordered it off bestbuy.


If you people aren’t watching Final Space you need to fix that ASAP:


Just saw it and loved it. So much potential in this show!


Butch Hartman possibly going back Cartoon Network…


Not going to lie, I used to watch Capital Critters, I vaguely remember liking that show.


Newest episode of steven universe is a fucking game changer.
everything i knew was a lie.


yeah that latest SU episode was too much lol


I finally caught up with Steven Universe. HOLY BALLS! My mind and my body was NOT READY for that!


the newest Steve ep:

It really was “no way they’d do that. it’s too obvious” and then they did it anyway!


Rick and Morty continues…


No surprised there. That’s a couple more seasons there.


That is awesome!


They renewed the show for seven seasons. I’m down


Cartoon Network announced a new Thundercats series called Thundercats Roar.

It will be cut from the same mold as Teen Titans Go. My condolences @Tien_Gouki


Well I am going up to Momo Con 2018 so…

My reaction to this to: (NSFW)


Well…there is the new She-Ra.


There’s goest another 80s franchise that I grew up on, that I’m chunking the deuces too!

Toonami and Adult Swim are the only safe havens for action & dramatic animation Cartoon Network!!


I’m pretty apathetic about reboots/ retellings at this point. There have been 12 different Transformers series in the US and G1 is still pretty much the king. I only got into G1, Beast Wars (and Machines), and Prime. I watched an ep or two of the others and just didn’t bother. I don’t really see how this new iteration will change anything. People also forget that they tried to do a credible reboot a few years back and viewership wasn’t that high and toy sales were terrible. Granted it’s silly looking, but they aren’t making these shows for those born in the 80’s/90’s to engage with.