The Cartoons and Animation Thread


Transformers Prime from the Hub is up among the S-rank tiers of Transformers series.
And yeah, nobody watch 2011 reboot of Thundercats but that’s due to the time-slot fuckery, “lack of toy sales” and other for some the story quality of the show was lacking.

But I agree, Cartoon Network, outside of Adult Swim, they’re not gearing these shows on our generation that came up during the 80s/90s.

Which I can’t blame them, this generation of kids deserve their own thing. Though for what it look like design and quality wise they’re all getting the same thing.


My thoughts on the new Thundercats is “umm yeah”

Action-adventure shows feel like they just seem to have dried up.


Action-Adventure shows found a home in Netflix. It’s the only place they strive now.


Cartoon executives still think that kids won’t follow ongoing stories and only want to get the max profit for the lowest amount spent on a show. TTGo isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is. It’s just not designed for us per say. This Thundercats cartoon looks to be the same. Again same as the new TMNT on Nick. The OG turtles and 2k3 run were my definitive run.

Going back to this well…I’ll give it a chance. If it sucks well. There’s other places that provide the shows we like.


Nick had something decent with the 2012 TMNT show. It was successful and something that the fanbase new and old was able to enjoy. The new one that’s coming is a complete abomination. Even the audience it’s meant to attract is shitting on it.


Its fucking amazing to me how you giys know the quqlity of ever facet of a show before anyones even seen it.

Fucking amazing.


Static Shock was the show we needed…


NSFW for cartoon blood.



Really miss that lol button man.


The heart of the crystal gems episodes of Steven universe have been great and sickeningly adorable and cute. The finale for it is tonight. I work until 11 but have it dvr’rd so I can watch it in the morning.


Greetings. I am just starting out. Anyways, here’s the first episode of “All New Popeye” from the official Popeye channel.


…another reboot.


The go with Rugrats instead of Danny Phantom?



Why Rugrats? No more reboots. We need more original shows. At least She-Ra was a show that hasn’t been on air for around 30 years.


If people stopped watching them, they’d stop making them. Companies don’t want to take that financial risk.


New ideas are risky.
The entertainment industry becoming more and more afraid to take risk.
They allow charts and trends to decide what they green light instead of common sense.

Also Fuck Rugrats, it needed to be said.


Rugrats was awesome.

Anyway yea as shit becomes more expenseve to produce, the compqnies making the stuff will become more risk adverse.


The MegaMan show is coming…


It looks so bad. :frowning: