The Cartoons and Animation Thread




that was terrible



DC is soooo tempting my wallet…


TFTM will pay on 300 MORE screens on Sept 27 due to fan demand.

I originally bought tickets for a cinema that is 15 miles away from me since my local cinema didnt have it.

However, it is now showing at my local cinema so check your area through Fandango to see if it is playing closer to your neighborhood!


I am not a real big fan of the 1986 movie, but you damn well know I’ll be there just to say I have seen it in theaters.

I’m honestly paying $13 to experience this on the big screen


Best thing about the Transformer Movie was the tier of List actors they pulled, back in the day with the exception of Disney no animated feature drew famous Celebs.


Finale of Adventure time is today…for anyone that still remember this show. took forever but it’s here.

I assume many don’t even remember how we got here but here’s a small clip to catch you up on what will be a focus of the last part of the show.


Sorry for the spoiler but seeing Princess Bubblegum and Marceline kiss is the icing on the cake on this finale for me. I’m so happy and 8 years of watching and waiting for episode is worth it.


Thank goodness the show even had an ending.



The result was expected. How it ended was kinda meh.


Glad it didn’t turn into a SImpsons and Spongebob long running nightmare.


She-ra teaser…


Looks cool, I am stoked.


Not bad, I might watch it.


Me too. I just will continue to hope for a new Thundercats that’s good someday. Never forget 2011 too.


If ya’ll got young ones or those little cousins a new Care Bears is coming out. No animation yet but a teaser I guess…


God it looks like My Little Pony with the worst parts of Modern CN animation and the worst stereotypes the series could embrace.
The original Care bears were not this sickening bright and cheerful and they wrote the book on being bright and cheerful.


They had live action care bears, dudes in giant fuckin fur suits, this new cartoon doesnt even compare.


this sums up why I myself don’t like Steven Universe. (warning…it’s 2 hours but it is comprehensive)