The Cartoons and Animation Thread


New She-Ra trailer…


Looks cool to me.


It looks cool.


Umm where’s her cousin, He-man?


Since She-Ra is now a man lets make HeMan a wahmen


She-Ra only looks like a man if your a politically drivin shit stain.


I like how simplistic the art style is. It’s cute.


In all fairness its more accurate to say she looks androgynous. Her name should be Xer-Ra.


No i wouldn’t even say that.


She-Ra looks like a girl to me. I don’t know why you would think otherwise.


Yeah. She-Ra looks like a female to me too. Not sure why you’re saying she looks androgynous


I agree. She-Ra is a teen girl.
The original canon for He-Man and She-Ra is that prince Adam and Aurora are both 15 years old.
It make sense that the Reboot She-Ra looks more like a Girl still in the middle of puberty and not a Super Model.


She-ra is supposed to be the embodiment of the feminine and she has no curves… Yeah she’s a teen who transforms into… An androgynous thing.


Sexualizing a young teenager is pretty fucking creepy in this day and age dude. You sound like a fucking pedophile.


I finally watched the trailer…and that first still didn’t do it justice. It’s much better in motion. She seems feminine enough to me especially since she is a teen and turning into She-Ra still reflects that. I don’t have Netflix but this looks far better than other rebooted cartoons and doesn’t look (So far) to pander to any demographic. I’d give it a shot now.


You know canonically Prince Adam and Aurora (He-Man and She-Ra) was only 15 in the 80s Tv series.

Also Radiantsilvergun3 is right, that is creepy.


You’re projecting you sick fuck.


You’re the one upset over a 15 year old not being curvy enough. You’re the sick fuck.


Bahaha honestly couldn’t give any less of a shit about this derivative garbage.


Keep jacking off to 15 year olds you sick pervert.