The Cartoons and Animation Thread


Happy 90th B-day Mickey Mouse


Not feeling Koji… Reckon they should just go back and finish thundercats.


Goddamn white cis male are misogynist bastards. Round them up and kill them (except for me).


I know a lot of you may not like Steven Universe but I for one am fucking stoked for the new season. What a delightful early Xmas present.


Would be nice if the animators could figure out how to reasonably stay on model. Never seen a show with such crazy model fluctuation.

Otherwise its an alright show, glad people are hype for it.


It’s not for me. Tried and it had potential but it’s horribly inconsistent. Good for the fans but eh pass.


It’s inconsistency is why I hate Steven Universe. The show and it’s characters don’t know what it wants to be and gets sidetracked all the time. For whatever reason it always redeems the wrong characters.


Apparently iTunes is having a huge sale? I’m not sure. I just know I just picked up the complete series of futurama and Batman Forever for under $50. So I’m happy. Happy early birthday to Stuart.


its not supposed to be one thing though. it hits many genres as a show. Its not supposed to be specifically comedy, slice of life, adventure…its a bit of everything. thats a big reason why it appeals to so many different groups.


welp watched She-Ra and thought it was aight. Show wasn’t that bad but it didn’t do anything special for me either.

Just a harmless and fun show for me, look forward to season 2.


Not sure how to feel about this.


I didn’t even know Kim Possible was getting a live action movie. I like the look of Shego. Drakken’s actor is catching shit for not having blue skin.


Yeah. Neck beards are the worst.


Shego in live action at last…and the chick is hot!!!

…they got something right.


Yeah. She’s a cutie. She looks like some kind of Latina. Which I’m totes okay with. :drooling_face:


She doesn’t have green skin…yea I feel the same way about Drakken. Not that it ruins the movie or something, just in thia day and age I don’t think it’s very excusable.

Here’s hoping it’s good, Kim Possible was a fantastic cartoon.


Looks more indian to me


I didn’t know he was suffering from ALS…


Beat me to it. Was just about to post that. Spongebob wasn’t my favorite show in the world but when it was funny holy shit was it funny.



damn…that’s a sad thing to hear. RIP…