The Cartoons and Animation Thread


My favorite episode of Spongebob is probably the one where Patrick and Spongebob relentlessly make fun of Texas and Sandy freaks out and tries to murder them.



Spongebob is one of my favorite show in early 2000. My bestfriend and I share the same interests and we grew up watching this show. I’m truly saddened to hear about his passing. I highly respect Stephen Hillenburg for his wonderful creation.


Butch Hartman’s tribute to Stephen Hillenburg





its a disney channel movie. its literally the same quality as every single disney channel movie since we were 10.


@maxx Brink! is OP as fuck.



Finally caught up with Voltron and man last season was pretty much a boss rush mode with no saves i see.


Twitch is doing inspector gadget reruns:


For those that didn’t see Incredibles 2. They played this Pixar short before it. It’s probably my favorite Pixar short to date. I love the style, it’s absolutely charming and tells a great story with absolutely no dialogue. It was the best part of seeing Incredibles 2 in theaters.