The Cartoons and Animation Thread


You’re right. I do. My bad. Haha.


A pretty extensive breakdown of the cartoon’s theme. This is pretty epic.



So how about that Young Justice S3? I need more eps like STAT!


January 18th! I may have to renew my Netflix to watch this.


I always thought she could use a reboot. I’m interested, though def not how I pictured it. Honestly that fox show was dope and wouldnt have minded a redo of that.


I looooved the Fox series. It was so good.


I don’t like the idea of making Carmen a hero. Villain driven franchises are a thing.


Meh pass on Carmen. Hope they can make the hero change work


Carmen looks cool, tho making her a hero is kind of a meh switch, its something I’ll give a look see at the least tho, I love most Carmen Sandiago stuff.


Happened last week. Still sad though.




Moe anime starring Peni Parker please


I mean, I’d be okay with that. She’s my favorite spider-person from the movie but at the same time I feel like Spiderverse should be a cinemaverse to prevent over saturation.

Edit: didn’t know Gerard Way helped create Peni Parker. Cool I guess?


Spider-man: Noir series animated in a similar vein to Batman TAS. Don’t even try to argue that this wouldn’t be the bees knees.


Sony is bound to screw up a good thing. If they do move forward with this would they be individual series for one or more of the Spider-men or a “universe of the week” approach.


Make it so…



Today is the 20th anniversary of Batman Beyond…

Legends only.


Terry McGinnis is best bat man. Don’t even @ me.