The Cartoons and Animation Thread


Terry was the well adjusted jason todd.


A video…



For real?


Wow, Johnny? I don’t see it, but ok I guess


That was probably one of the better video essays I have seen recently.


Just got done watching the latest episode of Steven universe.

What a fucking doozy. An emotional roller coaster to say the least.


So…is Khary Payton the workhorse of Young Justice?


What’s up with that voice? It’s a pain to listen to.


Yeah. For real. That’s one of the worst voices I’ve ever heard for a character. Cyborg isn’t supposed to sound like a whiny adolescent.


Not feeling that cyborg. Historially he had about erm… 5% human left after the accident? Now he is only 5% cyborg. Lol wtf


I like the more human design personally.


Well, his design in YJ is way better than the Cyborg coming in Doom Patrol atleast…


I don’t think it’s fair to compare cartoon and live action designs…


Steven universe finally has me going oh shit multiple times.


So fucking good and the animation for the last episode was beyond top notch. Several scenes in the season finale were Disney animation quality


Young Justice Season 3 is so damn dope!!
Finally get Lady Shiva and this chick is body bagging almost everyone


Don’t know how I missed a bunch of these cameos…


I’m waaaaaay behind on my cartoons. Star vs. The Forces of Evil, DuckTales 2017, OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes and I haven’t even started the new season of Young Justice. I think I’ll catch up to Steven Universe first since I’m the least behind on that series. A few episodes and I’ll be caught up.


It’s a god damn emotional roller coaster.


Oh really…