The Cartoons and Animation Thread


Hamill means I must check it out…


To be known as an iconic hero and villain in two vastly different franchises is a remarkable thing.


Not subtle there Disney/Pixar





Zootopia wasn’t subtle in its messaging either, but was still a good movie.


Star vs the forces of evil anniunced this is gonna be their last season


I didn’t know the Flintstones got revived. The production values on this is shit


Looks like garbagee


The Flintstones GO! 🤦🏾


This won’t be.


It’s a short. They will likely be shown before seeing the film you paid for.


I am so hesitantly excited and cautiously optimistic about this. The voice cast is fucking phenomenal. Invincible is one of my favorite comics ever. I just want Amazon to do it justice. Don’t stray too much from the source material and let people experience the beautiful, brutal and amazing universe that is Invincible.

It being animated means they get away with a lot more shit so that also gives me a glimmer of hope. Cause man, Invincible gets fucking intense and insanely violent and explicit. Mass genocide, rape, all sortsa crazy stuff. They don’t pull any punches. Kirkman, Walker and Ottley fucking struck gold with invincible.


MODOK and Howard the Duck will be must watch shows.




Lmfao never forget joker stuck a pipe up tim drakes ass in that movie


Star Trek and Nickelodeon is such an odd combo.


Imma pass on this one.

peeps at work talking about dat Frozen 2


For real? First time I’ve ever heard of that!


Theirs a unrated version that has it. I think they may only have had that one on tape. But yeah it was a crazy flashback sequence.


SpongeBob spin-off?