The Cartoons and Animation Thread


I’d never saw that on the uncut version!!
Which tape did you watch?


I remember Tim being sodomized in the uncut version. It part of the Joker’s torture of Tim.


Why don’t i remember Tim being raped? Wtf Lol


Absolutely had no idea this was a thing. Costume Quest is one of my favorite Indy titles and my favorite series from DoubleFine.

This looks like a fun watch.


Looks like no one has the real uncensored version. But he used the plunger thats on the table


I never noticed that plunger back then, even now my mind is in denial about Tim being sodomized by a plunger. Damn, son



Joker deserved to get got for that!!


Animators use to be so god damn creative. The part about how they managed snow whites look is super interesting.


Meh they were and werent. You can find a bunch of compliations of disney animators reusing scenes and animation just redrawing with new characters. Mind you this is old school disney not new age disney doing it. Just like jaoan, they cut corners if they had to.


Whats funny is the animators hated doing that and claimed it took longer and was more work then just drawing fresh new animation.


Weird. So why did they do it, if it cost them more money? Not sure why it would take them more time…you are redrawing the art ontop of existing frames.


Because you had to take time to figure put how to make that existing art work with the new art. Lots of erasing, redrawing, and manipulation to make it work. It adds a lot of work to what could just be done from scratch easier.

And they did it because what the art and animation department thinks isnt always what the Boss’s think.


Speaking of Disney, I was picking up some light bulbs in the store and came across The Great Mouse Detective and the Sword and the Stone Blu-Rays on sale for $9.99 each. Bought.


This “realistic” take on the animated classics has to stop. I coincedentally watched The Jungle Book (2016) this weekend. Really solid film but these others are going to be 1:1 remakes.


Oh my


So this is a thing.


Happy birthday to one of the legends of voice overs…who gave my favorite transformer life.


I wish I could do voice acting. Alas like all acting it’s a tight knit group and you’re not getting in unless you’re lucky or know someone.


Yea I tried to get into it when i was younger and it was like trying to penetrate a concrete wall with a soft serve ice cream cone. Good luck.


Most the voice actors we know and love today have been doing it since the 70’s and 80’s when it was a lot easier to break into it. Now there is a set hierarchy and pecking order. Not everyone can be Tara Strong, Billy West, Frank Welker, Kevin Conroy, Dee Bradley Baker, Rob Paulsen etc.

I mean, Mark Hamill got to break into the voice acting gig due to voice acting sci-fi computer games since he was still being affiliated with sci-fi because of Star Wars. he just happened to have some amazing untapped potential and now is one of the most iconic voices in the voice acting network thanks to roles like The Joker and Lord Ozai (Avatar)