The Cartoons and Animation Thread

Batman vs TMNT will be released digitally May 14 with the physical Blu-ray on June 4th.


This is excellent news. Hopefully it goes up for presale soon on iTunes

Movie coming sooner than expected. Nice

Latest we bare bears episode is a giant homage to the tmnt movies. Mostly 1 they even emulate the music and have zuko guest starring


And it was fucking brilliant. There were Easter eggs and references to the movies right down to the fucking camera angles.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed through the entirety of anything before but this made me do it. I was laugh crying by the end of it.

Sooooo good.

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I don’t like We Bare Bears but I will watch this episode for the homages.

We Bare Bears is cute and comfy but the past season has been very hit or miss. Also they really want to push their baby bear episodes a lot. I’d like the baby bear episodes more if they strung them together in a chronological order from each bears origin to how they all got together.

That’s going to get Day Juan’ed by everyone here on this forum!!

Wow, after Avengers and Game of Thrones finish up in April, we’ve got something to look forward too in May!

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This season of Star vs. The Forces of Evil being the last one makes me sad. It’s been so good. One of my favorite on-going animateds.


My heart is so sad

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yeah, one of the better cartoons this generation imo. Sad to see it go but it’s gotta end some time.

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At least Ducktales is still going strong and while it’s close to the source material it’s also carved out its own identity. Which I really appreciate.


I’m so glad this finally got settled. Good for the animators getting what they were owed.


Happy 20th Birthday, Futurama.

All the seasons and TV movies are on sale on iTunes as well ranging from $4.99usd to $9.99usd. I finally get to pick up the movies for cheap. They’re usually $19.99usd each.

Edit: because discourse is fucking dumb.

One of my favorite artists, Skottie Young is finally releasing an art book. Preordered it immediately. I’m so excited. I love his chibi style. It’s so cute and charming


I posted this in the anime thread but I have Funimation Store digital copies of “Citrus” and “Samurai Champloo” I don’t want or need.

If you want one of them; or both just PM me. First come first serve.


She-Ra season 2 trailer…


Early review of Batman vs TMNT by IGN



amazon video has all of the SF2 cartoon.


Oh man, the Street Fighter cartoon was sooooo laughably bad. I just might watch that crap so I can get some side splitting laughter.

It also had one of the greatest responses to “You killed my father!” ever. Right up there with “But for me, it was Tuesday.”


Justice League/JLU will always have a place in my adolescence…


Darkwing Duck turned 28 today.

Fuck I’m old.