The Cartoons and Animation Thread

This is cool…


Did the creators get out of the Netflix contact early? I know it fell out but doesn’t matter

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I would guess they did, also Netflix probably found out the cheaper live action model they had in mind is not any more viable as the last live action attempt to bring the show to life.

I dunno about viable, from what the creators said they don’t like where Netflix was going with it story wise

…Rugrats comeback?

Looks like an early PS2 Era CGI cutscene lol.

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Why? The Show was awful the first time.
Most of Nicks shows were.

Give me “You can’t do that on TV” and “Legends of the Hidden Temple”

I was never into Rugrats,but it definitely loses the charm of the 2d look in 3d.


Rugrats was great the fire time around…that fuck?

Return of Legends of the Hidden Temple would be dope to.

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