Hello Shoryuken followers!
There is a new store opening in Corpus Christi called the ?Casual Gamer?and we want to get the awareness out, so we are hosting a *FREE ENTRY MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 TOURNAMENT~~~~!!* We plan to be doing many many, many events here, so we wanted to start by getting a good number of people in to our free tournament. This is a way to advertise this new biz, so there will be prizes and more.

Here is the thing guys, I know you people here are pros compared to a lot of the scrubs that may show up, however for a Free Entry Tourny and a chance to get a free $150+ arcade stick out of this, there is no reason not to show up. You are my people, so show up and win some free stuff, get known in the local world for your talent and just have a good time. Just don’t pick on scrubs too much, they no not why they mash. I want them back in the store in the future so I can have lots of entries for bigger prize pots. Please don’t scare future monies away… probably your future monies.

There will be PS3s and XBOX 360 both available to play MVC3 on, but expect the tournament to be played on the PS3.



—>Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (2:00pm)

Casuals and warm up matches will be played until the tourney kicks off. I will start at 2:00pm, no exceptions, I don’t care how well your match is going I will boot you off of any TVs we plan to use. Then we will take over the TVs for the tournament and you will be able to play casuals on other TVs we will have available, or watch the tournament.

+++Game Specific Rules+++

-This section will be updated as more information becomes available.
-Normally there is a standard set of discovered glitches or something that is banned. Since this game is very new, everything (other than Bosses) is pretty much fair until proven otherwise.

+++ Location +++

Name: Causal Gamer/Play Again Classic Video Games
Address: 5301 Everhart Rd Suite P
Play Again Classic Video Games, Corpus Christi, TX - Google Maps

++++General Rules+++++

-PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER!! Simple rule, bring your own controller.
-Double Elimination standards. Players? placement on the brackets will be set randomly. I will not arrange the brackets for people so they do not play a person they showed up with. It will be RANDOM.
-Arcade Standard rules
-Set will be best 2 out of 3
-Winner keeps their Team/Character (Characters and Assist must stay the same). Team/Characters may be changed after a loss.
-Do not use game breaking glitches (Its a new game, but I’m sure they are there hahahah)
-Macros allowed as long as they are available in game. (PPP, LK+HK, etc.)
-Pausing during a match is automatic disqualification
-Rapid fire and Programmable Sticks/Controllers with preset combos, moves, etc. will get you disqualified

+++Entry Fee+++

This is a FREE tournament. No entry fee required


1st Place
Choice between the PS3 Real Arcade Pro V3 SA or Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro VX SA and some Pringles
2nd Place
Marvel Vs Capcom Swag (T-shirt and nonsense)
3rd Place
Less Marvel Vs Capcom Swag
4th Place
Dust from the winners Pringles can…so pretty much nothing.

Have fun. Post your questions here in this thread.

**UPDATE:**The tournament went pretty good today. It went well considering this is the first day the Casual Gamer is open. We had a lot of fun and there were a lot of close matches XD
To the Winner of the tournament, do send me a PM and don’t open the arcade stick you have

so, play again is being re named to casual gamer?

No its a new store

PM sent