The Catherine Thread - Love is Over

SRK needs one, didn’t see one.

Anyone got any good techniques or stage setups? :smiley:

Played this at casuals last week. Hopefully I can get a PS3 so I can play it full time.


the hype is real.

I never realized I had to unlock the competitive multiplayer until we tried to play it at some casuals. Turns out the Colliseum is an entirely different game than singleplayer in terms of mindset. There I was building these elaborate staircases and some jerk yanks them out from under me.

Cool game, shame more people don’t want to play on Mondays.

P.S. this is Austin

I have no idea what I just witnessed in that video, I have no idea who thought that this was a good idea…

Whoever thought up of this…shower him with awards. Nothing but awards.