~~the Celebration~~

WOOT ty wizard these forums are back oh how ive missed thee…now for the celebration i will be making avs. Note i might go to evo (i hope :sad: ) but if i dont ill post tomorrow if i am or not. But anywho yall can request some avs or whatever u want and ill do my best to do em :D.

Oh and heres some of my work

Only one rule and this is pretty important can you plz supply the picture or gif that you want. Its really a pain when u do an av or something and the person didnt want “THAT” picutre in it :xeye: .Thank you and have a nice day!!

do u take wallpaper request? :wonder:

Indeed i do.

I would like a rock lee wallpaper have fun with it… resolution of my screen is 1078 x 768 thanks in advance long live SRK!

Hmm can you do me the fav and pic out a picture plz?

Reso:1078 x 768
Color:Shiny Grey/white

(place them newhere)
Text: Dave’s Boa (any where on the Screen)

Thnx Monkey :tup:

a Twisted metal black wallpaper would be sick, with sweet tooth, dollface, and mr grimm <3 1978 x768!

oh joy!!!

Ill try my best dios…

anywho sorry if this came out bad…

ps.Lol ok for future referance if you want a wallpaper just one pic plz its a pain to work with alot lolz :(…

IMO, it’s preety good but to point out sumthin it mite’ve been better that you switch the order of the 1st and the 3rd pic just to make it look better as a group.
2ndly, the quality of the actual pics is what hurts the composition, but i’m only shatterstar so wtf do i know… :rolleyes:

Thats why i said i hate working with more than one pic =\ i know i suk lolz.

naw, you dont suk. looks at your av if you can make shyt like that with such limited space then using mutiple pics with a lot of space shouldnt be a prob. just take your time and let your beasting juices flow fluidly :tup:

ROFLLMAO sorry monkey let me request another one with only one pic

Reso:1078 x 768
Color:Shiny Grey/white

(can u make the pic sorta fade in with the back)
Text: Dave’s Boa (any where on the Screen)

yay teh monkey is back finally. Yo monkey think you can teach me to edit sprites? shim tried to teach me, but his words pwn me so i didn’t get it. :expressionless:

yo link not work :xeye:

fixed link

k sorry wass lol…ok alee what do you wanna know?

way to skip my message monkey… i thought we were homies…


my bad rofl, just teach me to color edit sprites damn it. Like this pink dudley av and blue urien Dark gigyas made for me. I WANNA DO THAT >.< (even though he ripped them from the game which i have no idea how on the console =/)