The Celebrity Apprentice ... YOU'RE FIRED


I love the apprentice and have followed the other normal seasons and the celebrity seasons, and Donald Trump ftw.

Contestants this season:
-Bret Michaels - Rock Star “Poison”
-Curtis Stone - Celebrity Chef
-Darryl Strawberry - Former Baseball Player
-Goldberg - Former Wrestler
-Michael Johnson - Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter
-Rod Blagojevich - Former Governor of Illinois ( also failure )
-Sinbad - Comedian

-Carol Leifer - Writer Singer
-Cyndi Lauper - Grammy Winning Singer
-Holly Robinson Peete - Actress
-Maria Kanelis - Former WWE Diva
-Selita Ebanks - Victoria’s Secret Angel
-Sharon Osborne - TV star
-Summer Sanders - Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Week 1

Spoiler Name


Carol Leifer if Fired

Week 2

Spoiler Name


Sinbad is Fired

Week 3

Spoiler Name


Darryl Strawberry is Fired

Week 4

Spoiler Name


Rod Blagojevich is Fired


Cyndi Lauper should be fired just because she has Rosie O’Donnell as her best friend.


Cyndi Lauper is the best!!! I’ve become so infatuated with her since the first episode, but I guess I’ve always been a casual fan of hers. Extremely kind-hearted, great songs, sticking to her roots, able to cut a promo better than half the wrestlers that ever existed ([media=youtube]LL41oaqHcrw[/media]), so brave in her expression and so loyal to her causes, just an inspiring person through and through. Once you youtube a few of her conversations, you can really see how real she is and her humanity shines all the way.

I used to like The Apprentice until the editors got really sloppy and pretty much gave up on hiding the fact that it’s a farce. In fact, Cyndi really should have gotten fired on day one just by the facts, but of course the producers aren’t gonna fire their biggest draw outside of Bret Michaels on the first episode. With the first 2 fired celebrities being not-that-famous comedians, you can clearly see through this hand-picked outcome. But yeah Sinbad definitely deserved to be fired just for his lousy delegation.

I’m really just watching for Cyndi, but Maria is also fun to watch, and it looks like she’s got a crafty head on that lovely body. Shame WWE didn’t utilize all of her talents, though she really did play the airheaded role well.


I watch Celebrity Apprentice, and always have. However, I kinda think the cast on this season sucks. It’s not as good as the first two seasons of this, and certainly in no shape or form comes close to last season’s Celebrity Apprentice. With that said, I still watch anyways…


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was you’re english teacher also fired


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i can’t believe they’re putting goldberg in the wwe hall of fame

what has he done besides win a bunch of squash matches and ruin bret hart’s career?


i can’t believe they’re putting goldberg in the wwe hall of fame

what has he done besides win a bunch of squash matches and ruin bret hart’s career?


Wow. LOL. Man this thread is too funny :rofl: I didn’t even notice that at first


Yo, can you put spoiler tags on your “Whos fired section” for those of us that Tivo this shit. Thanks.


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Sinbad == failure from the start of that episode. Global TV nailed that coffin by saying that Maxim rated him Worst Comedian of all time. I digress: Damn, even I forgot about the product display during the presentations from both teams. How could Sinbad miss that? Matter of fact, how could the Govenor miss that? Funny thing how Sinbad forgot that one thing. Then again, the girls stepped it up with that weakness. Btw… HOLLY ROBINSON AGES REAL WELL!

  • Goldberg was Van Damme’s punching bag in Universal Soldier: The Return, though.


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Anyway, who do you guys think will win? Cyndi reminds me of the chick that one last year the comedian chick that I cannot remember right now, but she seems too out of it to win everything.


Summer Sanders looks real good. Mmm