The Chainsaw Incident (new 2d horror fighting game)




With the exception of those skulls at the bottom being a visual distraction it looks good.


This looks awesome! What is it? Indie game?


Looks interesting. The visual style is pretty eyecatching. That said it obviously still needs alot of polish. Gonna be watching to see where this goes.


This looks pretty cool (needs alot of hitstop and camera shaking though) I wonder when the kickstarter begins


It’s a bit on the slow side, but i kinda like the looks of it.


Double Post


I don’t like the hit detection, it seems “off” I think this would be fixed eventually, but I love the looks and most of all the music. GOOD LUCK!!!


Some Artwork and Screens


Good luck and all the rest, seriously wish the makers all the best. But the visual aesthetic? Skullgirls does Darkstalkers via Flash… hmmm


Those skulls have to go, and all that crappy blur effect that’s slathered over every element.

Makes my eyes hurt, very difficult to focus on the game.


It looks cool. Looking forward to seeing more developed versions of it in action.


Looks cool. PSN bound :slight_smile:


Personally I love the art style, but the gameplay looks kind of bland. Whenever an independent dev with no history in playing fighting games tries to make one, the result is usually disastrous. I hope to be proven wrong!


The game looks nice. Yeah it’s pretty bland in terms of gameplay it looks like something I’ll have fun with.


the visual style is kind of cool, but the lack of hitstop and hitsparks make it look like the moves are going past the opponent rather than hitting them.


Milda looks hella interesting. I’m really hoping this turns out to be a legit fighter.


This looks badass. The pace for some reason reminds me of Skullgirls.


I like all the eyes in the artwork.