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I just spend 5 minutes looking at the screen while thinking and figuring out how to make this thread… 5 more, just finishing my thought on the last 2 words. God Bless for misspelling on computers program. You care or not I am going to talk about me. How I am going to change mi life. New ways of thinking. Like Alpacino said on Facebook "or this for what?

Why I know this? Because my friend yuki know this. Let me tell you more about this yuki character and some of my great ideas. yuki work where I do (yuki with lowercase to keep it anonymous). I don’t have much in common with him. Cause you know what I play it safe. Safe to the bones baby. I get in no trouble, I dont fuck with anybody and everything is going to be great. Yes I just smoke pot or marijuana (marijuana really?). You see my only kind of thing recently it been trying to be a player. So many different cues from women throw me off. Like this is not coding man, coding is easy next to shit like this. (effects of maryjuana too long wow) So for a little bit of my past I have been trying to push myself a little bit with trying to figure out women to get them in bed and fuck them. But shit is difficult like a mortal kombat 3 fatality without the fucking guide.

So yuki I dont think much of him he smoke pot and it kinds of random and out of this world. But for work reasons I had to spend more time with him. I see that he is kind of very bad in his game with the way I think the game should be run. But he gets a connection with the girls. (Connection = Win in my mind) Of course he is a very handsome man, so lets take that out of the equation. I give yuki the chance by talking with him more and being around him more. So this day I arrived at work pretty upbeat and go for a swim. yuki: Hey yuki you going for a swim? Cool i will go with you.

We swim blah blah and then he tells me to get high with him, classic me would said no but me today said yeah sure lets go. We smoke and it just so happens to get assign together. Of course we are high and we are being funny about being over attention at work and point every things that can happen to anybody at any given time. "sir be careful walking there ; dont fall sir. (I am so comfort seeking) Hey you kid *as I stare at him very marty mcfly talking to the doc, and he looks like what I did wrong? "oh ok kid keep doing what you are doing, your ok. (we only use maybe 10% of our personality but we are so repress) So that day 2 girls, beautiful girls, came to out work. My more adventurous me is like alright, you got this. So I keep walking toward them saying stuff to myself like: calm down you dont know what to said to her but keep walking something will come out keep fucking walking. Then as I am about to get straight to them, I hesitate and walk a little farther to another coworker standing near by. He whispers: does 2 girls are hot. I replied: I know as I walk straight at them . Make little chit chat, tease them a bit, take them to another part of the park and were we goof off and talk a little more. Then I tell them to give me there number (but fuck, I just had broke my phone the last day and could not get another one until tomorrow. I write it on a piece of paper, tell them we should go out today to X place, they agree cool. ( why do you play so much by the rules? Break free and confront the consequences of failure and death look me in the eyes) A couple of hours later I see them talking to yuki. Ok cool. Then he tells me they told him that I had just given them there number and that we were going to get out so he should come alone with me. They think we are really good friends because they saw us earlier swimming together.

Now we have a common goal!!!

So it do begins. We start planning, I have no phone so I cant communicate directly so I have to run everything through him. So sometimes he blocks on what to said and I am bro tell them this. I feel pretty arrogant at how good this is going for me. Then when the charm start wearing off and responses were not so frequently I panic. He slaps me in the faces * added that for more drama* and tells me to calm down. He gets the phone, call them, they respond at the other end of the line. And proceed to tell them the most corny shit I have ever heard. yuki: hey, my love I just want to see you so badly, come on, me and my friend we want to see you girls so bad, I just want to see you.

And it work!! It fucking work!!! I am like fuck this no way. We are in, we are going fucking in. I can just fucking taste those juicy tits. Slap that mouth with my dick while she moans before I cum accidentally on her face. Before I tell the rest of this story let me fast forward to today jan/4/2016 7:06pm we are still at work. You see at last minute a girl broke her 2 front teeths going down the water slide so know I have to stay longer. Fuck that girl is screaming in the distant while yuki who had left work earlier at 6:00pm was coming back because actually we are going to go to the room of this 2 girls we met. What did exactly they tell you? I ask yuki while we try to get away from the screaming of the little girl yuki: they told me they are going back to their hotel room, we are set yuki, we are winning today. Now I wonder why I take this as that he have a already guaranteed date with them at their room. I am exhilarated, am I going to fuck one of this girl today? Things is, they are on a room, I guess this is a big no no if you work for the same hotel. We are on a mission now!!! What do I wear I am still on work clothes. Yuki tells me that he have some extra cloth, while I remember that now I keep at work some cloths for in case of something like this. We are going to bath at work so we don’t have to excuse of why we are coming back to work. Its dark its on the outside we are fumbling and rumbling about what we are wearing. We are barking at each other like if we were a Abbot and Costello routine, I am putting my pants while he is spraying perfume on me so I dont smell like the marijuana that I am smoking. Marijuana that he just give to me to calm down. I heard in the back about the girls teeths needing to be place quickly back before it was to late and she would have to live with fake ones. We are kind of ready, we text them and tell them we are going to see them, we wait for a reply so the mission can start. I notice that yuki had smoked a lot of pot before coming back to work. As we wait he want munchies so he (paranoia is excruciating but is the price to pay) goes and open a lock door to get to a kind of bar/shop area. While I watch nobody comes laughing hysterically. He comes out with 2 snickers and 6 grapes lol!!!

I guess the girls are not coming. Why they are not calling back? Fuck sakes atom ant. We decided we should go anyway up to the room. We do but as we get closer I start to get paranoia, I heard this guy said: yes my lord, the 2 individual suspects are going down through the pool area. As we are getting closer I start to get more paranoid and anyway we keep texting the girls and they dont respond, all this could be for nothing. So we head back. Did I mention that while we go a little more back in the story to mention how I am texting this other girl through out the latter part of this. I just met her today at work too. So I am fixing for her too to come out of her room and see me, but at the end of the night is just a case of 2 birds one stone except this time I wanted the birds to win . *but this girl i met today did not came out of her room but she sure having texting me a lot. She just told me all her medical conditions on the first 7 minutes of our phone conversations. She ask me If a have a wife and babies with a nervous interrogating tone. She said she is coming back tomorrow to see me. How the fuck do I get myself on this fucking mess.

At the end of the night me and yuki are just smoking on his car while listening to some music and I tell him that even tough we did not get any girls he is really a cool dude. He mumbles something about how having to take responsibility but its how is ok to relax just a fucking bit around work. I told him how meeting him will get me to be a different me in the future. I told him about how I was having a feeling about how right at that very moment my dna was changing making myself a different person because I met him. Why that girl keeps texting me?

So I leave you guys with a little poem:

Guys I just try for everyday to understand
I just want so many things
I am afraid of many things
But I keep going ahead moving through brick walls, smashing ahead walls like in breath of fire 1.
I see glimpses at times of conquering all, of being perfect!!!
But I realize how far away I am
I just want to be love
I Just want to be love

P.S. sorry for not proof reading the message


*but dis hoe i kicked it wit todizzle did not came outta her room but her big-ass booty shizzle havin textin me all muthafuckin day.

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Oh shit! I just remembered something! You didn’t whip out your dicks!

That’s why you didn’t get laid, or at least a blowjob. Next time do that, and make sure it’s as soon as possible after you meet her. You know how quickly women change their mind. Strike while the iron is hot dick is pumped!

You don’t have to thank me.



“…before i cum accidentally on her face…”

Accident, Suuuuuuuuuuuuureeeeeeeeeee…

You can’t out Hax the Hax. There can only be one.



This thread is way more LWO than NWO though. Without the in ring whole stable jump jobbers.

Its absolutely a cuckold story and relenting everything to this yuki dude is leagues ahead of his ass.

Looks like a case of “purchased join date change” never posted anything cool ever kinda SRK “member”’


9 years, 156 posts, one star, and this, this is what your decide to post? You lost already.


Ain’t nobody reading that educational failure of a post.

I have never missed the WTF buttons more.


tl;dr version

OP is a goody two shoes who tries to become a PUA. meets coworker who seems more confident. together they smoke and OP gets weed confidence to talk to 2 chix who invite him and coworker to a hotel and never show up. coworker steals snickers and grapes and they sit in a car eating them.

its like one of those bad “coming-of-age” novels we had to read in high school but worse


oh damn, you made me skim a bit of the first post to see if the OP was Magnetix.


Tyler Durden: This is your life and its ending one minute at a time.

Akuma Hax translation of the story is pretty funny.

Come on guys everything you read on my OP is true. I am no nWo, I am the one getting spray paint in the back. You can be DDP or Goldberg but you still no nWo. You are getting run over and you always look both ways before crossing the street. I no preacher of the good life because I don’t know the answers. I am not depress and I feel mostly optimistic about life. I just speak from the heart. True, this is SRK and this seems like is not the most appropriate place to show your flaws. I make mistakes, stupid things, I don’t always get 1st prize money. But I said fuck it, show some grit. I am no revolutionary idea guy, this story have been told many times. Good ol Charlie Brown (Why are you doing? Stop It!!!)

We all have great parts and aspects to our life, but we have some things we don’t want to talk about *and we don’t have to. I invite you to post or check this Thread if you ever feel doubtful, feel desensitization in some area, want to shout at the damn customer who keeps negotiating prizes for everything he wants, etc. Not every sentence every word have to be funny.

I talk to yuki, he wants to hang out. He is briefing me about all the girls in short pants he is seeing with ugly guys. He tells me to meet up, I hesitate as I remember that i just drown another cel. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

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