The Changsta is the best!

Dont you agree you Chang users!? i love chang!! moves are hilarious and Choi by your side makes the fight more interesting.

:bluu: only thing bad about him is his defence. i mean when you got Ken or cammy on yo ass all the time, it is nearly impossible to avoid them. changs attacks including the LP and LK takes awhile to throw out and choi usually doesnt come in time to defend for you. So chang is quite useless when a speedy character is on you all the time.

anyone kno away to improve big changsta’s defence?

-play A-groove. one mistake = around 9000-10000 points of damage.

-if they get in your grill and you expect a tick throw, immediately do your command throw.

-jumping hp is an excellent zoning tool.

well actually im not an A groove user, but i kno how to use it for certain characters( chang included). im used to playing Ngroove.

and yes, i jump with a HP often but if someones on you all the time, you might not get a chance to use it especially when your in the corner.

no, im not really a command throw user. i might throw with raiden,chang,zangief but i dont command throw with anyone. i might use it on accident but i never think about planning to throw a person, never.

well i don’t know what else to tell you then. zone until they get in, command throw if you expect a throw, CC if they get careless. he doesn’t have too many fast normals that would stop a poking onslaught.

Chang seriously have problems when they get too close … but with solid AA (jumping mp, Crouching Fierce) and some good timing and hurricane choi … it is possible to not get cornered.

In fact, my Chang fears Turtlers more than Rush Down players.

when using chang u must DANCE LIKE THE WIND!!!

pick the pink color… it’ll scare them away!!

I’ve watched Kataklysmic lvl.1 super through fast pokes before with Chang in N-groove. The timing is very tight, but it’s usually worked.