The Character Concept Thread 2.0: Now With Proper Formatting!


Thanks. I forgot to add in a rough idea for what her character stage and theme would be like, but I’ll edit those in in a little bit.

Now, to create the next character I had in mind…

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My first new concept in a while. He’s a Dutch Kickboxer. He’s actually a fan of Sagat’s predecessor and the one unique quirk I gave him is this. His anti air special attack does more damage against aerial opponents than grounded ones. The opposite of how it usually is in Street Fighter.

Name: Zeger Verhoeven


Nickname: The Young Phenom (De Jong Wonderkind)

Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Dutch
Height: 7ft 0in (2.26m)
Weight: 344lbs (156kg)
B/W/H: 54-37-40(137cm-94cm-102cm)

Hometown: Breda, Netherlands

Appearance: Zeger is a towering man with a lean but muscular build. He has dirty blonde hair. His head is completely shaven on the sides with the long hair on the top of his pulled into a ponytail that comes down to the middle of his back. Zeger wears a white sleeveless t-shirt. The collar and arm holes of the T-shirt are red. The chest of the T-Shirt features a blue logo. It is comprised of the letters “VKA” across the chest and the silhouette of a fighter performing a high step kick below it. He has on white kickboxing shorts with a wide red waistband and a pair of blue stripes running down the sides of each leg. His hand are covered with blue kickboxing gloves with white colored thumbs and red wristband. Zeger has red ankle guards on his feet. The calf, heel, and toe opens have blue trim.

Likes: Anonymity, Nuakan, Stroopwafel (Dutch Waffle Cookie)
Dislikes: Arrogance, Adon, Paparazzi

Fighting Style: Dutch Kickboxing

Tone: Zeger is a respectful young man that remains humble despite his fame.

Origins: Zeger comes from a kickboxing family. Both his mother Anika and father Kerstan were professional kickboxers. While neither of them achieved a championship level, they did open a successful and respected kickboxing gym. Verhoeven Kickboksen Academie (Kickboxing Academy) has become renown for producing high caliber technical boxers. Not known for their athleticim, Anika and Kerstan were both great technicians. Zeger, unlike his parents, has been blessed exceptional physical ability. His ability combined with his parents technical style has made him a prodigy. Competitors christened him “De Jong Wonderkind” or The Young Phenom after he quickly climbed the ranks while remaining undefeated.

Zeger grew watching the film of the great kickboxers of past and present. His favorite fighter was the previous Emperor of Muay Thai, Nuakan. Despite his great size, Nuakan possessed great stamina and agility. Although Zeger uses his family style, his approach to fighting mirror’s Nuakan. Like his favorite fighter, Zeger has great agiliity and stamina despite his great size.

His Rival: Sagat

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 2 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4
1025 Stamina 1025 Stun


Dolk Mep (Dagger Blow) – LP+LK: Zeger snags his opponent in a Thai cling and hits them with a powerful right hooking elbow strike that sends them fspinning away.

Hamer Klap (Hammer Blow)– B+LP+LK: Zeger snags his opponent in a Thai clinch, turns them around, hops up and elbows them on the top of the head. His staggers backward and falls down.

Unique Attacks:

Opwaadering Klap (Lifting Blow) – F+MP – Zeger strikes with a quick upward elbow strike (6F) than can anti air with proper timing.

Hamer Val (Hammer Fall) – F+HP (Overhead) – Zeger rains down a quick downward right elbow strike that hits overhead. Fast startup, +2 on hit, -6 on block

Knieschijf Run (Patella Crush) – F+LK – Zeger hits with a quick downward left kick to his opponent’s knee. Must be blocked low. -5 on block

Knie Lift (Knee Lift) – B+HK – Zeger hits his opponent with a powerful right knee that launches his opponent. -7 on block

Opklimmend Val (Rising Fall) – F+MP, F+HP – Zeger strike’s with a quick upward elbow strike into overhead elbow strike combination

Run Draagraket (Crush Launcher) - F+LK, B+HK – Zeger hits his foe with downward left kick to the knee followed by a powerful right knee that launches his opponent.


Snelle Elleboog (Rapid Elbow) – F+PPP: Zeger steps forward and hits his opponent stiff hooking right elbow to temple that knocks them down.


Kinetisch Pareren(Kinetic Riposte) – MP+MK: Zeger raises his right knee and lowers hit right elbow until they both meet. If timed properly, Zeger will absorb his opponents attack whether it’s physical or a projectile. If it’s physical, the opponent is blown back a quarter screen. Successful attempts cause Zeger to store the kinetic energy from the attack giving access to a projectile of his own. Zeger can store enough energy for up to three projectiles. All projectiles are 38 Total Frames. (Same as Guile’s Sonic Boom). Since a successful attempts cause no damage to his opponent, failed attempts are NOT subject to a Crush Counter.

  • Hollands Kielzog (Dutch Wake) – B+MP+MK: (Requires 1 energy store): Zeger releases a fast medium sized projectile. 90 Damage/150 Stun
  • Hollands Golf (Dutch Wave) – MP+MK: (Requires 2 energy stores): Zeger releases a fast large projectile. 2Hits 120 Damage/200 Stun Causes Limited Juggle State
  • Hollands Schokgolf (Dutch Shockwave) – F+MP+MK (Requires 3 energy stores): Zeger release a massive fast moving projectile. 3 hits 150 Damage/250 Stun

Zeger gains a small amount of V-Gauge from successful ripostes and blocked projectiles. He gets a significant boost to his V-Gauge from landed projectiles.

V-Trigger 1:

Hollands Pistool (Dutch Pistol) – HP+HK: Zeger internalizes his own kinetic energy. Giving him access to Dutch Wake with no need for stores and his other projectiles receive decrease in energy store requirements.

  • Hollands Kielzog (Dutch Wake) – B+HP+HK: (Requires 0 energy stores): Zeger releases a fast standard sized projectile. 90 Damage/150 Stun, 1/8 V-Gauge cost
  • Hollands Golf (Dutch Wave) – HP+HK: (Requires 1 energy stores): Zeger releases a fast medium projectile. 2Hits 120 Damage/200 Stun, Causes Limited Juggle State, ¼ V-Gauge cost.
  • Hollands Schokgolf (Dutch Shockwave)– F+HP+HK (Requires 2 energy stores): Zeger release a large fast moving projectile. 3 hits 150 Damage/250 Stun, Causes Juggle State, ½ V-Gauge Cost
  • Hollands Kanon (Dutch Cannon) – D+HP+HK (Requires 3 stores): Zeger release a massive fast moving projectile. 5 hits 250 Damage/350 Stun Causes Juggle State, Expends V-Trigger
    3 Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Vlaams Furie (Flemish Fury)– HP+HK: Zeger focuses his kinetic energy into his arms and legs. All of Zeger’s physical strike based attacks have their Startup reduced by 1F. Attacks that leave his opponent standing gain an +1 advantage on hit. Attacks that knock his opponent down leaves him +2 after a forward dash. The reduced startup and advantage after a forward dash does not apply to his Elleboog Salvo command grab. V-Trigger gauge drains over time. 2 Bar V-Trigger


Elleboog Salvo (Elbow Salvo) – QCB+P: (Command Grab) Zeger clinches with his opponent and hits them with a short left-right elbow combination to his opponent’s temples followed by a left-right double elbow uppercut combination. 6F Startup. Grab range, damage, and position relative to the opponent is determined by the punch button. LP(Most Range, Least Damage, Knocks Foe ¾ Screen Away), MP(Less Range, More Damage, Knocks Foe ¼ Screen Away, HP(Least Range, Most Damage, Knocks Foe ½ Screen Away) EX (Most Range, Most Damage, Leaves Zeger Standing Next To His Opponent)

Elleboog Spervuur (Elbow Cannonade) – QCF+P : (Rekka) Zeger strikes with a spinning right back elbow that can be followed up with two more elbows by repeating the attacks input command. Second followup is a spinning left back elbow, and the final follow up has Zeger spins 360° striking with a powerful right elbow. Travel distance is the same for all versions. All versions leave the opponent standing. Punch button determines startup and damage output. LP(5F, Least Damage, +1 on Hit), MP(6F, More Damage, +2 on hit), HP(7F, Most Damage,+3 on hit), EX(5F, Most Damage, Frame 3 Armor, Crumples Opponent)

Plançon Stamp (Plançon Kick)– QCF+K : Zeger strikes with a powerful dashing high side kick that leaves his foes standing. Kick button determines the distance travel. Damage and advantage on hit is universal. All version are +2 on hit. All versions are -4 on block when properly spaced. Improperly spaced Plason Kick’s are incredibly unsafe. LK (¼ Screen), MK( ½ Screen), HK( ¾ Screen), EX (Gains Armor Frame 3, ¾ Screen)

Godendart Stamp (Godendart Kick) – QCB +K: Zeger strikes with a powerful dashing low step kick that takes his foes of their feet. Kick button determines the distance travel. LK (¼ Screen), MK( ½ Screen), HK( ¾ Screen), EX (Gains Armor Frame 3, ¾ Screen)

Strijdvlegel Stamp (Strijdvlegel Kick) – F,D, DF+K: (Anti Air) : Zeger performs a vicious high left step kick that has different properties depending on whether his foe grounded or in the air. All versions are invincible to Aerial Attacks and Projectiles frame 3.

  • (Aerial Opponent) His foes is left doubled over on his foot. He then brings leg down to the ground violently causing them bounce off the ground back into the air. Zeger then hits his prone aerial foe with a swift spinning back kick to small of their back that sends the hurtling away.
  • (Grounded Opponent) Zeger’s high step kick lifts his foe into the air and Zeger hits his prone aerial foe with a swift spinning back kick to the abdomen that sends his foe flying away.
    LK(5F Startup, Aerial 3hits 135 Damage/150 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 90 Damage/100 Stun), MK(7F Startup, Aerial 3hits 165 Damage/180 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 110 Damage/120 Stun), HK(9F Startup, Aerial 3hits 195 Damage/210 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 130 Damage/140 Stun), EX(6F Startup, Aerial 3hits 210 Damage/225 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 140 Damage/150 Stun)

Critical Art:

Arsenaal Spervuur (Arsenal Barrage) – QCFx2+K: Zeger strikes with a charging back left elbow strike to the sternum, stunning his opponent. He then strikes with a right hooking elbow to the temple, a left hooking elbow to the temple, a spinning right back elbow to the jaw, a left elbow uppercut, and he sends his foe face first into the ground with a jumping right elbow smash to the head. 6 Hits 340 Damage (5x40, 1x140)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Zeger enter the tournament solely to face off against Sagat. Sagat is considered the greatest kickboxer in the world. He defeated Zeger’s idol, Nuakan, to earn the title of Emperor of Muay Thai. If Zeger can defeat Sagat, he’ll be considered the greatest kickboxer in the world. With a victory of Sagat, Zeger seeks to not only honor his parents but earn the respect of his idol Nuakan. With Nuakan’s respect, Zeger hopes to be granted the honor of learning his signature attack. The invincible knee strike known as the Hanuman Kick.

Side Note:

  • Zeger’s elbow based specials are named for rapid fire artilerry stickes.
  • Zeger’s kick attacks are named after medieval Dutch melee weapons.
  • Zeger is the antithesis of Sagat. While they both possess great range, Zeger’s style focuses on melee attacks. He’s more mobile than Sagat, but lacks his power.


Yeah…I’m at it again.

Name: Yul Kahn


Name: Yul Khan

Nickname: Stealth Conqueror

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Mongolian

Height: 6ft 2in (1.88m)

Weight: 216lbs (98kg)

B/W/H: 46-35-37(117cm-89cm-94cm)

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Appearance: Yul has a muscular build. He short black cropped hair, a neatly trimmed goatee, with no beard. Yul’s eyes are golden in color. He wears a modern take on traditional Mongolian armor made of lightweight an highly durable synthetic leather over a synthetic red silk shirt and pants… Yul has blue “leather” armor that is stitched together from small rectangular pieces. The stitching is golden color. The upper tunic has shoulder pads and is sleeveless. It features a fauld that stops of above the knee. The fauld covers a white leather built with golden trim and horse emblem on the buckle. His blue leather pants have identical stitching a construction. Yul’s forearms are cover by white leather gauntlets with gold trim. His hands are gloveless. Yul has white leather boots with gold trim and laces that stop just below his knee.

Likes: Studying Languages, Training, Business Acquisitions, Equestrianism

Dislikes: Failure, Ignorance

Fighting Style: Jaws of The Horde

Tone: Yul is calculated, calm, and perceptive. He is known for being “5 steps” ahead of his adversaries.

Origins: As his surname implies, Yul can trace his lineage all the way back to the great Genghis Khan. His ancestor have spent the last eight centuries trying to sire the next great conqueror. While most people marry for love, Khan’s family arranged marriages to ensure the strongest offspring. The result of 800 years of the smartest and strongest marrying is Yul Khan. His exception physical capability is matched a superior intellect.

Yul’s family is not only the richest in Mongolia but one of the richest in the world. Only the Kanzuki Zaibatsu exceeds the Golden Khan Conglomerate in wealth. The conglomerate is a combination of his mother’s mining operations, his father’s agricultural business, and his recently founded a quickly ascending technology corporation. Yul has developed a state of the art microchip architecture that quickly taken the globe by storm.

Due to his family’s wealth and disposition, Yul has had the best education money can buy. From the age of nine on, he has spent a half a year in a different country. Learning of their histories and cultures. As a result Yul has mastered dozens of languages and martial arts. He has taken the best elements of those arts and combined them into his own unique style that he has dubbed Jaws of The Horde. Although he rarely has to resort to physical confrontations. Yul’s extensive knowledge of foreign cultures allows him to gain control of whatever assets he desires with little resistance.

Yul seeks to bring order to the chaos of the world. He has subjugated numerous businesses , of the legal and illegal variety. He has become the hidden super power of the world. Yul believes that only under his sole leadership can humanity achieve true greatness.

His Rival: Gill

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 5 Range: 4 Mobility: 4 Technique: 5

925 Health/925 Stun


Blue Horde Driver – LP+LK: Yul uses his left arm to grabs his foe’s face with a claw grip, lifts them off the ground, and drives them into the ground onto the back of their head.

White Horde Slam -B+LP+LK: Yul use his right arm to grab his foe’s face with a claw grip, lifts them overhead, and slams them into the ground behind him.

Golden Horde Stampede- LP+LK (In Air): Yul snatches his foe out of the air with his left hand claw grip, slams them into the ground, and immediately pummels with right hand to the face.

Unique Attacks:

Rending Halberd - B+MP – Yul strikes with a double axe handle uppercut that can anti air with proper timing.

Sword Pommel - F+HP (Overhead): Yul hits his opponent with an left overhead hammer fist. 26F Startup, +4 on Hit, - 2 on Block

Arrow Fall – D+HK: From the apex of his forward jump, Yul executes a diving one foot stomp that descends at a 60° angle.

Impending Siege – B+MP, F+HP: Yul hits his foe with a double axe handle uppercut into a left overhead hammerfist combination.


Catapult Clash – F+KKK: Yul mule kicks his opponent with both feet, sending them flying a ½ screen away.


Subjugation Might – MP+MK: (Command Grab) Yul violently clasps his hands together on each side of his opponents face, lifts them off the ground, jumps into the air, and throws them downward slamming the back of their head on the ground. Can be charged to increase damage, V-Gauge gain, grab range, and advantage on hit.

  • Uncharged, 8F Startup, Shorter Grab Range, 160 Damage/210 Stun, Lands half screen away, 60F whiff recovery
  • Charged, 12F Startup, Longer Grab Range, 200 Damage/250 Stun, Lands Next To Foe, 60F whiff recovery

Subjugation Fury – MP+MK: (In Air, Command Grab) Yul snatches his opponent out of the air, by grasping their head with both hands, and drives them into the ground with a modified sit out powerbowb. 6F Startup, 175 Damage/225 Stun, Lands ½ Screen Away, 12F whiff recovery upon landing.

V-Trigger 1:

Unyielding Conqueror – HP+HK: Yul’s entire body becomes surrounded by a golden aura increasing defense.

  • White Life damaged received is reduced by 50%, this does NOT stack with this V-Triggers damage reduction
  • Damage received reduced by 15%
  • Back Dash gains invincibility at cost of ½ his V-Gauge
  • Vanquisher Might gains armor frame 3 at cost of ¼ of his V-Gauge

2-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Overwhelming Conqueror – HP+HK: Yul’s hands and feet become engulfed in golden flames increasing his offensive capability and giving him access to the Triumphant Conquest critical art.

  • Subjugation Might uncharged Startup Reduced from 8F to 7F, charged Startup Reduced from 12F to 10F
  • Subjugation Fury - Startup Reduced from 6F to 5F, landing recovery on whiff reduced from 12F to 10F
  • Cavalry Spear – Projectile Invincibility on Frame 1, LP 0 on Block, MP -2 on Block, HP, -4 on Block, EX Causes Juggle State
  • Trebuchet Launch – LP, MP Total Frames Reduced 44F to 40F, HP 45F to 42F, EX 30F to 27F
  • Incineration Bow – LP, MP, HP Total Frames Reduced 58F to 52F, EX 49F to 46F
  • Scalding Arrow Head – Startup Reduced from 9F to 7F
  • Mangonel Crash – LK Startup Reduced 15F to 12F, MK 20F to 17F, HK 24F to 21F, EX 12F to 9F
  • Crowning Sabre – LK Startup Reduced 5F to 3F, MK 6F to 4F, HK 7F to 5F, EX 5F to 4F, Full Startup Invincibility

3 Bar V-Trigger, Permanent


Cavalry Spear – HCF+P : Yul cocks back his left arm, twisting his torso 180°, and explodes forward extending his left arm outward striking his foe in the sternum with a knife hand punch to the sternum. All versions knock down. Distance determined by the punch button pressed. Projectile invincible frame 3. LP (¼ Screen, -2 on Block), MP( ½ Screen, -4 on Block), HP( ¾ Screen, -5 on Block) EX( ¾ Screen, Gains Armor Frame 3)

Trebuchet Launch – F,D,DF+P: Yul soars forward through the air while pulling back his right arm twisting his torso 180°. The jump arch and travel distance is determined by the punch button pressed. LP (¼ Screen), MP(½ Screen), HP( ¾ Screen), EX(Projectile Invincible Frame 1, Hold Back ¼ Screen, No Input ½ Screen, Hold Forward ¾ Screen) Attack has two follow up options.

  • Boulder Crash – P: (Overhead)Yul strikes his foe in the forehead with an open palm strike.
  • Sweeping Lance – K: Yul spins 360° and strikes with a low left backhand chop that knocks his foe off their feet. Must be blocked low.

Incineration Bow – HCB+P: Yul raises his left arm and chops downward creating an arc of golden flame resembling a bow. While doing so, he pulls back his right arm, and thrusts it forward creating an flaming arrow like projectile that carries the flaming arc forward. All versions startup in 23F(58 Total Frames), Hit twice, and knock down (80 Damage/160 Stun). Punch Button pressed determines the projectile speed. LP(Slow), MP(Faster), HP(Fastest) EX(14F Startup , 49 Total Frames, 100 Damage/200 Stun, LP+MP Slow, LP+HP Faster, MP+HP Fastest)

Scalding Arrow Head – HCB+P (In Air): From a neutral jump, Yul cocks back his left arm, twisting his torso 180°, and explodes with a left knife hand punch that creates a small arrow head shaped projectile. 9F Startup, 9F Recovery on Landing. Projectile angle determined by the punch button pressed. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). EX (Can be performed neutral or forward jump, LP+MP 60° Angle, LP+HP 45° Angle, MP+HP 30° Angle, 2 hits, causes a juggle state)

Mangonel Crash – F,D,DF+K: Yul jumps slightly forward high into the air and descends rapidly stomps the ground with both feet. The impact creates a shockwave directly in front him that staggers or floors his opponent. LK(Fastest Startup, Staggers Opponent) MK(Slower Startup, Knocks Down), HK(Slowest Startup, Causes Juggle State), EX(Fastest Startup, Launches Opponent Into The Air)

Crowning Sabre – HCB+K: (Anti Air) Yul strikes his foe with a front flip somersault axe kick that sets his foe ablaze in golden flames. The kick button pressed determine the height, startup, and damage of the attack. All versions become invincible to airborne attacks on the first active frame. LK (5F Startup, Standing Somersault), MK(6F, Hopping Somersault) HK(7F, Jumping Somersault), EX(5F, Jumping Somersault, Causes Ground Bounce)

Critical Art:

Vanquisher Dominion – HCFx2+K: Yul spins 360 ° and strikes his opponent with a high spinning back kick that sends then sailing skyward, he jumps after them and sends them crashing into the ground with a powerful Crowning Sabre, and plants them into the ground with a quaking Mangonel Crash. 3 hits 330 Damage

V-Trigger 2 Only

Triumphant Conquest – LP, LK, F, HP, HK: Yul strikes his foe at point blank range with a massive Scalding Arrow Head that carries his foe into the air at a 45° Degree angle, He then fires twenty small Scalding Arrow Heads at his prone aerial, while they descend form that attack, he charges an enormous Incineration Bow that strikes his foe and violent slams them against the side of the screen 30 Hits 400 Damage (5x10, 20x10, 5x30)

Reasons to be in SFV:

The fall of Shadaloo has allowed to Yul to accelerate his own plans for domination. The only real obstacle to his goals is the Illumanti/Secret Society. He will take out their leadership and use the confusion to increase his own grip on the world.

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Making this character in Face and Heel variety in the Soul Calibur VI character creator gave me this idea.

Name: Yamato/Yasha Nadeshiko


Nickname: Split Personality Grappler (Nijūjinkaku Resura)

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 7½in (1.71m)

Weight: 159lbs (72kg)

B/W/H: 36-27-36 (91cm-69cm-91cm)

Hometown: Hakone, Japan

Appearance: Nadeshiko is a stout and powerfully built woman. She short black hair in a bob hairstyle. Nadeshiko has dark eyes and wears a two piece, midriff baring wrestling leotard. The top piece is long sleeved with av-shaped neckline that shows off her cleavage. The left half of the piece is white with black kanji, 大和ナデシコ, (Yamato Nadeshiko) running down the arm. The right half of the piece is red with a Japanese Flag logo on the shoulder. The neckline and the base of the piece has red border. Nadeshiko has a red sash tied around her waist. She had on a white bikini bottom that shows off her legs. Nadeshiko has red knee pads and long white boots with red laces on her feet. When she becomes Yasha, she puts on a white kabuki mask that red eye shadow and black eyebrows painted on it. There are nose and mouth holes in the mask. Red lips are painted around the mouth hole.

Likes: Wagashi, Shiba Inu, (Cruelty)

Dislikes: Ball Games, (R. Mika)

Fighting Style: Professional Wrestling

Tone: Yamato Nadeshiko is a fiery yet humble woman. (Yasha Nadeshiko cold, brutal, and merciless woman)

Origins: Nanae grew up in Hakone, Japan. A tourist town about an hour outside of Tokyo known for it’s hot springs and traditional Japanese inns. Which is fitting because she is the only daughter of innkeepers. Nanae was reserved and quiet. The “ideal” daughter. The kids in the town teased Nanae. Her family was well off and she was “perfect”. They called her Yamato Nadeshiko. A usually endearing term denoting the “ideal woman”. However, they did not mean it as a compliment. The inference was that Nanae was perfect and thought she was better than them.

When she was a little girl, a famous wrestler stayed at her family inn. She’d never seen a wrestler before. As the wrestler and her training partners practiced in backyard of the inn, Nanae peered curiously out her window. She was completely enamored with what she saw. The wrestler noticed the curiously little girl looking at them from her window. Nervous, the meek Nanae quickly hid under her bed. A few moments later, she heard a knock at her door. Nanae remained still, trying to stay as quiet as possible. She could hear the door open and foot steps coming toward her. She closed her eyes. Suddenly she heard a “whooshing” sound. As Nadeshiko opened her eyes, a large woman was standing above her, holding up her mattress and box spring with one hand. It was Yoko Harmageddon. She smiled down at the frightened Nanae, offering Nanae her hand. Nanae took her hand.

From that point on, every year Yoko would vacation at the Sato family inn. Nanae would anxiously wait her return. Each time she visited the inn Yoko would show her a new move. Nanae would catch would ever matches she could and try her best to emulate what she saw. When she was old enough, Nanae decided that she would leave with Yoko. Knowing her parents wouldn’t approve. She wrote a long letter to them. Nanae left the letter on her bed and departed with Yoko for the IJWPW.

Her Rival: R.Mika

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 3 Range: 2 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

950 stamina 1050 stun


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

Petal Slam – LP+LK: Nadeshiko picks up her opponent and scoop body slams them.

Nectar Suplex – B+LP+LK: Nadeshiko snap suplexes her opponent behind her.

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

Blossom Breaker – LP+LK: Nadeshiko grabs her foe by the side of the head, puts her head under their chin, jumps into the air, and slams theirchin onto the top of her head. (Jawbreaker)

Rose Thorn – B+LP+LK: Nadeshiko picks her opponent up by the waist, turns 180°, and slams their groin onto her knee (Inverted Atomic Drop)

Pollinater – LP+LK: (Crouching Opponent) Nadeshiko grabs her crouching foe by the head and knees them in the face, lifting them off the ground. (Shining Wizard)

Unique Attacks:

Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

Yamato Lariat –F+HP: (Hit Grab) Nadeshiko grabs her foes by the neck with her left arm, pull them in, and uses her right arm to floor them with a standing lariat. Attacks causes a side switch.

Flying Nadeshiko – F+HK: Nadeshiko hits her opponent with a flying body splash, attack leaves her opponent standing. +3 on Hit, -5 on Block

Bloom Elbow – D+MP: (In Air) Nadeshiko executes a flying elbow drop from the apex of her forward jump. Bloom Elbow halts her forward momentum and she descends straight downward.

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

Brain Freeze – B+HP: Nadeshiko executes a quick head butt that leaves her opponent standing after it hits.

Bad Touch – B+MP: Nadeshiko drops to one knee and strikes her opponent with hammer fist uppercut to the groin. Attack must be blocked low. (Low Blow)


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

Flower In Bloom – F+KKK: Nadeshiko kicks her foe in the gut and plants them face first in the ground with a double underhook face buster (HHH’s Pedigree)

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

Eye Poke – F+PPP: Nadeshiko pokes her opponent in the eyes causing them to stagger backward. Leaves the opponent standing.


Spring Time – MP+MK: Nadeshiko handsprings toward her opponent. The handspring is Projectile and Strike invincible frame 3. If no button is pressed, Nadeshiko returns to her neutral stance with 8 Recovery Frames. Three follow ups. 2 for Yamato, 1 for Yasha

Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

  • P - Spring Breeze: Nadeshiko strikes her opponent with a flying back elbow to the head. Attack knocks down opponent.

  • K – Spring Shower: Nadeshiko converts her handspring into kick that hits overhead. Attack must be block high. -6 On Block.

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

  • LP+LK – Yasha Buster: Nadeshiko grabs her opponents head with her back facing them and drive it into the ground. (Handspring Bulldog)

V-Trigger 1:

Full Nadeshiko – HP+HK: Nadeshiko throws off traditional pro wrestling classifications and comes at her opponent with her full wrestling arsenal. Nadeshiko can now us her face and heel attacks at the same time. Her Yamato (Face) Throws are still done with MP+MK. Her Yasha (Heel) Throws are done with HP-HK and B+HP+HK. 3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Heel’s Heat – HP+HK: Nadeshko goes full heel and pulls out a chair to assault her opponent. All of Nadeshko’s punch attacks gain increased range, damage, and frame advantage. Grey life damage of all MP, HP punch attacks is doubled. LP attacks now do a small amount of Grey life damage. Nadeshiko gains a new special. V-Trigger duration 1600F

  • Chair Toss – F+HP+HK: Nadeshko throws a spinning chair at her opponent. Attack costs 1/3 (535F) of her V-Gauge.

  • LP Attack Cost (100F), MP(160F), HP(200F)

Each punch attack drains the V-Gauge. 2-Bar V-Trigger


Bow Breaker – 360°+P: (Command Grab) Nadeshiko grabs her opponent, spins behind them, lifts them overhead, jumps into air, spins 180°, puts both of her knees into her foe’s back while pulling back on their head with her right hand and ankles with her left hand. She then drives her foes into the ground while maintaining the Bow Hold. Grabs range, damage, and landing distance from the opponent is determined by the punch button pressed. All versions have 5F Startup. LP(Most Range, 180 Damage/200 Stun, Lands ½ Screen Away) MP(Less Range, 190 Damage/200 Stun, Lands ¼ Screen Away) HP(Least RANGE, 200 Damage/200 Stun, Land’s Point Blank) EX(Most Range, 240 Damage/250 Stun, Land’s Point Blank)

Maiden Scorn – QCB+K: Nadeshiko hits her opponent in the head with a twisting jump kick. (Enziguri). Attack goes over low attacks. All versions knock down. Startup, damage, and advantage on hit, determined by the kick button. LK (12F Startup, 75 Damage/150 Stun) MK(18F Startup, 100 Damage/150 Stun), HK(24F Startup, 125 Damage/200 Stun), EX(18F Startup, 150 Damage/240 Stun)

Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

Heel Turn – D,D+PP: Yamato Nadeshiko turns into Yasha Nadeshiko

Yamato Buster - 360°+K: (Running Command Grab) Nadeshiko runs at her opponent , hops at them, spins behind them, grabs them by the back of the head with hand, and drives them face first into the ground. (One Hand Bulldog). Distance traveled and damage determined by the punch button pressed. LP(180 Damage/200 Stun, 1/3 Screen) MP(190 Damage/200 Stun, ½ Screen) HP(200 Damage/200 Stun, 2/3 screen) EX(Gains Armor Frame 3, 225 Damage/240 Stun, Land’s Point Blank)

Peek-A-Boo Driver - QCF+K: (Anti Air Grab) Nadeshiko jumps into the air , performs a full split before slamming her feet onto the sides of her opponents head, and backflipping to drive their head directly into the ground. (Hurricanrana Driver). Attack causes a side switch. Kickbutton determines the startup and damage. LK(6F Startup, 140 Damage/200 Stun) MK(8F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun), HK(10F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun), EX(Full Startup Invincibility, 6F Startup, 180 Damage/200 Stun)

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

Face Turn – D,D+PP: YashaNadeshiko turns into Yamato Nadeshiko

Green Mist – HCF+P: Nadeshiko spits cloud of green mist in her opponents faces causing them to stagger backward. Leaves the opponent standing. The punch button pressed determines the duration, damage, and advantage on hit. Has projectile properties. LP (12F Startup 60 Damage/150 Stun) MP(16F Startup 90 Damage/180 Stun, 2 Hits) HP(20F Startup 120 Damage/210 Stun, 3 Hits) EX(12F Startup 150 Damage/240 Stun)

Shinai Blitz – QCB+P: (Rekka) Nadeshiko pulls out a shinai (bambo training sword) and pummels her opponent with up to three strikes. The first swing is a two hand horizontal strike to the left side of the head, second swing is a two hand horizontal strike to the right side of the abdomen, and the final strike is homerun swing to the jaw that sends the opponent sailing through the air. Punch button determines the startup, damage, and distance traveled. LP (7F Startup, 160 Damage/160 Stun, ¼ Screen) MP(9F Startup, 170 Damage/170 Stun, 1/3 Screen) HP(10F Startup, 180 Damage/Stun, ½ Screen) EX (7F Startup, 200 Damage/200 Stun, ½ Screen)

Critical Art:

Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

Maiden Embrace – 360°x2+P: Nadeshiko grabs her foes, spends behinds them, locks them in a cross face chicken wing, jumps high into the air, and back suplexes them directly on their head. ( 3 Hits 380 Damage (2x50, 1x280)

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

Extreme Rules – HCFx2+K: Nadeshiko slams a steel chair over her opponents head and tosses it on the ground behind her. Hits them in the gut with a Shinai (bamboo training sword) breaking it, She grabs her stunned opponent, jumps backward, high into the air, and slams them face first onto the chair with a sitout facebuster. 3 Hits 330 Damage (3x110)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Yamato Nadeshiko (Face)

With Mika going solo, Nadeshiko had to vacate her IJWPW (Iwashigahama Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling) Tag Team Championship. After a failed attempt to regain the titles with promising but green IJWPW rookie Maple Storm, Nadeshiko decided against a solo title run. Preferring the camaraderie of tag team wrestling, Nadeshiko enters the World Martial Arts Tournament. She’ll either convince Mika to return or find a new more capable tag team partner.

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel)

Yasha Nadeshiko enters the World Martial Arts Tournament to break Rainbow Mika. Defeating Mika isn’t enough. She wants to defeat her precious “Master Zangief” and her wealthy sponsor Karin Kanzuki. After waylaying those closest to her, Yasha Nadeshiko will challenge Mika to retirement match and defeat her. After taking away Mika’s friends and her career, her vengeance will be complete.

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Nothing serious. Thinking of ditching two seperate Gouka concepts and just making one with aspects of both.

Name: Gouka (Valor and Decisiveness)


Nickname: The Balanced Hado

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 9in(1.75m)

Weight: 154 lbs. (70kg)
B/W/H: 36-24-37 (91cm-61cm-94cm)

Hometown: Unknown, Japan

Appearance: Gouka has light brown eyes. She has a golden headband tied around her forehead. Gouka has long knee length straight black hair. She wears a brown sleevless gi that is tied at the waist with golden twine rope. Her brown gi shorts that stop above her knees. She wears prayer beads around the wrist of each of her hands. The prayer beads around her left wrist feature the “ten” symbol on one of the beads. The ones on the right wrist feature the “mu” symbol on one of the beads. Gouka has sandals on her feet.

Likes: Meditation, Solitude, Training, Forging Her Own Path

Dislikes : Her Uncle, Dishonor, Absolutes

Fighting Style: Kinkou Ansatsuken (Balanced Ansatsuken)

Tone: Gouka is a calm and focused woman. Her fury was tempered by her defeat at her uncle’s hands. She forges a new path to surpass him.


Gouka is the daughter of Gouken. She mastered her own style of defensive Ansatsuken. During her battle with he uncle (Akuma), she seemingly had him beaten. To her dismay he was merely holding back to test her. Gouka’s Mu No Hado based style was no match for Akuma’s true power. Her desire to slay her uncle and restore family’s honor over took her. Overwhelmed by the Satsui No Hado, she once again pressed Akuma into combat. Her raw Satsui No Hado style caught her uncle of balance. For a brief moment victory seemed to be at hand, however Akuma regained his balance. His precision with Satsui No Had overmatched his nieces aggressive passionate style. As he prepared to end the battle with the Shun Goku Satsu, Gouken intervened.

With a father and uncle locked in combat, the wounded Gouka retreated into the woods. She stumbled into a cave and fell unconscious. When she awoke, she thought back upon her failure. If she could combine the best elements of Mu No Hado and Satsui No Hado, she was sure that she could achieve victory. “It is not the tool but the wielder”, She thought to herself. That in mind, Gouka resolved to forge her own style. A balance between the two disciplines. That was years ago. No one has seen Gouka since…

Her Rival: Akuma

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 2 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 4

1000 stamina 900 stun


Sangaku Jishin (Mountain Quake) - LP+LK: Gouka hits her opponent with a right open palm punch to the gut, followed by a left hand chop to the lower back

Ishi Nadare (Stone Avalanche) - B+LP+LK+motion: She tosses her opponent high into the air and strikes them with a powerful open palm strike as they fall towards the ground

Unique Attacks:

Harae (Purification)– D+MP (In Air): Gouka hits her foes with an downward chop for the apex of her jump. Attacks halts her forward momentum and travels directly downward.

Seichu Nidan Tsuki (Middle Two Stage Thrust) - F+ FP: She strikes her opponent with a two hit elbow strike (Ryu’s SFA3 elbow strike)

Tenshi Hakyaku (Angel Blade Kick)- D+ MK (In Air): Gouka executes a steep angle (70°) diving kick from the apex of her forward jump.

Shinkai Geri (Deep Sea Kick) – DF+MK: Gouka performs an upward crouching kick attack. Forces crouching opponents to stand. Despite appearances, this attack is not a good anti air option.

Senpu Kyaku (Whirlwind Leg) – F+ HK (overhead): A one hit whirlwind kick. Quick startup but is -6 on block.

V-Reversal :

Kongoshin (Diamond Body) – F+PPP: Gouka stomps the ground violently while executed a powerful back fist that sends the opponent a full screen away.


Tenshi Shuretto (Angel Vermillion Rending Blade) – MP+MK: Gouka assumes a defensive posture to counter her foes attack. If successful, Gouka teleports above her opponent and attacks them will falling knife hand chop to the head. Resembles a more powerful version of her Harae aerial downward chop . B+MP+MK counters jump in attacks. D+MP+MK counters low attacks. Nullifies projectile attacks but the counter portion of the attack only applies to physical attacks. .

V-Trigger 1:

Hado Kakusei (Surge Awakening)– HP+HK: Gouka shows her foe true mastery over Mu No Hado. All of her projectile attacks are in enhanced. Gains access to her ultimate Hado techniques. The Shidai Go Hado and Zanku Shidai Hado.

  • Shomei Go Hadoken – 10 Damage/10 Stun buff. Total Frames reduced from 46F to 44F. LP Shomei Go Hadoken travels 10% slower. HP Shomei Go Hadoken travels 10% faster. EX Total Frames reduced from 44F to 42F. LP+MP Travels 10% Slower, MP+HP Travels 10% Faster
  • Zanku Go Hadoken - 10 Damage/10 Stun buff. Can now be performed from neutral and back jumps. LP, MP, HP frame data Startup 10F to 8F and Landing recovery 12F to 10F
  • Tsumetai Hadoken – 10 Damage/10 Stun buff. Startup and Total Frames reduced LP (18F to 14F Startup 52F to 48F Total Frames) MP(20F to 16F Startup 58F to 52F Total Frames), HP(22F to 18F Startup 64F to 58F Total Frames) EX(18F to 14F Startup 66F to 60F Total Frames,)

3-bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Hakai Kakusei (Destruction Awakening)– HP+HK: Gouka unleashes Satsui No Hado without sacrificing her mind. Increasing the potency of all of her physical attacks She also gains access to her ultimate technique. The Shidai Go Shoryu

  • Shakunetsu Goshoken - Damage and Stun out put increased. (20 damage/30 stun). LP Startup reduced 9F to 8F, MP Startup reduced 19F to 17F, HP Startup reduced 25F to 22F. Causes a hard knockdown. EX Startup reduced 16F to 12F. Causes Wall Bounce
  • Jishin Jiraiken – Damage and Stun out put increased. (10 damage/20 stun) HK causes a hard knockdown. EX version causes a ground bounce.
  • Fubuki Gorasen – LK,MK,HK versions now hit crouching opponents and are throw invincible Frame 1. EX Startup reduced 5F to 4F, On Block -30F to -25F
  • Kuchu Gorai Senpukyaku – Can now be performed from a neutral and backward jump. LK,MK,HK Startup Reduced from 8F to 7F. Landing Recovery Reduced from from 14F to 13F. EX Damage increased 140 to 160, Stun increase from 180 to 210. Landing Recovery reduced from 12F to 9F

3-bar V-Trigger Permanent


Shomei Go Hadoken (Lightning Strong Surge Fist) -QCF + P: Gouka pulls back her right arm, focuses a sparking chi in her palm, and hurls a one handed horizontal projectile at her foe. Damage, startup, and recovery are the same for LP,MP, HP versions. 46 Total Frames 50 Damage/90 Stun. Button strength only alters the speed of the projectile. EX 44 Total Frames 80 Damage/120 Stun, hits twice, and knocks down.

Shakunetsu Goshoken (Scorching Heat Strong Piercing Fist)-F,D,DF + P: Gouka twists her torso back 180 °, and explodes forward with a left charging palm strike that engulfs her opponent flames. Distance traveled is determined by the strength of the punch button. LP (9F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun, Point blank, Projectile Invincible Frame 1), MP(19F Startup 100 Damage/140 Stun, ½ Screen, Projectile Invincible after 3F), HP (25F Startup 120 Damage/160 Stun, ¾ Screen, Projectile Invincible after 3F). EX(16F Startup 150 Damage/200 Stun, Projectile Invincible Frame 1, Causes a Hard Knockdown)

Zanku Go Hadoken (Slashing Air Great Surge Fist)- QCF + P: (In Air) Gouka twists her torso back 180 ° and twist forward hurling a one handed fireball from a forward jump. The punch button determines the angle of the projectile. LP, MP, HP versions have 10F Startup and 12F Landing Recovery 35 Damage/70 Stun. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). EX 7F Startup/7F Landing Recovery(LP+MP 60° Angle, LP+HP 45° Angle, MP+HP 30° Angle, 2 hits, causes a juggle state)

Tsumetai Go Hadoken (Freezing Great Surge Fist)-QCB+ P: Gouka pulls back both of her hands to generate an ice cold blast of ki. The punch button determines the speed, startup, and damage of the projectile. LP(18F Startup 52 Total Frames, 60 Damage/110 Stun, Slowest Speed) MP(20F Startup 58 Total Frames, 70 Damage/120 Stun, 2 Hits, Faster Speed), HP(22F Startup 64 Total Frames, 90 Damage/140 Stun, Fastest Speed, Causes Juggle Corner Only) EX(18F Startup 66 Total Frames, 110 Damage/180 Stun, Fastest Speed, Causes Juggle State )

Jishin Jiraiken - F,D,DF + K: (Earthquake Landmine Fist) Gouka jumps into air and slams her fist into the ground at high velocity. The impact of the attack creates a shockwave a short distance front and behind her. LK (16F Startup 20F Recovery, 100 Damage/150 Stun) MK(18F Startup 18F Recovery, 115 Damage/160 Stun) HK(25F Startup 12F Recovery, 130 Damage/180 Stun)EX (21F Startup, 20F Recovery, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Overhead)

Fubuki Gorasen (Blizzard Great Spiral)- F,D,DF+ K: (Anti Air) Gouka executes a powerful rising whirlwind kick that chills her foe to the bone. The initial kick “locks” her opponent into the attack to keep them from dropping out. No start up invincibility, fast recovery, low damage, doesn’t hit crouching opponents, not crush counterable. LK (3F Startup -25F On Block, 120 Damage/160 Stun, 3hits) MK (4F Startup -26 On Block, 160 Damage/180 Stun, 4hits) HK (5F Startup -27 On Block, 190 Damage/200 Stun, 5hits), EX (Full Startup Invincibility 5F Startup, -30 On Block, 200 Damage/200 Stun, 8hits, Hits Crouching Opponents, Crush Counterable)

Kuchu Gorai Senpukyaku (Aerial Booming Thunder Whirlwind Leg) -QCB +K: (In Air) Gouka executes an electric charged horizontally traveling whirlwind kick. LK,MK, and HK versions 8F Startup 14F Landing Recovery 90 Damage/150 Stun. Kick button pressed determines how far opponent is knocked away. All version cause a limited juggle state. LK (Close) MK (Farther), HK (Farthest) EX (6F Startup 12F Landing Recovery 140 Damage/180 Stun, Causes Juggle State)

Critical Art:

Shinku Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (True Void Tornado Air Slashing Leg)-QCFx2 +K: Gouka rises into the air and spends in place at blinding speed. The speed of her rotation pulls her opponent into the attack if even if it does not make direct contact. Vacuum effect has ½ screen range. 17 Hits 340 Damage (1x100, 15x18, 1x120)

V-Trigger 1 Only

Shidai Go Hado (Four Elements Great Surge) – QCFx2+P: Gouka stomps the ground with her back foot and slowly outstretches her arms. A different element of ki charges in each limb. Ice in her left fist, Fire in right fist, Wind in her left foot, and Lightning in her right foot. She pulls back her arms to focusing all four elements into a powerful sphere of ki that she unleashes as massive Hadoken. On hit her opponent spins in a cyclone of ki, freezes, bursts into flames, and then electrifies before the force of the attack sends them hurtling away. 12 Hits 340 Damage/170 Stun (1x110, 10x12, 1x110)

Zanku Shidai Hado (Aerial Four Elements Surge) – QCFx2+P: (In Air) From a forward jump Gouka channels four elements (Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind) into large aerial projectile that descends on her foe at various angles. On hit her opponent spins in a cyclone of ki, freezes, bursts into flames, and then electrifies before the force of the attack sends them crashing into the ground.** **LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). 10 Hits 320 Damage/160 Stun(1x100, 8x15, 1x100)

V-Trigger 2 Only

Shidai Go Shoryu (Four Elements Great Rising Dragon)-QCBx2 + P : Gouka stomps the ground with her back foot and slowly outstretches her arms. A different element of ki charges in each limb. Ice in her left fist, Fire in right fist, Wind in her left foot, and Lightning in her right foot. She then unleashes a powerful combination to her foes body. A right flaming uppercut, left freezing uppercut, right cyclonic uppercut, and finally an electric Shoryuken that sends her opponent skyward. 4 Hits 400 Damage (3x60, 1x220)

Reasons to be in SFV:

This version of Gouka was defeated by her uncle (Akuma) prior to the events of SFV. She has spent the last few years in solitude strengthening her mind and body. Her mind to control Satsui No Hado. Her body to increase the power and speed of her Mu No Hado techniques. Satisfied with her mastery of what she dubs Kinkou (Balanced) Ansatsuken. Gouka leaves her solitary hovel. Venturing forth in the world for the first time in years she smiles. Seeing a poster for the latest World Martial Arts tournament. She knows where her uncle will be.



I got bored. Tried my hand at Dee Jay. Curious at what people think of V-Trigger 1.

Name: Dee Jay


Nickname: The Southern Comet

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Jamaican

Height: 6ft 1in (1.86m)

Weight: 216lbs (98kg)

B/W/H: 51-35-37(130cm-89cm-94cm)

Hometown: Montego Bay, Saint James Parish, Jamaica

Appearance: Dee Jay has muscular man with dark brown skin and eyes. He has long black dreadlocks that. Dee Jay’s dreadlocks are pulled into a ponytail secured by a green band and hang to the middle of his back. Large yellow over the ear headphones are draped over the back his neck. He is shirtless. Dee Jay wears green fingerless gloves on his hands that are padded from his wrist to his knuckles. He has on black full length jogging pants. The waistband is yellow. In yellow the word “Maximum” runs the length of the sides of each pant leg. Two green stripes, one to the left and the other to the right of “Maximum” also run the length of his pant legs. He wears yellow high top sneakers on his feet. Each sneaker has a black “Comet” emblem on the sides and green soles.

Likes: Singing, Dancing, Cooking Shows, TV

Dislikes: Harsh People, Quite, People without Rhythm

Fighting Style: Rhythmic Kickboxing

Tone: Dee Jay is happy fighter and musician that always has a smile on his face.

Origins: Dee Jay grew up in the resort town of Montego Bay. He showed at interest in music and dance at a young age. With “Mobay” being a popular vacation destination, Dee Jay was exposed to various types of music and dance. He often mixed the new sounds and rhythms he heard with a more traditional Reggae sound.

He did not have any interest in fighting initially. Until he saw a couple of Capoiera masters practicing. Dee Jay found the way they mixed dance with fighting fascinating. He wanted to do the same. Unfortunately, there weren’t any Capoeira schools nearby. He was still determined to mix dance with fighting. He enrolled in the local kickboxing academy. Crafting his own style my mixing his rhythmic dance with traditional kickboxing. His deviation from standard forms often frustrated his instructors, but they couldn’t argue with the results. Not only were Dee Jay’s moves hard to read but he excelled at reading his opponents rhythm. This allowed him to find opening to attack.

Kickboxing paid well. This gave Dee Jay to money to pursue is music career. It also allowed him to continue to develop his form of “Rhythmic Kickboxing”. Quickly surpassing the national talent, the Southern Comet, as he came to be known was equally impressive on the international seem. Dee Jay dropped his first album before his biggest fight of his career. His victory launched him into fighting and musical super stardom.

His Rival : Elena


Health: 3 Power: 3 Range: 3 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

1000 Stamina 1000 Stun


Funky Two Step – LP+LK : Dee Jay clinches his opponent, hits this with knee to the stomach that lifts them off their feet, and hits them with a left overhead elbow that slams them into the ground. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Party Starter – B+LP+LK : Dee Jay clinches his opponent, jumps up putting both his feet on their chest, falls to his back, and launches them behind him. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Sunrise Heel – DF+MK: Dee Jay strikes with a quick overhead heel kick.

Maximum High – DF+HK: Dee Jay hits opponent with a back kick to the face.

High Times – B+HK: Dee Jay hits his foe with a to hit front kick that knocks his foe into the air. Limited juggle properties. Can be used to anti air with proper timing. 7F Startup -7 on Block.

Funk Somersault – F+HK, D,U+HK: (Target Combo) Dee Jay hits his opponent with back kick into back flip kick combination.

Knee Shot – D+LK (In Air): Dee Jay strikes his foe with an aerial right knee strike. Attack can cross up.


Carousel Blow – F+PPP: Dee Jay does a quick spin behind his opponent and strikes them with a quick elbow to the back. Leaves foe standing and causes a side switch.


Waning Moon – MP+MK: (Overhead)Dee Jay strikes with a flying cartwheel style flip kick. Attack can be charged. Both attacks must be blocked high. Attack goes over low attacks.

  • Uncharged 16F Startup 80 Damage/100 Stun, +5 on hit, -2 on block.

  • Charged 22F Startup 90 Damage/120 Stun +8 on hit +2 on block.

V-Trigger 1:

Festival Rhythm – HP+HK: Dee Jay puts on his headphones entering a festive mood which alters the inputs of his special attacks excluding Winding Blow.

  • Air Slasher input changes to QCF+P

  • Machine Gun Upper changes to QCB+P. Pressing P rapidly increases damage/stun

  • Jack Knife Maximum changes to F,D,DF+K

  • Double Rolling Sobat changes to QCB+K

  • Sobat Jubilee changes to HCFx2+K

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Jubilant Beat – HP+HK: Dee Jay puts on his headphones entering a joyous mood. Altering the properties of his attacks.

  • Air Slasher knocks down at close range. EX knocks downs at any range, has limited corner juggle ability

  • Machine Gun Upper does max damage without additional inputs. EX damaged increased to 250

  • Winding Elbow startup reduced to from 22F to 20F, EX from 17F to 15F

  • Jack Knife Maximum startup of all versions reduced by 1F, EX causes a juggle state

  • Double Rolling Sobat startup reduced by 2F for all versions

  • Gains additional Critical Art. Jamboree Upper

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent


Air Slasher -Charge B,F+P: Dee Jay pulls back his right arm and quickly slices through the air with a hooking punch that creates a wave of ki that slices throw the air towards his opponent. Button strength determines the speed of the projectile. 13 Frame Startup. 45 Total Frames. 70 Damage/100 Stun (LP Slowest, MP Faster, HP Fastest, EX 12F Startup 43 Total Frames 2hits 120 Damage/150 Stun, 2F faster startup, LP+MP Slowest, LP+HP Faster, MP+HP, Fastest)

Machine Gun Upper –Charge D,U+P: Dee Jay strikes his foe with a rapid barrage of uppercuts. Damage and stun is increased by rapidly pressing the punch button. LP(8F Startup, 90 to 170 Damage/140 to 200 Stun, -5 to -10 on Block ) MP(10F Startup, 100 to 185 Damage/150 to 225 Stun, -6 to -11 on Block ), HP(12F Startup, 120 to 200 Damage/175 to 250 Stun, -7 to -12 on Block ), EX(6F Startup, 180 Damage/250 Stun, -7 on Block, Launches Opponent )

Winding Elbow – Hold 2P, Release: Dee Jay coils his upperbody and twists into a powerful back elbow that sends his opponent flying with away. 22F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun Projectile invincible frame 3. EX (Hold 3P , Release) 17F Startup 140 Damage/200 Stun Projectile invincible Frame 1.

Jack Knife Maximum – Charge D,U+K: Dee Jay rising into the air with a jumping front kick combination. Only LK and EX hit crouching opponents. (Anti Air)LK (5F Startup, 130 Damage/200 Stun, No Invincibility,) MK (6F Startup, 140 Damage/200 Stun, Invincible To Airborne Attacks, Throw Invincible Frame 3) HK (7F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun , Projectile Invincible Frame 3,) EX (5F Startup, 180 Damage/200 Stun Full Startup Invincibility, Crush Counterable)

Double Rolling Sobat – Charge B,F+K: Dee Jay hit’s his foe with a roundhouse kick followed by a rolling sobat kick. All version knocks down. LK (10F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, -4 on Block) MK (12F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun, -6 on Block), HK (12F Startup, 140 Damage/180 Stun, -8 on Block) EX (8F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Projectile Invincible, -2 on Block)

Critical Art:

Sobat Jubilee – Charge B,F,B,F+K: Dee Jay nails his opponent with four consecutive Double Rolling Sobat Kicks and carries them skyward with a rapid fire 9 hit Jack Knife Maximum 17 Hits 330 Damage. (8x15,8x20,1x50)

V-Trigger 2 Only

Jamboree Upper - Charge B,F,B,F+P: Dee Jay mauls his opponent with a rapid barrage of right uppercuts before sending them sailing high into the air with a powerful left uppercut. His opponent comes crashing to the ground taking additional damage. If Jamboree Upper KO’s the opponent they are planted in the ground. 37 Hits 370 Damage (35x5, 1x125, 1x70)

Reasons to be SFV:

Dee Jay’s new album is about to launch. The upcoming World Martial Arts tournament is the perfect opportunity to promote his music to the masses. Getting a chance to test his Rhythmic Kickboxing against the the best fighters in the world is a nice bonus.

Side Note:

  • Dee Jay’s sneakers are his own Southern Comet brand sneakers

  • Dee Jay’s headphones are his own Rhythm Catcher headphones



This completes the Final Fight 2 hero trinity for me.

Name: Carlos Miyamoto


Nickname: The Latin Ronin

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Venezuelan (½ Japanese)

Height : 6ft 2in (1.89m)

Weight: 200lbs (91kg)

B/W/H: 46-35-36(117cm-89cm-91.5cm)

Hometown: Maracaibo, Venezuela

Appearance: Carlos has long flowing brown hair that hangs down his back to his waist. His eyes are brown. He wears a dark blue sleeveless denim vest that is unbuttoned. This leaves his arms and bare chest showing. He has black leather belt with a large silver colored buckle. Carlos wears dark blue denim pants. He has dark brown leather boots that are not quite knee length. Carlos has a katana in a black scabbard strapped to his back.

Likes: Maki, Collecting Swords, Tacos, Chili Beans

Dislikes : Sushi, Thugs

Fighting Style: Shorinji Kempo and Rindo-Kan Karate

Tone: Carlos is serious and to the point. It is rare sight to see him smile or tell a joke.

Origins: Carlos is the son of Niten Miyamoto and Marisol Bracho. His father moved to Venezuela to run the South American operations of Metro City Motors. His mother was the daughter of the head of the Empreza Petrolera Venezolana (Venezuelan Petroleum Company).

Carlos was a bit of an outcast growing up. The combination of his affluent parents and mixed parentage made him stick out. This caused Carlos to get in a several fights. Even without formal martial arts training, Carlos held his own. His toughness, despite his background, garnered the respect of his adversaries. Soon he was the leader of his own “gang”.

Niten and Marisol sought to curb Carlos’ increasingly rowdy behavior. Niten thought that martial arts would be good way to instill discipline in their son. He knew Masaru, a Rindo-Kan Karate master, was in South America. Masaru heard tails of a hidden master living on the continent. Niten offered to use his resources to find this master if Masaru trained his son. Masaru agreed to these terms.

Under Masaru’s tutelage, Carlos’ behavior improved. His raw talent for martial arts made him an excellent student. Niten upheld his part of the bargain. He used his wealth to find this “hidden master”. He found multiple masters over a two year span. None were the master Masaru sought. Just when they both were about to give up the search. Niten’s investigator found a tip that this master was in Brazil. Masaru left to find and challenge this master. Masaru was defeated by the Oro the master of Senjutsu. Crestfallen, Masaru returned to Japan.

Marisol feared that Carlos would return to his rowdy ways. Niten shared her concerns. He decided to send Carlos to a boarding school in Japan. It would keep him away from wild friends and he could continue his training under Masaru. Masaru was still reeling from his defeat and did not wish to teach anyone. He recommended Retsu to Niten in his stead. Retsu was a master of Shorinji Kempo. That art shared several similarities with Rindo-Kan Karate.

Marisol traveled to Japan with her son. If he wasn’t in school. He was training with Retsu. She would keep Carlos in line while his father continued his work in Venezuela. Carlos would remain in Japan until he was 16. At which point, he moved to Metro City with his family. Metro City Motor’s North American operations were faltering. Due to his success in South America, Niten was tasked with returning the North American division to profitability.

Carlos would remain in Metro City until adulthood. He’d make eventually make friends with Maki and Mayor Mike Haggar. He’d help them rescue Maki’s father and sister before returning to South America. Like his first master, Masaru, Carlos sought to test himself other martial arts masters. Maybe he’d find he would find this “Sennin” and truly test how far he’s come.

His Rival: Makoto

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 3 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 3

1000 Stamina 1000 Stun


Karatakewari Ote (Cleaving Hand) – LP+LK: Carlos grabs his foes and “chops through” them with a right hand chop. 140 Damage/150 Stun

Ryodan (Bisection) – B+LP+LK: Carlos grabs his foes and “cuts through” them with a right backhand chop causing his foes stumble and fall down behind him. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Oroshi Tegatana (Dropping Hand Blade) - B+HP: (Overhead) Carlos draws back his left over his head and attacks with a chopping strike to his opponent. 26F Startup, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block. 70 Damage/100 Stun

Kakou Tsuki (Downward Thrust) – D+MP (In Air): Carlos strikes straight downward with a left punch from a forward jump.

Chokujou Seikentsuki (Above Just Fist Thrust) - B+HP: Carlos unleashes a powerful right punch directly above his head. Attack does not hit grounded opponents. 8F Startup 32F Recovery 75 Damage/150 Stun

Rurousha Ikari (Nomad’s Wrath) – LP, MP, HP, HK: (Target Combo) Carlos strikes with two left backhand strikes, followed by a right overhead chop, and ending with a high left roundhouse kick. (Carlos’s Final Fight 2 Combo)


Kurukuru Yaiba (Spinning Blade) – F+PPP: Carlos unsheathes his sword an spins rapidly in with an up and down motion knocking his foe ¾ a screen away.


Souname (Sweeping Victory) – MP+MK: Carlos attacks with rushing back sweep kick that has a ½ screen range. Attack can be charged. Uncharged (18F Startup, 60 Damage/100 Stun, Knocks Down, -12 On Block). Charged (36F Startup, Gains Armor Frame 3, 100 damage/150 Stun, Causes Juggle State, -2 On Block. )

V-Trigger 1:

Tosshin Amearare (Rush Barrage) – HP+HK: Carlos’ offensive capabilities increase allowing him to use the full strength of Tosshin Morigari Ken and Tosshin Bakuhatsu Ken with charging them. EX Tosshin Morigari Ken’s has the duration of it’s juggle state increased. EX Tosshin Bakuhatsu Ken recieves a 30 Damage/40 Stun buff . V-Trigger duration 3000F. Each Tosshin attack costs 800F. 3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Ryuuseigun (Meteor Swarm) – HP+HK: Carlos’ aerial offensive capabilites are increased. He gains the ability to perform Setsudan Kakato Otoshi from any jump. Carlos gains the ability to perform Hinotama Tegatana from neutral and back jumps. Neutral and back jump versions of Hinotama Tegatana and aerial versions of Setsudan Kakato Otoshi cost 500F. V-Trigger duration 2000F. 2-Bar V-Trigger


Tosshin Morigari Ken (Rushing Upsurge Fist) – QCB+P : Carlos pulls back his left fist while his hair flows behind him, he then burst forward rapidly, striking his foe with an upward punch to the chin All versions knock down. Attack can be charged. Charged versions cause a juggle state. Damage the same for all versions Uncharged 80 Damage/120 Stun and Charged 90 Damage/150 Stun. EX can not be charged. Punch button only determines the distance traveled. LP (7F/12F Startup, Point Blank) MP(12F/17F Startup, ¼ Screen) HP(18F/23F Startup ½ Screen) EX(11F Projectile Invincible, Causes Juggle, 100 Damage/150 Stun, ½ Screen)

Tosshin Bakuhatsu Ken (Rushing Outburst Fist) – QCF+P : Carlos pulls back his right fist while his hair flows behind him, he then burst forward rapidly, striking his foe with an straight punch to the sternum. All versions leave his opponent standing. Attack can be charged. Charged versions cause a crumple state. Damage the same for all versions. Uncharged 90 Damage/150 Stun and Charged 100 Damage/200 Stun. Punch button only determines the distance traveled. LP (7F/12F Startup, Point Blank) MP(12F/17F Startup, ¼ Screen) HP(18F/23F Startup ½ Screen) EX(11F Projectile Invincible, Causes Crumple, 120 Damage/200 Stun, ½ Screen)

Hinotama Tegatana (Falling Star Hand Blade)- QCB+P (In Air): Carlos draws back his left over his head while jumping forward and chops violently straight down towards the ground. The punch button determines the damage and attack properties. LP(10F Startup, 90 Damage/120 Stun, +2 On Hit, Leaves Standing) MP(12F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun, +4 On Hit, Leaves Standing), HP(14F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down) EX(14F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun, +6 On Hit, -2 On Block)

Genmaku Fuuken (Blinding Wind Fist) - HCB+K (Command Grab): Carlos grabs his opponent and strikes them with a half dozen punches in an instant. The final blow to the chest sends them flying away. All versions have a 6F Startup. Damage and Range determined by the punch button pressed. LP (Most Range, 150 Damage/200 Stun), MP(Less Range, 160 Damage/200 Stun), HP(Least Range, 170 Damage/200 Stun), EX(Most Range, Causes Wall Bounce, 150 Damage/200 Stun)

Setsudan Kakato Otoshi (Cutting Heel Drop) – QCF+K: Carlos strikes his foe with a standing forward somersault axe kick. Kick button determines startup, damage, and attack properties. LK(8F Startup, 90 Damage/120 Stun. +2 on Hit, -5 on Block) MK(10F Startup, 90 Damage/120 Stun, +5 on Hit, -2 on Block) HK (12F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun, Knocks Down, - 2 on Block) EX(15F Startup, 150 Damage/150 Stun, Overhead, -6 on Block)

Critical Art:

Abare Maracaibonami Kudaki (Rampaging Marcaibo Wave Shatter) - QCFx2+K: Carlos rushes towards his opponent with a flying kick that sends his opponent into wall with enough force to bounce them back to towards him. Carlos hits the opponent with rapid kick combination that ends in a high kick that sends the foe high into the air. Carlos jumps after them and spikes them into the ground with a Setsudan Kakato Otoshi . 6 hits 340 Damage (1x120, 4x15, 1x160)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Carlos sees the World Martial Arts tournament as a huge boon. Instead of having to seek out various martial arts masters, the tournament would have several all in one place. Carlos enters the tournament to test his skills and keep an eye on Maki while he’s at it.

Side Notes:

  • Carlos is fluent in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Carlos started collecting swords after receiving a katana from Retsu.
  • The katana strapped to his back was the one he was gifted to him by Retsu.
  • Carlos knows of but has never met Makato
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Final Fight heroes are now done.

Name: Dean


Nickname: Fist of Lightning

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: American

Height: 6ft 5.5in (1.97m)

Weight: 247lbs (112kg)

B/W/H: 52-35-38 (132cm-89cm-97cm)

Hometown: Metro City, USA

Appearance: Dean is tall well built man. He has bleached blonde spiky hair, camouflage headband, and black eyebrows. Dean wears a white t-shirt with the sleeves torn off. He has a brown leather harness on his upper torso that buckles on the left and right side of his chest. Dean wears black cargo pants and has on brown leather belt with a metal buckle around his waist. He has on brown work boots on his feet.

Likes: Fast Cars, Racing, Beef Kabobs, Curry Rice,

Dislikes: Skull Cross Gang, Abigail

Fighting Style: Street Fighting

Tone: Dean has a quiet and somber tone. He only seems to smile when he’s racing.

Origins: Dean grew up on the streets of Metro City. While he was never in a gang himself, he had friends that were. This gave him extensive insight into gang culture despite not being directly involved in it. Due to Dean’s fighting ability knowledge of gangs, he was sought out by the Skull Cross Gang after the fall of Mad Gear. Dean declined their invitation. As a result, the Skull Cross Gang murdered his family. Dean was angry and grief stricken. He remembered how Mayor Haggar had a direct hand in bring down the Mad Gear. He called in all the favors he had with his friends and learned the details of Skull Cross Gang;'s plans. He approached Mayor Haggar with this knowledge. With the help the help of Guy and Lucia, the quartet took down the Skull Cross Gang. After there victory Dean disappeared into the shadows.

Now that he had achieved justice for his fallen family, Dean decided to follow his passion. Dean’s has always enjoyed fast cars and racing. he decided to open a his own automotive performance parts and modifications garage. Opening a garage required a significant amount of money. Dean turned to underground fighting and street racing to garner the capital.

Dean opened the “Lightning Performance Garage”. His notoriety in the Metro City street racing scene helped to build niche but reliable customer base. However, his garage was barely making ends meet. If he only could increase his profile…

His Rival: Abigail

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 4 Range: 3 Mobility: 2 Technique: 3

1025 Stamina 1025 Stun


Upshift – LP+LK: Dean grabs his opponent by the neck, lifts them of the ground, punches them in the stomach with two uppercuts, and knocks them away with an uppercut to the jaw. 140 Damage/150 Stun

Whiplash – B+LP+LK: .Dean spins behind his opponent and strikes them in the back of the neck with three forearm strikes. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Downshift – (In Air) D+MP : Dean punches straight downward from a neutral or forward jump.

Oversteer – F+MK (Overhead) : Dean hops forward and strikes his foe with a wheel kick. 27F Startup, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block, 75 Damage/100 Stun


Pop The Clutch – F+KKK: Dean kicks his foe in the face with an electrified big boot that knocks them down.


Long Reach – MP+MK: (Hit Grab) Dean stretches his right hand out full length and pulls his opponent towards him leaving them vulnerable to be thrown or command thrown. Throw or Command Throw follow up is scaled to 70% Damage.

V-Trigger 1:

AC (Alternating Current) – HP+HK: Dean overloads his body with electricity increasing the stun output on all version of his Shock Slam by 150. Dean also gains the ability to combo into his Shock Slams. V-Trigger duration 2000F. Enhanced Shock Slams cost 1000F. 2-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

DC (Direct Current) – HP+HK: Deans overloads his body with electricity extending a field of electric energy beyond his body.

  • On hit the shock state causes a 10 Grey Stamina/10 Stun per second Shock State.

  • Shock State ends when opponent lands a hit on Dean

  • Shock State is re-initiated on any successful attack by Dean for the duration of the V-Trigger

  • Even after the Shock States nullification. Entering Dean’s Electric Field halts his opponents Grey Life and Stun bar recovery

  • Field persists around Dean for 1500F

2-Bar V-Trigger


Shock Slam - HCB+P : (Command Grab) Dean grabs his opponent by the throat, electrifies them, hop high into the air, and drives them into the ground with a choke slam. All versions have 6F Startup. Punch Button determines Damage and grab range. LP(Most Range, 170 Damage/200 Stun, MP(Less Range, 185 Damage/225 Stun), HP(Least Range, 200 Damage/250 Stun) EX(Throw Invincible Frame 1, 5F Startup, Most Range, 210 Damage/250 Stun)

Shock Punch – HCF+P: Dean performs a powerful electric uppercut that knocks his opponent off their feet. Attack has moderate start up. Nullifies all non-EX projectiles regardless of durability. Can Anti Air but the timing is very precise. LP(8F Startup, 80 Damage/120 Stun, Knocks Down), MP(10F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, Juggles In the Corner), HP(12F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun, Causes Juggle State), EX(8F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun , Gains Armor Frame 3, Causes Juggle State, Nullifies EX projectiles)

Shock Straight – Charge B,F+P: Deans strikes his foe with a powerful electrified right straight punch. All versions leave the opponent standing. Attack does moderate damage and high stun. Punch button determines startup speed, damage and advantage on hit. LP(3F Startup, +3 on Hit/-2 on Block, 75 Damage/150 Stun) MP (4F Startup, +4 on Hit/-4 on Block, 100 Damage/200 Stun), HP (5F Startup, +5 on Hit/-6 on Block, 125 Damage/250 Stun), EX(3F Startup, Causes Crumple State, -2 on Block, 125 Damage/250 Stun)

Cyclone Bolt – F,D,DF+P : Dean charges his right hand with electric ki and performs a spinning back chop that takes him from a standing to crouching position. Punch Button determines the attack properties. LP(5F Startup, 60 Damage/120 Stun, 1 hit, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block, Leaves Foes Standing, Hits), MP(7F Startup, 90 Damage/150 Stun, 2 hits, +4 on hit, -4 on Block, Leaves Foes Standing), HP (9F Startup, 120 Damage/180 Stun, 3 hits, Knocks Down, -6 on Block, Final Hit must be blocked low), EX(5F Startup, 120 Damage/180 Stun, 3 hits, Hard Knock Down, -2 on Block, Final Hit must be blocked low)

Power Slide – Charge B,F+K: Dean strikes foes with fast moving low slide kick. Attack must be blocked low. Kick button determines distance. -2 on Block if properly spaced. -6 if blocked at point blank range. Projectile Invincible Frame 3. LK(16F Startup, 70 Damage/150 Stun, ¼ Screen), MK (21F Startup, 80 Damage/150 Stun, 1/3 Screen), HK(24F Startup, 90 Damage/150 Stun, ½ Screen), EX(18F Startup, 90 Damage/150 Stun, Projectile Invincible Frame 1, ½ Screen)

Critical Art:

Lighting Rod Slam : Dean grabs his opponent by the throat, electrifies them, and choke slams them. He then snatches this opponent off the ground by the neck, electrifies his entire body, jumps extremely high into the air and slams into the ground while releasing all the electricity stored in his body through his opponent .2 Hits 370 Damage (2x185)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Dean enters to the World Martial Arts tournament for a multitude of reasons. Winning would raise his public profile and help him gain more customers for his business. Even if he cannot take home the championship, the tournament would put him into contact with Karin Kanzuki and Ken Masters. Building a custom ride for either or both of two of the richest people in the world could be a boon for his business.

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Female Illuminati Boss Concept

Name: Semele


Nickname: The Imperatrix of Order
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Cypriot
Height: 6ft 5in (1.96m)
Weight: 192lbs (87kg)
B/W/H: 40-28-39(102cm-71cm-99cm)

Hometown: Nicosia, Cyprus

Appearance: Semele is statuesque middle aged woman in peak physical condition. She radiates a divine aura and her physique perfectly sculpted like marble statue. Semele has long flowing, sandy blonde hair that is elaborately styled into a Bohemian Chignon Bun. Her eyes Olympic blue and her legs are an astounding 43 inches (1.1m) long. Semele has a flawless porcelain complexion. There is an oval shaped royal blue jewel in the middle of her forehead just above her brow line. Her attire consists of custom pure white Doric Chiton (Ancient Greek Robe) that comes down to the middle of her thighs. Semele’s upper arms are bare. She has golden colored bracers on her fore arms. Semele wears golden calf length buskins on her feet.

Likes: Order
Dislikes: Chaos, Failure

Fighting Style: Pankration of Order

Tone: Semele’s warm outward demeanor quickly turns cold when her objectives are not reached.

Origins: Semele is the product of generations of selective breeding. This was the traditional way that the Illuminati created exceptional candidates for leadership. The process was arduous. Detailed records of family lines and character traits were kept. As time progressed surrogates were used to increase the number of “perfect” candidates. This was how Semele came into being. Semele and her fifteen brothers and sisters were born on the same day. They were trained and educated together. Upon their sixteenth birthdays, a tournament was held. The siblings would fight to the death with the lone survivor being put forth as a Illuminati leadership candidate. Semele was the victor. Her reward for slaying those closest to her? A slot in another tournament of sixteen.

Semele trials and tribulations forged her into exceptional leader. They also gave her an interesting dichotomy of personality. She could be friendly, encouraging, and understanding. Boosting the moral of her followers and in an instant become cold, clinical, and merciless when presented with abject failure.

She ruled over the Illuminati for 18 years. During the first year of her reign the prophesied child was born. The child of red and blue, wielder of both fire and ice. He was to lead their organization to true glory. Semele took Gill, the child of prophesy, and his hot headed brother Urien under her wing. She trained and educated them both. Upon Gill’s eighteenth birthday she ordered him to fight his brother for the right to lead the Illuminati. Gill was victorious. Unlike Semele, Gill did not put down his rival as was their custom. He spared Urien. Semele disagreed with his decision. She thought it would sow unrest in the organization. She was right. Urien has continually plotted against his brother. After a decade of this chaos, Semele has decided she’s had enough. She would bring Urien to heel and lead this organization the way it was meant to be.

Her Rival: Urien

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 5 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 5
1000 Stamina 1000 Stun


Palm of Eos -LP+K: Semele grabs her opponent by the face, lifts them off the ground, and creates a small explosion of light energy from her palm that sends them hurtling away. 140 Damage/150 Stun

Light of Selene – B+LP+LK: Semele uses a firemans’ carry to toss her foe behind her. As they hit the ground, Semele hits them with a glowing elbow drop. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Dawn of Hemera – (In Air) LP+LK: Semele grabs her opponent by the face and drives them head first into the ground creating an explosion of light on impact. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Fall of Coeus – (In Air) B+LP+LK: Semele grabs her foe out of the air, throw them to the ground, and drops a glowing knee on their head. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Judgement of Hera – B+MP: (Overjead) Semele hops forward while pulling both of her arms behind her head. She then slams them down together with double axe blow to her opponent’s head. 25F Startup, 80 Damage/150 Stun -2 on Block. Boss Version (18F Startup)

Ouranos’ Dory– F+HP: Semele strikes with a long reaching upward right punch. Can anti air far jump in attacks. Ineffective against closer jumps and cross up jumps.

Iapetus’ Xyston - F+MK: Semele hits her opponent with a powerful long reaching low left kick that knocks them off their feet.

Justice of Themis – F+HP, F+MK (Target Combo): Semele pummels her opponent with a two hit, righ punch, low left kick combination that knocks her oppoent down.


Bulwark of Hephaestus – F+KKK: Semele strikes with a quick shoulder charge that causes her foe to stagger backwards but leaves them standing.


Light of Apollo -MP+MK: Semele emits a beam of light from the blue gem in her forehead. The bolt travels downward at a 30°. Attack can be charged. Attack must be blocked low at full screen.

  • Uncharged version - knocks down her opponent. 16F Startup, 48 Total Frames, 50 Damage/100 Stun
  • Charged version – explodes on impact causing a juggle state. 24F Startup, 60 Total Frames, 80 Damage/150 Stun
  • Boss version – Uncharged version gains the properties of the charged version. No Charged Version.

V-Trigger 1:

Phalanx of Light -HP+HK: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Semele body becomes hard as a diamond as she surrounds it with shield of white light. Opponents attacks are scaled to 70% damage on the first hit. Stun Damage received is cut by 50%. V-Trigger duration 1600F. Absorbed attacks, Medium or Heavy, reduced her V-Gauge by 200F. Light attacks do not reduced her V-Gauge. (Boss Version V-Trigger is permanent)
3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Redux of Fate -HP+HK: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Semele’s body emits a soft golden aura of light. She gains the ability to intercept her opponents final blow and instant recover from her injuries. HP+HK has to be entered to intercept the attack. Attack converts EX gauge into to stamina. Semele gains 100 stamina per block of EX Gauge. Allowing her to recover up to 300 Stamina. (Boss Version 250 Stamina per block of EX, Max Recovery of 750). V-Trigger Gauge disappears for the rest of the round after a successful attempt
3-Bar V-Trigger


Burning Aether - QCF + P: Semele performs a left open palm strike that creates a large stationary sphere of light energy. The properties are determined by the strength punch. All versions knock down. LP (12F Startup 40 Total Frames, 3 Hits 90 Damage/120 Stun) MP (16F Startup 42 Total Frames, 4 Hits 120 Damage/150 Stun) HP(20F Startup 42 Total Frames, 5 Hits 150 Damage/150 Stun) EX(12F Startup 40 Total Frames, 5 Hits 150 Damage/150 Stun, Travels Full Screen, Causes Juggle State) Boss Version (All versions travel full screen. EX 6 Hits 180 Damage/200 Stun Causes Juggle State)

Star of Asteria – QCF + P: (In Air) Semele jumps into the air, punches downward at an angle violently, and generates a star of light that rains down on her opponent. Attack must be performed from a forward jump. The punch button determines the angle of the projectile. LP, MP, HP versions have 11F Startup and 11F Landing Recovery 70 Damage/100 Stun. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). EX 7F Startup/7F Landing Recovery(LP+MP 60° Angle, LP+HP 45° Angle, MP+HP 30° Angle, 2 hits, causes a juggle state) Boss Version (Star of Asteria can be performed from neutral and back jumps)

Hyperion’s Bindings – HCB+P: (Command Grab) Semele grabs her opponent by the throat with her left hand. As she lifts them off the ground and over her head, three rings of light are generated that trap and bind her opponent. She slams her opponent into the ground causes the rings of light to explode. All versions have 6F Startup and do 4 Hits. Punch Button determines Damage and grab range. LP(Most Range, 160 Damage/200 Stun, MP(Less Range, 180 Damage/200 Stun), HP(Least Range, 200 Damage/200 Stun) EX(Throw Invincible Frame 1, 5F Startup, Most Range, 220 Damage/250 Stun) Boss Version (All versions are Throw Invincible Frame 1, EX 250 Damage/300 Stun)

Buskin of Helios - HCF+K: Semele’s entire lower leg glows with light as she strikes her foe with standing 360° back kick. All versions knock down. All versions doe not hit crouching opponents. All versions -8 on block. Stronger kick buttons slightly increase it’s forward range. LK (9F Startup 80 Damage/150 Stun) MK (14F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun) HK (16F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun) EX(9F Startup 110 Damage/150 Stun, Causes Wall Bounce) Boss Version (LK,MK, HK -2 on Block, EX +2 on Block)

Rolling Heel of Theia – HCB+K – Semele ignites her right heel with light energy as performs front somersault kick. The number of somersaults and forward travel distance are determined by the kick button pressed. LK (9F Startup 80 Damage/150 Stun, 1 Hit, ¼ Screen), MK(12F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun, 2 Hits, ½ Screen), HK(15F Startup 120 Damage/150 Stun, 3 hits, ¾ Screen), EX (9F Startup 160 Damage/200 Stun, 4 hits, ¾ Screen, Armor on Frame 3) Boss Version (LK,MK,HK Startup reduced by 2F, EX Armor on Frame 1)

Critical Art:

Rage of Perses - QCFx2+P: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Semele twists her torso back 180°, pulling back her right arm. The entirety of her right forearm begins to glow, emitting a bright white light. With blinding speed she strikes the base of her foes sternum with a blow said to contain the strength of the entire Greek Pantheon. The impact of the punch creates a massive shock wave upon impact and a large white ki blast that resembles a spear shoots through her opponents chest. 2 Hits 360 Damage (Boss version 2 Hits 500 Damage)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Semele has had enough of Urien’s brazen machinations. She is dissatisfied that Gill’s sentimentality is preventing him from what needs to be done. She absconds the leadership of the Illuminati. Three quarters of the organization quickly pledges loyalty to her with no resistance. Semele calls together a world tournament of her own. She will draw all of her rivals to one place. Semele will then garner their loyalty or crush them once and for all.

Win Quotes:

  • Ryu “My honor guard has a place for you. Swear fealty or welcome the afterlife.”
  • Chun Li “I am the true authority here. Your laws have no jurisdiction over me.”
  • Nash “Your life is fleeting. Ending you will be a mercy.”
  • M.Bison “Darkness is no match for my light. This is your end. Your tricks will not grant you a second chance fiend.”
  • Cammy “Indomitable will and the speed to match. I can help to achieve the order you desire. Join me.”
  • Birdie “A gluttonous fool unworthy of my time. Enjoy your eternal slumber.”
  • Ken “Fighting for family is an honorable endeavor. The Masters’ Corporation will be a key cog of my revolution.”
  • Necalli “Devouring souls will not grant you one of your own. The dark path you are on has reached its end.”
  • Vega “Exterior beauty and internal ugliness is a combination I take joy in exterminating.”
  • R.Mika “This ‘Master Zangief’ is a poor tutor. Sleep. He will meet you shortly.”
  • Rashid “The winds you wield are a mere breeze to me.”
  • Karin “A child playing at war, your narcissism was your demise. Your zaibatsu is now mine.”
  • Zangief “So you are the great ‘Master Zangief’? I send you to Elysium to greet your student.”
  • Laura “A family of lighting warriors would be of great use to me. Kneel, swear fealty, and your family will be spared.”
  • Dhalsim “Is this ability of yours genetic or learned? It could have interesting applications.”
  • F.A.N.G. “My mastery over the 66 Secrets Arts makes me immune to your toxins. Smile, you are the second of your order to fall by hand.”
  • Alex “So, you are the prime candidate for recruitment? The novice abilities you currently possess belies your potential strength. I shall rebuild you from the ground up.”
  • Guile “Go home soldier. Spend the little time you have left with your family.”
  • Ibuki “If your level of discipline is indicative of your clan. I shall make eliminating them a top priority.”
  • Balrog “Money has no place in my new world and neither do you.”
  • Juri “An agent of chaos is unworthy of mercy. Say hello to your parents, you shall see them soon.”
  • Urien “I am not as merciful as your brother. Your sentence is execution and I shall carry out the sentence.”
  • Akuma “I have met many warriors like you in my time. I shall give you the death in single combat that you so desires”
  • Kolin “Your loyal service to the child of prophesy is to be admired. Come child there is more work yet to do.”
  • Ed “Poor child. You lack direction. I shall give it to you.”
  • Abigail “Such titanic strength wasted on one so stupid. Your dissection may lead to the development of an intelligent warrior of great strength. “
  • Menat “The talent you possess can be useful if honed. I will oversee your reeducation myself.”
  • Zeku “Such rare skill. You are to be admired. I think I shall employ this organization of yours.”
  • Sakura “You have developed this talents on your own. Impressive. You will be a great soldier for me with formal training.”
  • Blanka “Hmm…I mistook you for one of Urien’s experiments. No matter, you will make a great subject for study.”
  • Falke “Great discipline and an affinity for order? Come child, your home is with me.”
  • Cody “is the Mayor of Metro City always a great combatant? I could make use of your unorthodox tactics and great strength. Come, join me.”
  • G “I am the one and only ruler of this world. Gaea was mistaken to have choosen you as her herald.”
  • Sagat “I have no patience for false monarchs. Seems I will have to euthanize this tiger.”
  • Kage “Begone shadow. You cannot exist in the presence of my light.”


  • Semele was the only mortal to birth a god in Greek Mythology
  • Imperatrix is the Roman equivalent of the word Empress. Imperator is the equivalent of Emperor
  • Cypriots are residents of Cyprus and can be of Greek or Turkish origin
  • Dory is an Ancient Greek spear
  • Xyston is an Ancient Greet javelin
  • Doric Chiton is Ancient Greek robe that is full body in length, sleeveless, and typically folds at the waist
  • Buskins are laced, opened toes boots worn by Greek and Romans
  • Aether is the primordial Greek God of upper air and light
  • Apollo is the Greek God of Light, Healing and is associated with the Sun
  • Asteria is the Titan of Oracles and Falling Stars
  • Coeus is the Titan of Intelligence and the axis of Heaven
  • Eos is the Titan of the dawn
  • Helios is the Titan of the Sun and also the guardian of oaths
  • Hemera is the primordial Greek Goddess of daylight
  • Hephaestus is the Greek God of Fire and the Forge
  • Hera is the Queen of the Heavens
  • Hyperion is the Titan of Light
  • Iapetus is the Titan of Morality
  • Ouranos is the primordial God of the Heavens and father of the Titans
  • Perses is the Titan of Peace and Destruction
  • Selene is the Titan of the Moon
  • Theia is the Titan of Sight and the light of the sky
  • Themis is the Titan of Order and Divine Law
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Love the job you did on Semele. I can tell you put in a lot of effort with all that research.

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I need a new hobby…

Name: Setsu


Name: Setsu (Stealth)

Nickname: Daigaku Shinobi (University Ninja)

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 9in (1.75m)

Weight: 176lbs (80kg)

B/W/H: 44-33-34 (111cm-84cm-87cm)

Hometown: Naha, Japan

Appearance: Setsu has medium length dark brown hair that is parted in the middle and comes down to his chin. His eyes are brown. Setsu has a yellow bandana tied around his neck. He wears a back mesh shirt on his torso. Setsu has leather dark brown fingerless gloves on each have. There is four point shuriken logo on the back of each glove. He has a thick dark brown band around his waist. Setsu has baggy beige ninja dogi pants on his legs. The pants come just past his knees. His shins are wrapped in dark brown cloth. Setsu has dark brown jika-tabi (split toe Ninja shoes) on his feet. His jika-tabi are ankle length but the top half of them are covered by his cloth shin wraps.

Likes: Ninja Training, Challenging Missions, Rafute (Okinawan Pork Rib Dish)

Dislikes: Dereliction of Duty, Lollygagging

Fighting Style: Muhi Ninjutsu (Peerless Ninjutsu)

Tone: Setsu is a serious young man whose chief focus is on his ninjitsu training

Origins: Setsu is originally from Naha city in Okinawa. When he was twelves years old, his parents were killed. Itsuo, a rogue member of the Glade of Ninja’s, was attempting to evade capture and caused their car to crash into a tree. Itsuo was also killed in the accident. Hyousuke, the ninja pursuing the rogue, took Setsu in. If the rogue hadn’t escaped him, Setsu’s parents would still be alive.

Setsu bore no grudge toward Hyousuke. He appreciated that a stranger would take him in and treat like family. To honor Hyousuke, Setsu became a very diligent student of Ninjitsu. He was already twelve and had a lot of ground to cover to catch up with the other boys his age. Setsu lived, ate, and breathed to ninjutsu. Hyousuke would have to force him to take breaks. He’d often discover that Setsu was training on his breaks. Setsu quickly ascended to the top of his class. “Muhi Shinobi” is what those that envied him call him. They meant it as an insult, but Setsu wore the moniker with pride.

Hyousuke, determined to broaden Setsu’s horizons, sent him off to Sarusuberi University. He had hoped that exposure to people his own age from outside the clan, would help him learn to relax and gain some hobbies. Upon reaching Sarusuberi University, the first thing Setsu did was form his own ninjutsu club. Hyousuke could only shake his head and chuckle.

His Rival: Zeku

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 3 Range: 2 Mobility: 5 Technique: 4

950 stamina 950 stun


Kage Tosu (Shadow Toss) – LP+LK: Setsu executes a right hand chop to the abdomen, passes through his opponent, immediately grabs them by the neck with his right hand, inner right thigh with his left hand, picks them up overhead, and slams them on their head. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Shinkiro Oda (Mirage Strike) – B+LP+LK: Setsu executes a right hand chop to the abdomen, passes through his opponent, and immediately strikes them with a left back fist that lands between their shoulder blades. 140 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Zaimoku Bunkatsu (Lumber Splitter) – F+MP: (Overhead) Setsu hops forward, flip once, and strikes his adversary with an left overhead chop. 27F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block

Baizou Suirasu (Double Slice) – B+HP: Setsu pulls back both of his arms and strikes with a simultaneous horizontal double chop. 12F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on Hit, +2 on Block

Kenshi Soukon (Swordsman Scar) - F+MK: (Overhead) Setsu spins 360° as hits his opponent with an overhead left axe kick. 22F Startup, 60 Damage/100 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

Kuuchu Saku (Air Cleave) – B+HK: Setsu hits his opponent with a jumping high kick. Anti Air, 7F Startup, 90 Damage/120 Stun


Hibakufu (Fire Blast) – F+PPP : Setsu grabs his opponent’s right wrist with his left hand, pulls them towards him, and blows them away with a small firey explosion of ki.


Subayai Zenshin (Swift Advance) – MP+MK: Setsu quickly advances towards his opponent with one of three movement options. Each option can be canceled into a normal attack.

  • Bakushin (Rush) MP+MK: Setsu glides quickly towards his opponent with a dash. Dash passes through opponent at point blank range. Has no invincibility.

  • Suberu (Slide) – D+MP+MK: Setsu assumes a low stance and glides towards his opponent. Becomes projectile invulnerable frame 3.

  • Chikuden (Flight) – F+MP+MK: Setsu dashes upward at a 45° angle. Dash passes through opponent at point blank range. Has no invincibility.

V-Trigger 1:

Suterusu Idoudo (Stealth Mobility) – HP+HK: Setsu’s mobility is increase substantially. Granting him faster, walk speed, faster dashes, jumps, buffs to his V-Skill, and two new movement options.

  • Forward Walk Speed is increased from 5.2 to 5.5

  • Backward Walk Speed is increased from 3.9 to 4.5

  • Forward Dash Frames Reduced from 16F to 15F

  • Backward Dash Frames Reduced from 22F to 21F

  • Total Jump Frames Reduced from 40F to 38F

  • Bakushin gains Throw Invincibility Frame 1 and Projectile Invincibility Frame 3. Costs 500F of V-Gauge

  • Suberu can now pass through opponent’s at point black range. Costs 500F of V-Gauge

  • Chikuden Total Frames Reduced From 55F to 51F. Costs 250F of V-Gauge

  • Gains new V-Skill movement option Touhi (Evasion) performed inputting B+MP+MK, half distance back dash that is Projectile Invincible Frame 1 and Strike Invincible Frame 3. Costs 750F of V-Gauge

  • Gains new movement option, Kazeninoru (Wind Rider) by inputting Down before entering the jump command. This is a high jump. Total Frames are 45F

Total V-Trigger Duration is 3000F

3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Inkaten (Flash Point) – HP+HK: Upon activation, Setsu pulls his right arm overhead and chops the ground violently creating waste high flame of ki that travels along the ground and carries his for towards the corner. Attack will OTG if opponent does not quick rise. 14F Startup 160 Damage/300 Stun. Opponent is placed into a juggle state on hit. V-Trigger Duration 2000F V-Trigger Duration. Setsu can activate two additional Inkatens after the initial activation. Each activation, post initial activation, costs 1000F.

2 Bar V-Trigger


Kubi Ori (Neck Breaker) – QCF+P, Setsu slides towards his opponent in a crouching position. Upon contact, he flips behind his foe and twists their head causing them to spin briefly in the air before falling back to earth. Punch button determines the distance traveled. Gains projectile invincibility on frame 3. All versions do 140 Damage/200 Stun. LP (¼ Screen), MP (½ Screen), HP (¾ Screen), EX (¾ Screen, 180 Damage/250 Stun, Frame 1 Projectile Invincibility)

Hishou Kada (Soaring Fire Strike) – QCF+P: (Aerial Command Grab) From a forward jump, Setsu grabs his opponent’s right wrist with his left hand, pulls them towards him, places his right palm to their chest, and releases an explosion of ki energy that sets his opponent ablaze. All versions have 4F Startup. Punch button determines grab range. LP (130 Damage/200 Stun, Most Range), MP(145 Damage/200 Stun, Less Range) HP (160 Damage/200 Stun, Least Range) EX (3F Start Up, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Most Range, Causes Juggle State)

Ryoubanoken (Double Edged Sword) – QCB+P: Setsu glides towards his foe striking them with a slicing left chop to the abdomen followed by a spinning back chop to the throat. Punch button determines the distance traveled. HP and EX versions “slices through” his opponent during spinning back chop causing a side switch. LP (¼ Screen, 120 Damage/150 Stun), MP (½ Screen, 135 Damage/150 Stun), HP (¾ Screen, 150 Damage/150 Stun), EX (¾ Screen, 165 Damage/200 Stun, Causes Juggle State at Point Black Range Only )

Uzushio (Whirling Tides) – QCB+K: Setsu hits his opponent with two quick spinning back kicks in succession. This can be followed up with one of two enders. Setsu’s version of Ibuki’s Tsumuji (Spin Kicks)

  • K - Setsu strikes with a spinning back kick that is identical to the first two strikes, Attack leaves his foe standing.

  • D+K – Setsu strikes with a spinning back sweep that knocks down the opponent.

LK( Standing Ender, 120 Damage/150 Stun, Sweep Ender 100 Damage/120 Stun), MK( Standing Ender, 135 Damage/150 Stun, Sweep Ender 120 Damage/120 Stun), HK( Standing Ender, 150 Damage/180 Stun, Sweep Ender 135 Damage/150 Stun), EX( Gains Armor Frame 3, Standing Ender, 150 Damage/150 Stun, Sweep Ender 135 Damage/150 Stun)

Hien (Flying Swallow) – F,D,DF+K : Setsu jumps forward, flips once, and lands both of his feet on the opponent’s face. He then rapidly stumps on their face before backflipping away from them. Attack leaves the opponent standing. Kick button determines travel distance. Must be blocked high. All versions do 120 Damage/150 Stun. LK (30F Startup, ¼ Screen), MP (33F Startup, ½ Screen), HP (36F Startup, ¾ Screen), EX (32F Startup, Hold Back ¼ Screen, Neutral ½ Screen, Hold Forward ¾ Screen, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Causes Hard Knock Down)

Critical Art:

Rekka Bakuhatsu (Raging Fire Explosion) – QCFx2+P: Setsu strikes his opponent in the stomach with a powerful right punch that creates a large fiery sphere of ki that engulfs them both but sets only his foe ablaze. He then hits his foe with spinning back fist to the sternum that creates a shock wave upon impact before igniting his foe in flame and blowing them away. 10 Hits 340 Damage (1x100, 4x10, 1x120, 4x20)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Setsu has been a “big fish” in small pond for sometime now. He wishes to find out how strong he truly is. He has heard rumors that the 38th Grandmaster of Bushinryu is in the tournament. A fight with him would show how strong he has become and how far he needs to go.


Unable to defeat Zeku, Setsu returns to Sarusuberi University to ponder the offer to join Zeku’s “Striders”. When he returns, he has found that the membership of his ninja club has skyrocketed. Almost all of the new members are girls, Setsu assumes they all joined up to learn self defense. An honorable endeavor, but he is completely oblivious to their true motives. One member in particular always remains close by him, she 's already a skilled ninja in her own right. Setsu is delighted to find an advanced training partner. Ibuki is mortified that club with the “hot guy” turned out to be a ninjutsu club. “Not Again!!” she yells as a confused Setsu looks on.


Setsu fights in front of Shuri Castle


I literally got bored and decided to turn the random Ninja from Ibuki’s Third Strike ending into a character. Lord help me.

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Name: Xia Shu


Nickname: Fiery Flower of Justice

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Height: 5ft 7in (1.70m)

Weight: 139lbs (63kg)

B/W/H: 35-22-35 (89cm-56cm-89cm)

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan (Republic of China)

Appearance: Xia Shu has short slicked black hair. Her eyes are a very light shade of brown. Xia Shu wears no makeup or jewelry. She wears a traditional tai chi uniform that covers her whole body with the exception of her head, hands, and feet. The uniform top is red with seven blue buttons running down the center fastening it together. Her collar is white as is the trim that runs from the bottom button and around her waist. The cuffs around her wrists are blue. Xia Shu’s pants are red with the exception of the ankle area which is blue. Her socks are white and her traditional slip on tai chi slippers are blue. Despite her conservative clothing, her well built physique and figure are obvious.

Likes: Justice, Solving Mysteries, Reading

Dislikes: Girly Things, Being Coddled

Fighting Style: Tai Ji Quan

Tone: Xia Shu is confident and tomboyish. Despite her fiery ki, she has a cool demeanor

Origins: Zhou Xia Shu is the youngest child of Zhou Jian. Jian was the partner of Dorai (Chun Li’s father). On their first day as partners, Dorai saved his life. He named his son, Xia Shu’s older brother, after Dorai as a sign of respect. Despite sharing his name Tong Mao (Dorai pronounced in Traditional Chinese), didn’t have a desire for law enforcement. That passion was passed onto his sister.

As a young girl, Xia Shu was near obsessed with becoming a police detective like her father. Jian was very hesistant to let his daughter follow in his footsteps. Dorai’s disappearance haunted him. He feared what would happen to Xia Shu if she crossed a powerful organization like Shadaloo. Jian tried to use martial arts as a distraction. Xia Shu was very good. Better than her father by the time she was 12, although he’d never admit it. While martial arts training actually helped her build a tight bond with her brother, it did not distract her from her dream. Hoping she’d find another interest, Jian sent Xia Shu to a college in Japan, Sarusuberi University was in a low crime area and away from the city. It seemed perfect to Jian.

Xia Shu is in her fourth year at Sarusuberi University. Her passion for justice still remained. Jian’s attempt to divert her down another path was unsuccessful. She formed her own “Detective Club”. While it was not a the most popular club, her unofficial “police force” became more adept at solving crimes than local law enforcement. One of her most talented members, Setsu, had his own martial arts club. Training with him allowed her improve her skills instead of just keeping them sharp. Although she’s notice an unusual uptick in his clubs membership…

Her Rival: Chun Li

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 3 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 3

950 stamina 950 stun


Kageki Shu (Fire Striking Kick) – LP+LK: Xia Shu grabs her foe and uses her right leg to springboard into the air off her adversary’s left thigh, as she rises into the air kicks her foes in the head with a left high kick and once she is above their head stomp them head first into the ground with her right leg. She springs backward upon impact to keep her foe in front of her. 130 Damage/150 Stun

Nisokyaku (Twin Talon Leg) – B+LP+LK: Xia Shu grabs her opponent, falls backward into a two arm handstand while placing both her feet into their chest, kicks them up into the air, jumps above them, and sends them crashing to the ground with a double stomp to the lower back. She springs forward upon impact of the stomp leaving her behind her opponent. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Sanbai Kushu (Three Fold Air Raid) – LP+LK: (In Air) Xia Shu grabs her in air, springboards above, them and triple stomps her adversary’s head into the ground. The final stomp lands just has her opponent’s head hits the ground. 120 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Funkasho (Eruption Palm) – B+HP: Xia Shu strikes upward at a 70° Angle with right palm strike. 8F Startup, 80 Damage/120 Stun, Anti Air, Causes Juggple, -7 on Block

Futtensho (Boiling Point Palm) - F+HP: Xia Shu hops forward and strikes her foe into the face with a right open palm strike. Attack goes over low attacks. Does not hit overhead. 8F Startup, 80 Damage/150 Stun, +1 on Hit, -2 on Block

Shosokutenkyaku (Soaring Cartwheel Leg) – F+MP : (Overhead) Xia Shu cartwheels forward, springs into the air, and strikes her foe with a wheel kick. 28F Startup 70 Damage/100 Stun +3 on Hit, -2 on Block, Airborne 18F to 29F


Kaitennikyaku (Rotating Twin Leg) – F+KKK: Xia Shu performs single arm handstand into an inverted rotating split kick. V-Reversal hits twice and knocks down the opponent.


Kikofunka (Spirit Cultivation Eruption) – MP+MK: Xia Shu pulls back her arms over her head and strikes with double palm strike. The strike creates a fiery point blank ki blast. The attack can be charged.

  • Uncharged – 16F Startup, 2 hits, 70 Damage/100 Stun, +1 on Hit, - 6 on Block, nullifies non EX projectiles, Leaves foes standing
  • Charged – 25F Startup 4 hits 120 Damage/200 Stun, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block, reflects non EX projectiles, nullifies EX projectiles.

V-Trigger 1:

Enten No Ken (Fist of Blazing Heat) – HP+HK: Xia Shu’s hands glow orange and a persistent aura of flaming ki spirals up from her wrist, around her hands, and extends far beyond her fingers. Damage and range is increased for all of her punch normals and specials. Grey life damage output increased by 50%.

  • Punch normal damage increased . LP (5 Damage/5 Stun), MP (10 Damage/10 Stun), HP (15 Damage/15 Stun)
  • Punch normal range hit boxes extended. One square of the training stage.
  • LP, MP, HP Kikoka – 70 Damage/120 Stun, EX 100 Damage/150 Stun
  • LP Hyakuretsuken 140 Damage/150 Stun +3 on Hit, -4 on Block
  • MP Hyakuretsuken 160 Damage/200 Stun +4 on Hit, -5 on Block
  • HP Hyakuretsuken 180 Damage/210 Stun, Knock Downs, Corner Juggles, -6 on Block
  • EX Hyakuretsuken 180 Damage/250 Stun, Launches, -5 on Block
  • 1600F Duration, LP/MP/HP Hyakuretsuken 400F cost, EX Hyakuretsuken 800F cost.

2-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Yogan-Shitsu (Magma Chamber) – HP+HK: Xia Shu focuses her ki mastery enhancing the abilities of the Kikofunka and Kikoka.

  • Uncharged – 14F Startup, 3 hits, 90 Damage/120 Stun, +3 on Hit, - 4 on Block, nullifies EX projectiles, reflects standard projectiles. Leaves foes standing
  • Charged – 22F Startup 5 hits 150 Damage/200 Stun, +5 on Hit, +1 on Block, reflects standard and EX projectiles, nullifies V-Trigger and Critical Art projectiles.
  • LP Kikoka -12F Startup, 45 Total Frames
  • MP Kikoka – 14F Startup, 44 Total Frames
  • HP Kikoka – 16F Startup, 42 Total Frames
  • EX Kikoka – 12F Startup, 38 Total Frames, LP+MP Slow, LP+HP Slower, MP+HP Slowest, LP+MP+HP Fast

3-Bar V-Trigger


Kikoka (Spirit Cultivation Flame) – QCF+P: Xia Shu twist back her torso °180, thrusts her left arm forward with an open palm, and generates a fiery slow moving projectile. Punch button determines travel speed. All Versions 60 Damage/100 Stun. LP (13F Startup, 46 Total Frames, Slow), MP (15F Startup, 45 Total Frames, Slower) HP (17F Startup, 43 Total Frames, Slowest) EX (13F Startup, 39 Total Frames, Fast, 90 Damage/120 Stun)

Hyakuretsuken (Hundred Rending Fist) – QCB+P: Xia Shu glides forward striking her opponent with a heavy right palm strike which stuns them. She then hits them with a blinding barrage of left palm strikes barely visible to the eye. All versions leave the opponent standing. LP(12F Startup, 12 Hits, 120 Damage/150 Stun, +2 on Hit, -5 on Block) MP(14F Startup, 14 Hits, 140 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on Hit, -6 on Block), HP(16F Startup, 16 Hits, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -7 on Block) EX(12F Startup, 16 Hits, 160 Damage/250 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block)

Hakazanshu (Supreme Volcano Kick) – QCB+K: Xia Shu hits her adversary with acrobatic kick combination. She strikes with a front flip kick combination that ends in a front somersault into full split kick. Kick pressed changes attack properties. Light version is a single front flip into front flip split kick. Medium is a two front flip kicks into a front split kick combo. Heavy is a triple front flip kick into flaming front split kick combo. EX travels in a half circle arc and the final kick sets her opponent ablaze. LK (5F Startup, 2 Hits, 70 Damage/120 Stun), MK(10F Startup, 3 Hits, 110 Damage/150 Stun), HK (15F Startup, 4 Hits, 150 Damage/200 Stun), EX(8F Startup, 5 Hits, 160 Damage/200 Stun)

Enkaikyaku (Smoking Ash Leg) – QCB+K: (In Air) Xia Shu performs a front left full split kick from a forward jump. Her left leg glows orange from knee down and emits smoke during the attack. LK (10F Startup, 80 Damage/120 Stun), MK (12F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun), HK (14F Startup, 130 Damage/150 Stun) EX (14F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun)

Funkazankyaku (Erupting Volcano Legs) – F,D,DF+K (Anti Air) Xia Shu rises into the air with a rapidly spinning vertical kick. Both of her legs glow orange from the knee down and emit smoke from her feet. All versions have 7F Startup. All versions do 5 Hits 150 Damage/150 Stun. The Kick button pressed determines the angle of ascent. LK (75° Ascent Angle, Invincible to Airborne Attacks) MK (65° Ascent Angle, Invincible to Airborne Attacks) HK (55° Ascent Angle, Invincible to Airborne Attacks) EX (6F Startup, 6 Hits, 55° Ascent Angle, Full Invincibility 180 Damage/200 Stun)

Critical Art:

Kikorekka (Spirit Cultivation Raging Fire) – QCFx2+P: Xia Shu pulls back her arms over her head and strikes with double palm strike. Upon impact the strike creates a massive orb of flaming ki that envelopes Xia Shu and her adversary. The orb starts to constrict, implodes, and then explodes sending her smoke engulfed opponent flying away from her. 22 Hits 340 Damage (1x70, 20x10, 1x70)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Xia Shu’s entry into the world martial arts tournament is pure accident. Several members of Setsu’s club became concerned over his disappearance. They hired Xia Shu to find him. Xia Shu was happy for the challenge. He’s hard to find when on campus when he doesn’t want to be found. All the clues lead Xia Shu to the world martial arts tournament. Security balked at letting her in without a formal invite. Xia Shu made quick work of some pink gi wearing loud mouth, and used his invitation to enter the tournament.


  • Xia Shu means Summer Beauty
  • Xia Shu speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Fuzhounese, Japanese, and English
  • She and her brother had a contentious relationship until their mother died, they’ve been close ever since.
  • After her mother, Bao, passed away. Her father became over protective.
  • Her brother, Tong Mao, runs a Tai Chi Quan school in Changhua City.
  • When she was in high school, she was nearly mugged while wearing a dress and high heels. The robber almost escaped due to her cumbersome attire and she swore off wearing such things again.


A solid representation of what Ann Hibiki from my concept looks like.



Something I’ve been messing around with for a while. I took some liberties with the SCV representation of her, it’s not exact to her description.



Name: Vaite (means Soul or Spirit)

Nickname: Dark Golden Mystery

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Australian (Melanesian?)

Height: 5ft 10in (1.78m)

Weight: 155lbs (70kg)

B/W/H: 34-26-36 (86cm-66cm-91cm)

Hometown: Cairns City, Queensland, Australia

Appearance: Vaite is a tall athletic young woman with smooth dark brown skin, She has long curly/coarse blonde hair. Vaite’s hair is pulled backward and upward into a large afro puff, Sapphire Blue Eyes. She wears a red, gold, and white short sleeve button up blouse. The sleeves, upper chest, and shoulders are white. Her collar is red with gold trim. Gold trim also encircles her upper chest and waist line. In between the gold trim, her blouse is red, and fastened together by nine circular gold buttons. Vaite has on red shorts that come down to the middle of her thighs. Each leg opening is encircled by gold trim. She has knee high white boots on her feet gold laces and soles. On her arms, she sports fingerless forearm length white gloves. Gold trim encircles the forearm end of each glove

Likes: Netball, Helping Others, Generosity, Nature

Dislikes: Resorting to Violence, Notoriety

Fighting Style: Secret Society CQC/Shadoloo Assassination Techniques

Tone: Vaite is a benevolent woman and reluctant fighter.

Origins: Vaite’s true origins are unknown. She washed up on the shores of Cape York near Bamaga, Australia a decade ago. Vaite was found by two foreign nationals. A middle aged couple living under false Australian identities. The couples appearance, the man, Andreas, was a blonde hair blue eyed Caucasian and the woman, Yasmin, was of African descent with dark brown skin, allowed Vaite to pass as their natural born daughter. The couple couldn’t have children of their own, in a cruel twist of fate both of them were infertile, and adoption could potentially expose their true identities. Vaite was a godsend.

Andreas and Yasmin knew there was something odd about Vaite. Vaite couldn’t remember anything. She wasn’t even sure if “Vaite” was her name. Her only memory is vague recollection on an elderly Melanesian couple pointing at her and yelling “Vaite!” She knew several languages. Despite being, from what they could tell, ten years old she was the same size as Yasmin. She was skilled in a martial art neither of them had seen in their extensive travels and capable of beating both of them in single combat. Although Andreas insisted that he was “letting” her win. Vaite smart. She picked up German and Somali from her parents without direct instruction.

Yasmin and Andreas began to wonder if she was one of their former employers projects. They both had seen such projects before and it was explain her exceptionalism. However, Vaite aged normally, she didn’t rapidly grow into adulthood. Her power, while strong, was not the dark energy that was often wielded by their prior organizations assassins. If she had been sent to kill them, they’d already be did. In fact, Vaite avoided using her strength if possible. Only baring it to aid in the defense of others.

Over the next decade, Vaite grew into a vibrant young woman. She graduated college at only 14 years of age. Her achievements began to garner wider attention. She could see that her growing prominence caused her parents concern. They had never told her of their former line of work but she’d figured that out shortly after being taken in by them. Vaite would forego any athletic or intellectual pursuits that draw too much attention. She thought that would keep them safe. However a hit squad of a half dozen elite operatives struck her family in the middle of the night. She easily took them down. Her parents though operatives were there for them. The data they recovered from the assailants proved other wise. All of their intel was on Vaite. They had come for her.

Her Rival: Urien

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 4 Range: 2 Mobility: 4 Technique: 4

975 stamina 1050 stun


Azure Crush - LP+LK: Vaite strikes with a right uppercut to her opponents abdomen with great force lifting them off the ground, she then jumps into the air, and send them crashing other ground with aerial left overhead punch. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Golden Smash - B+LP+LK: Vaite strikes with a right uppercut to her opponents abdomen with such force that they remain doubled over her right as she lefts them overhead and slams them behind her. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Golden Sun - LP+LK: (In Air): Vaite strikes with a left uppercut to her opponents abdomen from a forward jump that lifts them over her head, she the palms her opponents face with her right hand, and drives them into ground back of the head first. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Concussive Enlightenment – DF+HP: (Overhead) Vaite hops forward into the air while pulling her left arm back. As she lands she slams her left elbow on top of her foes head. 23F Startup 70 Damage/100 Stun, +1 on Hit, -6 on Block

Solar Ray – B+MP: Vaite hits her adversary with a upward striking straight left punch to the face. +2 on Hit, -2 on Block. 60 Damage/100 Stun

Lunar Ray – B+LK: Vaite strikes her foe with a spinning back low kick to the knee. Leaves opponent standing. +3 on Hit, +1 on Block. 40 Damage/70 Stun

Sunshine Swing – B+MP, MP, HP, B+HP: Vaite strikes with a left strait punch to the face, right overhead punch to the abdomen, left hooking punch to the face, and right spinning backfist to the head. Leaves foe standing. +1 on Hit, -4 on Block. 100 Damage/200 Stun.

Moonlight Waltz – B+LK, LK, MK, HK: Vaite strikes with left spinning back low kick to knee, right back high kick to the head, left roundhouse kick to the head, and knocks them down with a jumping 360° right kick to the face. -6 on Block. 120 Damage/150 Stun


Aura Clash – F+PPP: Vaite pulls both of her arms back, creating a golden aura with her right hand and azure glow around her left hand. She slams her hands together generating an azure and gold explosion of light that knocks her opponent off their feet.


Light Explosion – MP+MK: Vaite creates an explosion of “Light” energy and ½ screen way. 25F Startup, 50 Total Frames, 50 Damage/100 Stun

  • B+MP+MK – explosion occurs at point blank range

  • F+MP+MK – explosion occurs a ¾ screen away

V-Trigger 1:

Golden Glow – HP+HK: Vaite’s body emits a golden aura, enhancing the properties of severalo of her normal and special attacks. Grants access to a new special attack. Helicoid Ray. Note: The only different between V-Trigger 1 and 2 is the color of her aura and the special move she gains. All other buffs are universal to both triggers.

  • Helicoid Ray – HP+HK: Vaite pulls back her right and then thrust her right fist forward. This generates a golden corkscrewing arrowhead shaped projectile. 17F Startup 47 Total Frame 70 Damage/100 Stun

  • All Punch normals are buffed by 10 Stun

  • All Kick normals are buffed by 10 Damage

  • Cr. MK, St. MK and St.HK gain an addition +1 advantage on hit.

  • Concussive Enlightenment startup reduced from 23F to 22F. Damage increased from 70 to 80, Stun from 100 to 120. Advantage on hit increased from +1 to +2

  • Concussive Enlightenment can now be charged 36F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, +6 on Hit

  • All striking special attacks are buffed by 20 Damage

  • HP Golden Ascension gains 30 Stun Damage

  • Helicoid Light startup reduced by 3F for all versions. HP version gains 30 Stun, EX version gains 50 Stun

  • Earth Reunion stun buffed by 10 for all versions

  • Sky Divarication stun increased by 20 for all versions, EX stun is increased by 30

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Azure Aura – HP+HK: Vaite’s body emits a azure glow, enhancing the properties of several of her normal and special attacks. Grants access to a new special attack. Azure Crescent. Note: The only different between V-Trigger 1 and 2 is the color of her aura and the special move she gains. All other buffs are universal to both triggers

  • Azure Crescent – HP+HK: (In Air) From a forward jump, Vaite slices downward with her left hand created a blue crescent moon shaped projectile. 14F Startup 12 Recover Frames after landing. 50 Damage/50 Stun 60° Descent Angle

  • All Punch normals are buffed by 10 Stun

  • All Kick normals are buffed by 10 Damage

  • Cr. MK, St. MK and St.HK gain an addition +1 advantage on hit.

  • Concussive Enlightenment startup reduced from 23F to 22F. Damage increased from 70 to 80, Stun from 100 to 120. Advantage on hit increased from +1 to +2

  • Concussive Enlightenment can now be charged 36F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun, +6 on Hit

  • All striking special attacks are buffed by 20 Damage

  • HP Golden Ascension gains 30 Stun Damage

  • Helicoid Light startup reduced by 3F for all versions. HP version gains 30 Stun, EX version gains 50 Stun

  • Earth Reunion stun buffed by 10 for all versions

  • Sky Divarication stun increased by 20 for all versions, EX stun is increased by 30

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent


Golden Ascension – Charge D,U+P: (Anti Air) Vaite strikes her foe with a left uppercut. Upon contact a golden spire of ki shoots up from the ground beneath her foe, striking them, and launching them away from her. LP (3F Startup, 2 hits, 110 Damage/150 Stun, Throw Invincible Frame 1-3), MP(4F Startup, 3 hits, 130 Damage/150 Stun, Invincible to Airborne Attacks 1-4), HP (5F Startup, 4 hits, 150 Damage/150 Stun, ), EX (3F Startup, 6hits, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Full Startup Invincibility)

Helicoid Light – HCB+P: Vaite advances toward her opponent, striking them with a straight right punch to the chest. Upon contact, a spiral of golden ki blasts through her foe, sending them spinning away from her. All version gain projectile invincibility frame 6 that last through the active frames. LP(20F Startup, 80 Damage/120 Stun, ¼ Screen) MP(23F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, ½ Screen), HP(26F Startup 120 Damage/120 Stun. ¾ Screen) EX (19F Startup, 150 Damage/150 Stun, ¾ Screen)

Azure Insurrection – QCF+P: (Close Range Melee Attack): Vaite lifts her left arm high over her head as it glows with a blue light and slams it down on her opponent violently. LP(14F Startup, 60 Damage/100 Stun) MP(19F Startup, 80 Damage/100 Stun) HP(23F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun) EX(19F Startup, 120 Damage/150 Stun, Overhead)

Earth Reunion – HCP+K (Command Grab): Vaite kicks her opponent in the abdomen with great force, lifting them overhead on her foot as she rises into the air, and then slams them to the ground with an axe kick. All versions have 7F Startup. Command Grab range determined by the kick button pressed. LK (Most Range 180 Damage/210 Stun), MK(Less Range 190 Damage/220 Stun), HK(Least Range 200 Damage/230 Stun), EX (6F Startup, Throw Invincible, 230 Damage/250 Stun)

Sky Divarication – QCF+K: (In Air): Vaite strikes opponent with an diving double knee bash from a forward jump. All versions leave the opponent standing , have 13F Startup 10F Recovery, and cause 80 damage/100 Stun. -6 on Block. Kick button slightly alters forward trajectory. LK (65° Angle), MK(60°Angle), HK(55° Angle), EX (12F Startup 9F Recovery, 100 Damage/120 Stun, -4 on Block, LK+MK 65° Angle, LK+HK60°Angle, MK+HK 55° Angle)

Critical Art:

Sun & Moon – QCBx2+P: Vaite hurls a large sun shaped projectile at her opponent, that upon impact incinerates them and blows them up into the air. Vaite jumps above her adversary and slices the air with her left,hand generating large blue crescent moon shaped projectile that drives her foe downard. Just before impact, the projectile explodes, and plants her foe into the ground. 9 Hits 330 Damage (3x40, 6x20, 1x90)

V-Trigger Only

Astral Purification – QCBx2+K: Vaite strikes her foe in the sternum with a stunning straight right punch. While they are staggering, Vaite places her left palm under their chin and her right palm to their chest. Vaite sends a surge of golden ki through the foes chest with her right palm engulfing her opponent in golden flames and near instantaneously sends a surge of azure ki through the opponent’s head igniting in blue flames. Vaite’s adversary falls to their knees before collapsing completely. 3 Hits 375 Damage (1x95, 2x140)

Reasons to be in SFV:

The clues hidden within the data discovered by Vaite and her parents pointed to secret organization. A secret society that had ordered her capture and the death of her parents. This information lead to the world martial arts tournament. Vaite would enter the tournament to flush out this organization. Find out why they wanted her, and take them down so she could get back to a normal life with her family.

Side Note:

  • Vaite speaks Bislama, English, French, German, Kriol, and Somali

  • Her adoptive parents are unsure of her true origin.

  • Her adoptive father, Andreas, is 5ft 10in (1.78m), 161lbs (73kg) and from Germany. He has blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.

  • Her adoptive mother, Yasmin is 5ft 5in (1.65m), 122lbs (55kg), and originally from Somalia. She has smooth dark brown skin and thick black coarse/curly hair. She wears her hair in micro braids.

  • The initially though she was Aboriginal Australian due to her use of the Krio language.

  • However her name “Vaite” and use of the Bislama language means she could be from Vanuatu.

  • Her stature, roughly 9 inches (23 cm) taller than a typical woman of Melanesian descent puts her origins further into question.

True Origin:

  • Vaite is actually a genetically enhanced woman of German and Somali descent.

  • Andreas and Yasmin were Shadaloo agents. Vaite learned the Shadaloo Assassination Arts from the two of them.

  • There is a small circular blue gem with a golden diamond shaped core at it’s center implanted in Vaite’s sternum.

Andreas and Yasmin are Vaite’s actual parents. They previously worked for Shadaloo. After frequent collaborations, the pair fell in love. Marrying in secret, Andreas and Yasmin planned to leave Shadaloo and start a family. They were heartbroken to discover that neither of them were able to have children.

During their time at Shadaloo, Andreas and Yasmin were highly successful. This garnered them favor with several members of the organization. On one off the books mission, they retrieved an escaped test subject. They essentially saved the lives of the science team that had allowed the subject to escape. The grateful scientists asked if there was anyway they could repay Andreas and Yasmin. That is when the pair mentioned their desire to have a child.

One scientist in the group, Tanna, said they could give the pair what they desired. She only needed a sample of DNA from both of them. Unfortunately that scientist was an Illuminati double agent. Tanna saw a chance to craft an elite asset for organization and further her position. After she obtained the DNA samples, Tanna didn’t just combine them. She sought to perfect them. Tanna removed any flaws, improved the physical capabilities, and enhanced the intellectual ones as well.

Successfully crafted an infant of exceptional ability, Tana put her plan into effect. She sabotaged the labs, killing the rest of her team. Tana then called Andreas and Yasmin telling them that they all had been discovered. The couple arrived to see the facility to in flames. Thinking Shadaloo was onto to them, they fled the lab. Leaving behind evidence to indicate that they too were killed in the explosion.

Tanna took the child to Vanuatu to enact her plan. Vanuatu is an island archipelago country in the south Pacific Ocean. Vaite’s appearance resembled the native inhabitants of the island. It’s out of the way location limited the chance her treachery would be discovered. Tanna had the child trained and educated for decade. Satisfied with her progress, she booked passage to Australia via boat. From there, she’d fly to the closest Illuminati facility presenting her prize to Lord Urien to gain favor. On the way to Australia, a large typhoon swept through the area sinking the boat. Vaite would wash up on shore a short time later.





Name: Makoto

Nickname: The Compact Titan

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 3in (1.60m)

Weight: 135lbs (61kg)

B/W/H: 32-24-36(81cm-61cm-92cm)

Hometown: Tosa, Japan

Appearance: Makoto is petite, fit young woman, with a well defined muscle tone. She has short black hair in wild bob style. Her eyes are brown. Makoto wears a red MMA style sports bra top that leaves her midriff ,six pack abs and all, showing. There is long yellow bandana tied around her neck. She has brown leather , fingerless, MMA gloves on each hand. Makoto has off white full length karategi pants on with a black karate belt tied around her waist. She wears brown straw sandals on her feet.

Likes: Family, Fighting, Carpentry. Spreading The Rindokan Karate Style

Dislikes: Pickled Ginger, Being Mistaken For A Boy, Dresses

Fighting Style: Rindokan Karate

Tone: Makoto is fierce, focused, and determined young woman.

Origins: Makoto is the youngest daughter of deceased Rindokan Karate Master, Masaru. As her young girl, her father’s rural dojo had many students. Whenever attendance would dip, he lead his most senior student in charge and take a musha shugyo’(warrior’s pilgrimage) around the world. By defeating various masters around the world, he’d draw acclaim to the family school. Attendance would rise and popularity of Rindokan Karate would grow.

On his final musha shugyo, Masaru would suffer a crushing defeat against the great Sennin Oro. After returning home, the disheartened Masaru grew ill and eventually passed away. His senior students tried to keep the dojo going in his absence, but none of them possessed Masaru’s skill. Overtime the dojo’s attendance numbers waned. Eventually, even the most devote of Masaru’s disciples moved on. Makato’s grandfather Hisato and her brother Isao, tried to keep the school going. However her grandfather lacked the vigor of his youth and her brother lacked their fathers talent. Isao went into the business world to make ends meet.

As Makoto’s skill grew, the number of her training partners diminished. This was partially due to the school diminished notoriety and also to the few remaining advanced students growing tired of losing to Masaru’s “little boy”. Unable to defeat her in sparring or fights, the other students would often call the tomboyish Makato “little boy”. This angered her greatly, leading her to accidentally discover the Tanden Renki technique. Mocked for the last time, Makato grew red and proceeded to beat her fellow students senseless. While this made her feel better, it ultimately chased off the last remaining members of the school. It was then that Makoto decided to go on a musha shugyo of her own. Like her father before her, she’d best skilled masters and create a demand to train her family’s dojo.

Her Rival: Ibuki

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 4 Range: 2 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

1000 Stamina 1000 Stun


Hikiyose Zutsuki Tacchuu (Drawing Up Headbutt: Pagoda Head) – LP+LK: Makoto grabs her opponent by the head with both hands, pulls her head back, and slams it into her opponent’s head. Leaves foes standing. 140 Damage/150 Stun

Hiji Otoshi Sanren Tsuki Araiso (Elbow Drop: Three Continuous Thrusts “Wind-Swept and Wave-Beaten Shore” ) – B+LP+LK: Makoto grabs her opponent, knees them in the stomach, chops them to the ground, and then punches them in the back. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Kote Tsuki Kazami (Small Hand Thrust: Wind Watcher) – F+LP: Makoto strikes with a quick straight right punch. 3F Startup, 30 Damage/50 Stun, +3 on hit

Gezuki Koaruna (Lower Thrust: Fragrant Greens) – F+MP: Makoto hits her opponent with a left uppercut to the body. 7F Startup, 90 Damage/100 Stun, +3 on hit

Fumikomi Seiken-zuki Shimaki (Advancing Justice Fist: Winding Wind) – F+HP, HP: Makoto hits her opponent with a left-right-left straight punch combination. 130 Damage/150 Stun, -1 on Hit

Mae Geri Shibuki (Forward Kick: Splash) – F+LK: Makato performs a left front kick to her opponent’s abdomen. 6F Startup, 50 Damage/50 Stun, +2 on Hit

Fumikomi Joudan Mawashi Geri Naruto (Advancing Upper Spinning Kick: Steamed Fish Paste Cake) – F+MK: Makoto advances forward while performing an left high spinning back kick. 15F Startup, 90 Damage/100 Stun, +2 on Hit.

Fumikomi Sokubarai Kuroshio (Advancing Foot Sweep: Japan Current) – F+HK: Makoto advances forward while performing a left low kick that sweeps the opponent’s legs out form under them. Holding HK button will cause Makoto to feint. Advancing forward without kicking. 19F Startup, 110 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -10 on Block

Nidan Geri Kyoufuu (Same Leg Kick Combination: High Wind) – LK,MK: Makoto strikes with a double hitting high right roundhouse kick. 3F Startup, 50 Damage/100 Stun, -1 on Hit

Ren Geri Uranami (Stepping Kick Combination: Seaside Wave) – MK,HK: Makoto strikes with a left spinning high back kick into left front kick combination that leaves her adversary standing. 8F Startup, 100 Damage/200 Stun


Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri Makiwari (Front Rolling Kick: Hatchet) – F+KKK: Makoto strikes with a front rolling axe kick that knocks down her adversary.


Gekiretsu Zutsuki Isana (Violent Headbutting Whale) – MP+MK: Makato hits her foes with a quick put powerful standing headbutt. Attack can be charged. Headbutt advancing forward slightly.

  • Uncharged – 1/8 Screen, 18F Startup, 50 Damage/100 Stun, +2 on Hit, -7 on Block, cannot be canceled into Shikri

  • Charged – ¼ Screen, 36F Startup, Frame 3 Armor, 100 Damage/200 Stun, +6 on Hit, - 2 on Block, can be canceled into to Shikiri or EX Shikiri on hit.

V-Trigger 1:

Tanden Renki Seme no Kata (Dantian Refined Spirit: Form of Offense) – HP+HK: Makoto focuses her anger giving her skin a red hue. While in this state, Makoto’s damage and stun output on all her attacks is increased by 10%. She gains an additional skill the Kumoharai

  • Kumoharai (Cloud Sweeping Stroke) – HP+HK: Makoto deflects incoming attacks with proper timing. She takes grey life damage for each parry. Input can be repeated to parry multi hitting attacks. Does not work against throws or command throws. Each successful Kumoharai restores 50F of V-Gauge

V-Trigger duration 2400F, drains over time. 3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Tosa Kaisoku Shintai (Tosa High Speed Movement) – HP+HK: Makoto focuses her chi giving herself a persistent red aura. While in this state, Makoto’s mobility, particularly her walkspeed, is increased greatly.

  • Forward Walk Speed increased from 2.0 to 5.2

  • Backward Walk Speed increased from 1.5 to 3.9

V-Trigger Duration 1500F, drains over time 2-Bar V-Trigger


Chokujou Seikentsuki Fukiage (Steadily Rising Justice Fist Thrust: Rising Wind) – F,D,DF+P: (Anti Air) Makato focuses her great strength in to powerful standing vertical punch. All versions invincible to airborne attacks and cause 120 Damage/160 Stun. Does not hit grounded opponents. Punch button pressed determines the forward movement distance. LP (6F Startup, Point Blank) MP (9F Startup, 1/8 Screen), HP (12F Startup, ¼ Screen), EX (9F Startup, ¼ Screen, Hits Grounded Opponents, Projectile Invincible)

Tosshin Seikentsuki Hayate (Rushing Justice Fist Thrust: Squall )– QCF+P : Makoto pulls back her right fist as the headband around her neck flows in the wind, she then bursts forward rapidly, striking her foe with an straight punch to the sternum. All versions eave her opponent standing. That attack can be charged up to five levels. Attack charged can be canceled by pressing any kick button. Punch button determines the distance traveled. Damage properties listed below.

LP Hayate ¼ Screen

  • Level 1 – 8F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, +0 on Hit, -8 on Block

  • Level 2 – 12F Startup, 110 Damage/140 Stun, +1 on Hit, -7 on Block

  • Level 3 – 32F Startup, 130 Damage/150 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

  • Level 4 – 64F Startup, 150 Damage/170 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • Level 5 - 75F Startup, 190 Damage/190 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

MP Hayate ½ Screen

  • Level 1 – 15F Startup 110 Damage/120 Stun, +1 on Hit, -7 on Block

  • Level 2 – 19F Startup, 120 Damage/140 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

  • Level 3 – 39F Startup, 140 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on Hit, -5 on Block

  • Level 4 – 64F Startup, 160 Damage/170 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • Level 5 - 75F Startup, 190 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

HP Hayate ¾ Screen

  • Level 1 – 20F Startup 120 Damage/150 Stun, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block

  • Level 2 – 24F Startup, 130 Damage/140 Stun, +3 on Hit, -5 on Block

  • Level 3 – 44F Startup, 150 Damage/160 Stun, +4 on Hit, -4 on Block

  • Level 4 – 64F Startup, 170 Damage/170 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • Level 5 - 75F Startup, 190 Damage/210 Stun, Knocks Down, -2 on Block

  • EX Hayate – ¾ Screen, 13F Startup, 140 Damage/150 Stun, -4 on Block

Uchi Oroshi Tegatana Oroshi (Falling Hand Blade Strike: Mountain Wind)- QCB+P: (Overhead) Makoto draws back her right arm over her head and chops into the ground violently. The punch button determines the damage and attack properties. LP(22F Startup, 100 Damage/200 Stun, +4 On Hit, -4 on Block, Leaves Standing) MP(23F Startup, 120 Damage/200 Stun, +5 On Hit, -5 on Block, Leaves Standing), HP(24F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down, -4 on Block) EX(18F Startup, 140 Damage/200 Stun,Knocks Down, -4 On Block)

Tsurushi Nodowa: Karakusa (Neck Hanging Ring: Arabesque)- HCB+P (Command Grab): Makoto grabs her opponent by the neck with both hands, chokes them for a short time, and leaves them prone for a follow up attack. Punch button determines startup and grab range. All versions leave Makoto +12 on Hit. LP (6F Startup, Most Range, 40 Damage/80 Stun), MP(7F Startup, Less Range, 50 Damage/100 Stun,), HP(8F Startup, Least Range, 60 Damage/120 Stun), EX(5F Startup, Most Range, 75 Damage/150 Stun, Gains Armor Frame 3)

Tosa Hangeki Shikiri (Tosa Counter Blow: Path Obstruction) – QCF+K: Makoto cancels the recovery of any normal attack on hit, into another normal attack. Does not work on blocked attacks. LK,MK,HK versions have identical properties. EX version allows a second attack cancel with a non EX Shikiri.

Senkou Kakato Otoshi Tsurugi (Flashing Heel Drop: Sword) – QCB+K: (In Air): Makoto hits her foe with a flying axe kick from a forward jump. Attact properties, startup, and damage determined by the kick button pressed. LK (10F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, +2 on Hit) MK (12F Startup, 125 Damage/150 Stun, +3 on hit), HK (14F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down) EX(14F Startup, 175 Damage/250 Stun, Knocks Down)

Critical Art:

Hissatsu Seichuusen Godanzuki (Certain Kill Median Line Five Part Thrust )- QCFx2+P: Makoto hits her foe with a powerful left punch to the groin, followed by a right punch to the abdomen, and two punch left-right combination to the chest, and concludes the attack with a violent upward punch to the chin that sends her foes soaring into the air. 5 hits 350 Damage (1x100, 3x50, 1x100)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Makoto has managed to keep the family dojo afloat thanks to her impressive showing at the last world martial arts tournament. The “little boy from Tosa” 's ability to take down fighters of far greater size drew knew students to the family dojo. This time Makoto aims to win the tournament to garner further acclaim and also break the face of anyone that mistake her for a boy.

Side Notes:

  • Makoto’s new battle attire is a result of her tiring of being mistaken for a boy. During her most recent musha shugyo, Makoto was accosted by a police officer as she went into the women’s bathroom. She slugged the officer who didn’t press charges out of embarrassment

  • Makoto in the Tosa Dialect. Giving her the Japanese equivalent of a “country bumpkin” accent.

  • Isao, Makoto’s brother, used his share of their father’s inheritance to buy a local fishing business. This angered Makoto initially who wanted him to help pay repairs to the dojo.

  • Isao uses part of his businesses meager profits to keep the dojo open.

  • Hisato is the main instructor of the dojo. Although he’s not the fighter was in his youth. He still talent and a skillful teacher.

  • After her last appearance on the world stage. Makoto used the prize money she gained to remodel the dojo. The minor fame she gained has garnered enough students for the dojo to break even without Isao’s aid.

  • Makoto’s moves have very long names. I was unable to find full names for her Target Combos, V-Skill, V-Reversal, and new special attack Shikiri. So I did my best to replicate the length of her other attack names for consistency.





Name: Retsu

Nickname: The Exiled Master

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 6ft 0in (1.89m)

Weight: 170lbs (91kg)

B/W/H: 44-32-33(112cm-81cm-84cm)

Hometown: Tadotsu, Japan

Appearance: Retsu is bald old man off above average height with thick black eye brows. He has black chin beard that is in a single braid that hangs down to the center of his chest. Retsu wears a white short sleeve karategi. The sleeves come to his elbow and his pant legs are full length. He wears a black sleeveless vest over his karategi top. The collar and center of the vest has a gold trim. Retsu’s karategi top and vest are held together with a red karate belt that his tied at his left side. His hands and feet are bare.

Likes: Jelly, Gardens, Cleaning

Dislikes: Ghost Stories

Fighting Style: Shorinji Kempo

Tone: Retsu stern appearance hides his humorous demeanor. The brashness of his youth has been replaced with a dry sense of humor.

Origins: Retsu was a wild and brash youth. Unable to handle him in, his father sent him to study martial arts at the nearby Shorinji Kemp temple. The monks of the temple were able to reign Retsu in for a time. He excelled at the martial arts. Their discipline granted him a focus that he had lacked previously.

Retsu slowly surpassed his peers as he grew into adulthood. His contemporaries were no longer a match for him. Despite his youth, Retsu began to train with the masters of the temple. They were only people at the temple that could push him to his limits.

By the time he was middle aged, Retsu had surpassed everyone at the temple. He started training against multiple opponent’s at once to keep from becoming bored. That only satiated his drive for a short time. The brashness of his youth slowly returned. He began to dig into the temple archives. There he found multiple forbidden Shorinji Kempo techniques. Learning these skills was against the temple rules. Retsu began to practice these techniques in secret. Slowly mastering them all.

One day when Retsu was training against a couple of his fellow masters he lost focus. He accidentally used a few of the forbidden techniques to incapacitate them. The temples grandmaster was furious. After convening the temples masters, Retsu was excommunicated from the temple. He embarked on a musha shugyo (Warriors Pilgrimage). During his time roaming Asia, Retsu met and befriended several other masters. Ansatsuken Master Gouken and Rindokan Karate Master Masaru became the closest of those friends.

Listless he entered Sagat’s World Martial Arts challenge. As a member of the temple he was not allowed to enter such competitions. While his friendly sparring sessions with Gouken and Masaru were fun, a full contact tournament would allow him to truly show off his skills. Much to his surprised, he was defeated by one of Gouken’s star pupils, Ryu.

This caused Retsu to rethink his path. His hubris cost him a fight against relative novice several years his junior. It was only after that defeat did the lessons of the Shorinji Kemp Temple truly began to resonate with him. Finally taking those lessons to heart, Retsu disappeared into the mountains of Japan to rebuild his style from scratch.

His Rival: Zeku

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 5 Range: 3 Mobility: 1 Technique: 4

1025 Stamina 1025 Stun


Byoubu Daoshi (Folding Screen Topple) – LP+LK: Retsu grabs his opponent’s wrist with his left hand and strikes his foe in the neck with a knife hand strike while sweeping their legs out from under them with his right leg. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Reversal) – B+LP+LK: Retsu grabs his opponent’s wrist with his left hand, strikes his foe in the jaw with a right hammer fist, spins while still holding his foes wrist, and flips them over his shoulder behind him. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Teisho Uchi (Palm Heel Strike) – F+LP: Retsu hits his foe with a quick straight open palm strike. 4F Startup 40 Damage/50 Stun, +3 on Hit

Tate Empi Uchi (Upward Elbow Strike) – B+MP: (Anti Air): Retsu strikes his opponent with a standing right elbow uppercut. Attack forces stand. 6F Startup, 70 Damage/100 Stun, +3 on Hit, 0 on Block.

Tetsui Uchi (Hammer Fist Strike) - F+HP: (Overhead) Retsu hits his foe with a standing left hammer right punch. 21F Startup, +2 on Hit, -6 on Block. 80 Damage/150 Stun

Chokujou Tsuki (Above Punch) - B+HP: (Anti Air) Retsu unleashes a powerful left punch directly above his head. Attack does not hit grounded opponents. 8F Startup 32F Recovery 100 Damage/150 Stun

Hiza Geri (Knee Kick) – F+LK: Retsu strikes with a short range quick standing knee to the midsection. 5F Startup 50 Damage/50 Stun +3 on Hit.

Kansetsu Geri (Knee Joint Kick) – F+MK: Retsu performs standing left low stomp kick to the opponent’s knee. Must be blocked low. 10F Startup 75 Damage/150 Stun +4 on Hit, +1 on Block

Kakato Otoshi Geri (Heel Drop Kick)- B+HK: (Overhead) Retsu hops forward a short distance while performing a right axe kick. 26F Startup, +3 on Hit, -2 on Block. 90 Damage/120 Stun

Nidan Tsuki (Same Arm Punch Combination) – F+LP, B+MP: (Target Combo) Retsu strikes with a right palm strike-right elbow uppercut combination. 4F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun, +1 on Hit, -5 on Block

Ren Tsuki (Two Punch Combination) – B+MP, F+HP: (Target Combo) Retsu hit his adversary with a right elbow uppercut-left hammer fist combination. 6F Startup 100 Damage/200 Stun, -1 on Hit, -8 on Block

Sanbon Tsuki (Three Punch Combination) – LP,MP,HP : (Target Combo) Retsu executes a left-right straight punch combination followed by a double straight punch. Knocks down the opponent. 4F Startup 90 Damage/120 Stun -2 on Hit, -6 on Block


Yoko Geri Kekomi (Side Thrust Kick) – F+KKK: Retsu kicks his adversary in the face with a snapping side thrust kick. Leaves foes standing.


Kasokuundou (Accelerated Motion) – MP+MK: Retsu lets out a shout while performing a brief kata. This enhances the properties of his next dash. Gains a small amount of V-Gauge upon complete of the kata animation. Gains V-Gauge from the next landed or blocked attack while in this enhanced states.

  • Forward Dash Startup Reduced from 19F to 16F. Dash distance increased from 150 to 175

  • Backward Dash Startup Reduced from 25F to 22F. Dash distance increased from 100 to 125

V-Trigger 1:

Wakawakashii Katsuryoku (Youthful Vigor)– HP+HK: Retsu lets out a loud “Kiai!” and regains the mobility of his prime.

  • Forward Dash Startup Reduced from 19F to 16F. Dash distance increased from 150 to 175

  • Backward Dash Startup Reduced from 25F to 22F. Dash distance increased from 100 to 125

  • Forward Walkspeed increased from 2.5 to 4.0

  • Backward Walkspeed increased from 2.0 to 3.0

  • Kakokuundou now grants a 15F Forward Dash and 21F Back Dash

3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Roujin Tsuyosa (Old Man Strength)– HP+HK: Retsu lets out a loud “Kiai!” building his already impressive power.

  • Normal Attacks receive a 10% Damage Boost

  • Special Attacks received a 10% Stun Boost

  • Kasokuundou, Sadagen, and Kudasho gain armor Frame 3

  • Shinrei Gekisai Sandanzuki damage increased from 360 to 400

V-Trigger Duration 1500F 2-Bar V-Trigger


Sadagen (Rushing Strike Fist) – QCF+P : Retsu pulls back his left fist, he then burst forward rapidly, striking his foe with an straight punch to the sternum. All versions become projectile invincible on frame 3 and leave his opponent standing. Punch button determines the distance traveled. When properly spaced all versions of this attack is -2 on Block. MP version is -4 on block at point blank range. HK version is – 6 on block at point blank range. LP (10F Startup, ¼ Screen, 100 Damage/120 Stun), MP (15F Startup, ½ Screen, 120 Damage/120 Stun), HP (20F Startup, ¾ Screen, 140 Damage/150 Stun), EX (17F Startup, ¾ Screen, Fully Projectile Invincible, 150 Damage/200 Stun, -2 on Block Point, 0 on Block Point Properly Spaced)

Hishou Tegatana (Soaring Hand Blade)- QCB+P (In Air): Retsu draws back his right arm over his head while jumping forward and chops violently straight down towards the ground. The punch button determines the damage and attack properties. LP(8F Startup, 100 Damage/120 Stun, +3 On Hit, Leaves Standing) MP(10F Startup, 130 Damage/150 Stun, +4 On Hit, Leaves Standing), HP(12F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, Knocks Down) EX(12F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun, +6 On Hit, -2 On Block)

Futogen (Wind Launch Fist)- HCB+P (Command Grab): Retsu grabs his opponent. He hits them under the chin with a left upward palm strike that launches them into the air. All versions have a 8F Startup. Launch height and Range determined by the punch button pressed. LP (Most Range, 80 Damage/100 Stun, Lowest Juggle Height), MP(Less Range, 90 Damage/120 Stun, Higher Juggle Height), HP(Least Range, 100 Damage/150 Stun, Highest Juggle Height), EX(6F Startup, Most Range, 100 Damage/150 Stun, Highest Juggle Height)

Kudasho (Sky Strike Heel) – QCF+K: Retsu soars towards his opponent with a lighting fast flying kick. When properly spaced all versions of this attack is -2 on Block. MK version is -5 on block at point blank range. HK version is – 7 on block at point blank range. All versions knock down the opponent and become projectile invincible on frame 3. LK (¼ Screen, 120 Damage/150 Stun), MK (½ Screen, 140 Damage/150 Stun), HK (¾ Screen, 160 Damage/200 Stun), EX (¾ Screen, Fully Projectile Invincible, 180 Damage/200 Stun, -2 on Block Point, 0 on Block Point Properly Spaced)

Critical Art:

Shinrei Gekisai Sandanzuki (Spirit Pulverising Three Part Thrust )- QCFx2+P: Retsu strikes his foe with a powerful right punch to the lower abdomen followed by strong left punch to the chin that launches them into the air. While waiting for them to descend, Retsu charges a blindingly fast Sadagen that strikes his adversary in the spine and slams them into the side of the stage/screen. 4 hits 360 Damage (2x70, 1x170, 1x50)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Retsu wishes to pass his style along to the next generation. He enters the world martial arts tournament seeking to find two disciplines. Retsu learned from his friend Gouken that having two students that train along side each other is the best way to pass along one’s art.

Side Notes:

  • Retsu’s name is Japanese for Furious

  • His background has some parallels with Akuma/Gouki’s as they both were kicked out for studying forbidden techniques

  • Shorinji Kempo is based on Shaolin Kung Fu. Shorinji Kempo is Japanese for Shaolin Temple Boxing

  • Shorinji Kempo and Rindokan Karate are very similar styles that share some common philosophies and techniques.

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