The Charge Buster



Lately ive seen a vid showing a megaman infinite where he does 15hit charge busters over and over again, and never charges fierce to do so, which makes me wonder if theres some major charge trick which I missed out. Can someone explain how this is done? If there`s a practical setup for it Megaman should be able to totally chip down the enemy just with Charge busters…


The only thing I can think of is the MM glitch. Look at MM’s life and his opponents if he literally has no life and is facing a BB Hood and Venom then its the glitch. The glitch goes like so(BTW you need 2 players to do this)… you charge with MM, have Venom beat down MM but not to the death, then, still charging with MM, when MM has very little life left you do Venom’s QCF PP super(Venom Web) an DCH into BBHood’s HCF KK super(Beautiful Memory), after this MM should scream as if he was killed but still be on the screen, his life bar will be completely empty. Now you can let go of his buster and it will do however many hits you chaged up for. Now when you charge it, even if you only charge it for the miminum length of time, which normally gives you 2 hits, it will still come out to however many hits you charged it for before MM was “killed”. In this state however you never see the charge animation while holding the button, MM never glows but he still is charging, you just have to know how long to hold it, also in this state if MM is hit, even if he is blocking, he will be thrown back and actually die. To answer your question, no it isnt practicle. Also if this isnt the case with what you are seeing on the video, then I dunno what the hell it is…and thats alot comming from me about MM


Yup, thats exactly whats going on in the Vid. Thanks for elaborating.