The Chauvinist's Thread

The title says it all. Spout out blatant chauvinism mentality. This isn’t just anti-feminism but pro chauvinism.

I posted a long time ago about the fact that women have an inclination to domestic chores, feel fulfilled by being dominated, and women working outside the home are contributing to the homosexual influx phenomenon. Because we all know a working woman just isn’t attractive.

There was a story posted about a man that shot his wife in the chest multiple times because she wouldn’t jelly his toast. Which shocked me, and then I read a story about a woman who was beat to death with a microwave by her husband because she wouldn’t reheat his food. I was just appalled when I read these stories…

Why wouldn’t the women just do what they were told? It just boggles my mind. And the real kicker which just made me feel there was no justice in the world was the fact that they tried these men in court for their “crimes”. Since when is it a crime for a man to beat his wife? How can people tell a man he can’t be what he owns? Thats his property…

If a woman wants to be equal to a man, she should be able to take a punch.

thread of the year in the works.

I loled at the thread with husband beating his wife to death with a MICROWAVE for not reheating his food. How does that even work?

How’s that for irony?

i predict 100+ pages in two days for this,2933,191766,00.html
Article where dude beats ol’ girl…can you believe she had the nerve to tell him no? Speechles…

i can’t believe he chose her over a second beer, c’mon gotta have at least 2.

Why doesn’t a woman need a watch?

Because there’s a clock on the stove.

I revere women.

And this:

Is exactly why we have this:

The SRK Body Transformation Challenge’ - Electric Boogaloo - Starts May. 8 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Women should do all the cooking, cleaning, bills, labor and organizing of society and administering of social justice. Men should sit around, strapped to chairs with tubes to give food and dispose of waste while in a constant state of erection, who’s only job is to procreate at the woman’s leisure.
Hell yeah. How’d ya like that, WOMYN!?

I’m not a misogynist or anything, but I figure this would be a good thread to ask:

Any tips on fighting women?

And I don’t mean “fair” fights, I mean balls-out brawls and such. You see, I’m in an underground fighting club, and our leader, this mean fat white bitch named Mary, always manages to beat the guys by mashing on their balls. Now, I know hitting up her cunt makes her feel some pain, but it’s just never enough. I’m faster than she is, but I’m nowhere near as strong. Any tips?

punch her really hard in the tit.


Sorry bro, but I got the Chauvinist threads on lock.

Here, here, and here.

I kid. My favorite story:


he has to be strong enough to push her down, or at least get her off balance.

A strong independent woman is sexy as hell.


What is a quote from a possible homosexual.

I’ll take chauvinist crips for 200.

So am I the only one that feels that the reason there are so many commercials for enzyte and all the pills targeting ED because women are spending less time in the kitchen? Its apparent that a woman in the kitchen is nothing short of errogenous, less time in kitchen = less attractive.

I’ll try to post my latest paper

The Female Propensity to Domestic Chores

Not because I like to, because I had to:
A really big hug does the trick. I havent yet encountered a woman hand-to-hand where a hug didn’t completely negate any sort of offensive maneuver. Completely non-lethal. Doesn’t leave bruises or scrapes. And no way to accidentally go overboard. Unless you’re like, Brock Lesnaring the life out of her, you’ll be fine and she’ll be fine. Otherwise you might have a problem.