The Cheapest Move in a Fighting Game

What is the most cheapest move in a fighting game?

Why? You plan to do one of those “reviews” of yours?:rolleyes:

ok can we stop talking about the whole review? i know it was bad, but move on!

crouch jab when opponent is standing. thats cheap as fuck

Ivan Ooze, period.


this is indisputable

Damn it, beaten >.<

Blocking…everyone abuses that shit…:lame:



For every1 who doesnt know…

“For everyone who said you can beat him… [[awkward Ooze stare]] …You Cant!”

i’m not mad anymore about that review, no need to get butthurt over that…

Wombo Combo is beyond broken. Trying anything against it results in you getting your ass whooped:


JFLS lol

Horrorcore is Carthage.

You heard it here first, buddies.

Ground Pound.

Oh yes, Supermans Ground Pound in MKvsDC. That thing beats everything except Ivan Ooze and god :smiley:

cpu controlled genocide cutter

Ken’s taunt in SF3.

jabs are like .15 cents or whatever, that’s hella cheap. you want the good shit (fireballs, supers) that’ll run you up at least 2 bones.

so jabs are the cheapest with the runner up being shorts at .18 discounted .02 for the holidays.