The cheese_master invitational (Ann Arbor, MI)

Saturday August 2, 2008
Pinball Pete’s
1214 S university ave
Ann Arbor, MI, 48108

3rd strike(maybe)

$5.00 entry fee

Registration starts at 2:00 pm. The tournament starts shortly after. Gearing up for Evo (possibly last year for cvs2) I hope to see you MI players there.

I’ll post this on MIG right now.

definitely going to be there

Will be there with a few of my friends possibly "jersh, kinetic, skelly, pat. If the sticks and shit are broken down i’ll at least be out there for casuals and some mr.driller.

Oh man, Mr. Driller is the shit! I wish Pete’s would fix the fucking stick on that thing.

I’m definitely going to be there on saturday. Hope at least a few people show up. YMD, is this still going down?

You better win this Dustin
I thought you a lot :lovin:

Yeah it’s still going down but it’s looking real iffy on a 3s tournament. On the 3s machine, the monitor is going bad and the light punch on the p2 side is out. I may be able to get the manager to fix the lp but I don’t know.

well I’ll be up there, If not to play some 3s I’ll play some cvs2