The Chemistry Thread


There is a math thread, so I see no reason why this can’t exist.

I haven’t taken chemistry, but we’re covering it in my Biology of Health class and it intrigues me more than most fields of science, which is already alot.

So far buffers for the pH scale have also peaked my interest, apparently if blood becomes acidic, bicarbonate accepts hydrogen ions to form carbonic acid. If blood becomes to base, carbonic acid releases hydrogen ions that combine with the excess hydroxide ions to form water. In either case the result is that blood remains near it’s normal pH.

^From a handout in my class.


SRK Math Thread

chemistry is god, so many applications, and very interesting. Favorite subject by far, and haven’t had a year yet where I felt like I was doing busy work.

Speaking of which, any of you know of any specific designs for a Dry Cell battery which maximizes Hydrogen production?


Is there a way to calculate the charge on a phosphate ion?


through formal charge.

You calculate the formal charge on every atom, to determine its “charge”, and then the sum of all individual charges, is the overall charge of the atom.

but to do that, you also need to know what group the atoms belong to to determine the sum of all valance electrons present in the ion.

formal charge = # of valance electrons - # of bonds attached to said atom - total # of individual electrons that make up lone pairs.

Group 14 = 4 valance electrons
Group 15 = 5 valance electrons
Group 16 = 6 valance electrons
Group 17 = 7 valance electrons

Resonance structures are pretty fucking cool, however, do any of you know of methods to facilitate the process of finding out all possible resonance structures? No general rules though, things that are learned through experience please.


As with so many threads, this thread reminds me of one of my favorite XKCD strips.