The Chess Thread


Any chess players on SRK out there?

If not, let this thread die out right now.

But if so, please feel free to share any chess-related thoughts here. Opinions on top players, strategies, experiences, what have you.

Only recently have I been getting into it, I’m certainly no Grandmaster but I do have good knowledge of the basic strategy, it’s the application that gets me, lol :l

If anyone’s down for it, they can tell me here and we can go run a match up on or something like that.

Fighting games and chess

My last published rating was 2029, so I guess I’m okay.

The next major international event is Reggio Emilia, which has a strong line-up this year with Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Nakamura, Caruana, Giri, and Vitugov. Much as I have been a fan of Morozevich for the past decade, he was a late replacement for Vugar Gashimov, who I would have rather seen at the tournament.

Female chess players forced to wear hijabs

I’m around 2150 FIDE but I haven’t played in a while though. Nakamura is an arrogant bastard saying that about Kasparov. Giri is very immature too. Look up what he said about Aagaard and Kramnik.

Both Gashimov and Morozevich are entertaining players.


What happened to the old thread way back? I know we have like 2-3 2000+ rated players


love chess and go
i remember it was my uncle who taught me how to play, he would always let me win.
as a child i was very fond of the rook i thought it was the most op piece never really had many people to play growing up.
i had a cousin who was very into chess and joined the chess club, she was very good i remember the night i played her i lost like 50 matches i remember to this day how i won my first game against her her king was behind three of her pawns like so at the corner of the board

she of course new this was a bad idea and was waiting for me to take the bait. so i then distracted her with something else, killed off her baiting tactic and moved my rook into alignment and checkmate. she seriously could not believe she lost and was very eager to play again. i denied her thirst for revenge.
since then i have adopted many of her set ups and strategies.


I haven’t played in a while…

I probably have a ranking of 1100…

Most of my wins come from off the wall sacrifices to draw the king out and just keep creating checkmate situations to force the opponent to give up material…

However, if you know how to defend against everything, then people just flood my side with material and I lose… I need to know when to back off from the king once I equalize material…

But I don’t know when is the best time to do so and when it isn’t…


There are two in this thread already, do you mean 2-3 more? :o


Is Kasparov the greatest of all time?


Since there are 2000’s up in this bitch… what do yall folks use versus white when they use the King’s pawn opening?(folks don’t seem to go into black piece theory much)

I heard that the Queen Pawn is one of the best answers to it, but I’m scared of that king pawn gambit… most players do not decline it…

Sicilian Defense is passive as fuck but seems to work the best for me…

How good as that Budapest gambit? I tried it, but I don’t know how to play it well…

Throw me some good recommendations for black piece openings plz… for most different openings I could encounter…

I don’t really read books beside combination books, and I’m not very interested in theory…


Man I haven’t played chess in more than 10 years. I’m probably real terrible now.


i was 2k+ like 8 year s ago. hadn’t played ina long long time though

  1. How does one get their rank published?

  2. Has anybody here won decent money in chess here?


Sicilian Defense is whatever you make it to be. It has passive and sharp lines. However, if you’re not interested in studying any theory, then you’re kind of screwed with this response to 1.e4.

My suggestion is to look at gambits (Elephant, Latvian, etc.). You don’t seem like you’re looking to crush really good opponents, and these types of openings are good for destroying a lot of beginner to average players.


Yeah I’m at club level right now my dude…I can whoop beginners…

I’ll take a look at it… Playing by ear has worked thus far… I’ve beaten players that are around 1500… however, I was playing white pieces, and I think they might have just had an off game…

None of us study theory though… once I get familiar with common situations on the board, then I’ll take a look at theory…

But books other than ones like Fred Reinfields that just familiarizes you with checkmate situations, and another one that shows good sacrifices(I threw away a queen once to finish advancing a pawn across the board and won the game)… I really can’t connect to ‘theory’… I have to see it in order for it to be tangible to me…

I watch professional chess game boards all the time, but the only guy’s playstyle that I really get is Capablanca’s… maybe I should just study him… and other amateur/intermediate level boards(1100-1700)…


I like chess. I’ve only played against friends, family, and coworkers. I’ve never played online. I guess I’m ok.


Elephant Gambit looks like some cut…

Throw away a center pawn just to be one up in development?

The niggas I play aren’t THAT bad…

Maybe I just don’t know how to play it, and it is good… but idk about that…

That Latvian doesn’t look too bad…

I kinda like it in fact…

It almost looks like it can go into a Budabest Gambit type game if you did exf5…

I like it…


I play the Petroff against 1.e4. Obviously, at IM level and higher, it tends to be overly drawish, and has fallen out of favor at the highest levels recently. (Used to be popular for a while in the early 2000s)

But it works fine at your level or mine, and doesn’t require learning a shitload of constantly evolving theory, like the Sicilian. (Or the Caro-Kann, or even the French…)

The Sicilian Defense is one of the most aggressive openings Black can play against 1. e4, actually…

The Budapest is a response to 1. d4 (Queen Pawn’s opening). I used to play it a bit as a kid, but White has a wealth of powerful responses. I think it’s a lousy opening to play.

Meh, I mostly agree with Nakamura, from what I can tell based on my humble level. Here’s what I wrote to a friend;

"Well, Nakamura is absolutely right about the endgame, and that much is even obvious to someone at my level.

Kasparov was obviously a very strong endgame player, but not the best. There are probably at least a couple DOZEN guys I can name that were clearly better endgame players than him.

I’m not sure about the middlegame. Obviously, Kasparov was one of the 5 greatest middlegame players ever. Was he the absolute best? I can’t tell at my level"

Also, even if Nakamura is an arrogant bastard, he’s nowhere near as arrogant as Kasparov was at his age! (Or now, for that matter…)


Yeah, I’ve got you man – it’s cool. I was just saying that if you’re not into theory, you probably want to steer clear from the Sicilian. It’s a theory swamp. That is, unless you have a mentor or something that can run you through things. I’m actually probably around your level, to be honest. The only difference is that I really enjoyed looking at theory and didn’t play that much at first, so I completely sucked and then had to leave theory behind and rely on my gut, haha.


The Petroff looks better because in can transpose into so many different games… that Elephant gambit isn’t looking too good…

I’ll start using that response and getting good with it…

I’m not going to be an expert level chess player anytime soon…


Just play standard open games. Answer e4 with e5.
Nf3 with Nc6.
Standard Ruy Lopez.
Standard Italian.
Accept Kings Gambit and go crazy if it pops up.

Theory doesn’t matter for crap at your level. You have to learn fundamentals.
Quickest way to learn how to place your pieces correctly, how to defend against attacks,
how to attack yourself etc is by: Playing Open Games.
Play e4 as white. Play e5 as black. d5 and classic QGD against closed games.

Don’t bother with anything special. Develop pieces to their natural squares and just play.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know theory and choose a wrong path somewhere that makes you get into a -0.5 position.
People at your level can’t make use of that anyways. People who are at a level that they can will squash you no matter what you do.

Instead of bothering with opening theory and shit, learn

  1. tactics [up till at least 1800, 95% of games are decided by simple tactics],
  2. endgames [both conversing advantages you gained, holding out if you are at a disvantage]

Trust me on this.