The Chie Satonaka Thread


So im having problems with chie and this game in general.

For chie i feel like all my attacks get snuffed when i throw them out. Like I’ll try air dash b/c/d and get countered by standing attacks like and or have my persona snuffed. It feels like every attack i throw out gets snuffed easily. I feel like chie has no range with her attacks and i have a hard time to get in

The other thing is that i have no idea what to do against block strings. Im used to push blocking to get out of it but thats not in this game. I try to dp when i see the attacks coming (with chie) but my timing is off and i just get fatal countered. Also Im used to chicken blocking but that doesn’t so well in this game either.

any help would be appreciated


Well overall it looks like you might just be playing the character way incorrectly. You should check out videos of top japanese chies, like Kirisame and Spinking, to see how they’re pressugn, how they’re playing her at neutral and the wakeup pressure they apply.

As for dealing with pressure, Chie also has a pretty good backdash…you have to understand the character you’re fighting and the strings they can use so you can know when the best time is to r-action, backdash, jump out, etc.


Here’s a seemingly stupid question that I probably already know the answer to but want to ask for confirmation. Is Chie’s God Hand considered an overhead strike?

It’s probably not, but the reason I ask is that sometimes I’ll see people duck but still get hit while others duck and block successfully.

in any case, Celerity has a good combo list there. I should try and practice with those more often.


It hits overhead. If you try to block low, you get smacked and a giant blue exclamation point pops up over you head to say you should’ve blocked high.


Good to know. Thanks.


Thanks for that list Celerity. The combo thread on dustloop is nice but for someone just starting out this smaller more concise list is a nice way to begin.


He’s also one of my less comfortable match-ups. I can’t give you much advice as far as what to do when you’re blocking Kill Rush mix-ups (other than, avoid having to block those in the first place.) But at neutral I notice Akihikos LOVE to jump back C on Chie because his j.C covers such a wide area in front and underneath him. It’ll blow up any approach Chie attempts because her range is inferior. Resist the urge to dash or jump in on Akihiko if you’re at any range outside of your 5C.

5C is my favorite tool in this match-up. At the neutral game, try to get within 5C range (plus a little closer in case he tries to backdash). At this range he has limited options for attacks to reach you. He’s certainly not going to throw out 5C KAISAH and his slow start-up as a poke against your 5C. I’m not 100% sure how fast his IAD j.B is but I’m going to test it out when I get home tonight. I would think the first hit of his j.B will break your persona and the second hit will hit Chie depending on distance.

You know, I always assumed it was an overhead but the Dustloop wiki is saying it can be blocked either high or low. Guess I’ll test this out tonight too.

People getting hit by it are just pushing a button during its extremely fast start-up. It does an fat grip of damage on counter-hit (if used as a wakeup super); I think it’s something like 3300 for the C version and 4000 for D. If you have 100 meter you can also OMC the super if it’s blocked, hold forward as you OMC to go immediately into a dash, and either keep up your pressure or pick them up for a combo if the super connected. Use this tactic sparingly though; if they have time to block, they also have time to just roll through it on reaction, meaning they didn’t block, meaning you can’t OMC it to make it safe, meaning you’re eating a fat CH combo and will probably die.


OK that’s what I thought. This is why wake-up God Hand > OMC > dash 2A can be such a scumbag tactic; the opponent has to switch between high and low blocks very quickly If God Hand connected, you can continue your combo after 2A for a ~5k air combo. If God Hand was blocked, but your 2A catches them while they’re still blocking high, you can confirm that into your standard knockdown into oki combo.

But again, if they roll through God Hand, you’re screwed. Only use this tactic when you don’t think they’ll expect it.


More like, never use this tactic since any decent player should and probably will roll it. There’s no reason not to and there’s much better instant overhead and fast high into low mixups you can do with Chie that are viable.


More like, never use this tactic since any decent player should and probably will roll it. There’s no reason not to and there’s much better instant overhead and fast high into low mixups you can do with Chie that are viable.


I get away with this a lot more than I should with the local players here… bad habit :X But yeah, if you can help it, avoid tactics like these which basically amount to you taking a gamble on your opponent’s lack of knowledge.


While we’re on the subject of matchups and tactics, any good one’s for Mitsuru players? She’s probably the only character I can’t figure out in this game.


The first step in any Mitsuru match is to make him/her respect your 2A. It gives you enough upper body invincibility to completely low-profile Mitsuru’s 5A and Coup Droit, 2 of her best poking tools. Practice doing dash 2As (input a dash, then instead of returning the stick to neutral, slide it from forward to down/forward and hit A) and confirming those into knockdown combos.

You also need to make them respect your 5DD oki setup. ALWAYS hold back to block for a brief moment before going in for your mixup, just in case she tries to wake-up DP out of it, and if she did, punish her hard. Practice punishing her with dash 5B BEFORE she touches the ground after a DP; this completely removes the risk of eating a Bufudyne upon her landing as so many Mitsurus are fond of doing.

Mitsuru also has a unique answer to the oki setup: wakeup 2B. It has some funky invincibility properties that allows her to hit your persona and get out of your setup clean. The 2B will also catch you if you were jumping towards her. If the Mitsuru starts doing this, you need to adjust the timing of your 5DD to be a bit later than usual. If timed properly 5DD will be a true meaty attack and 2B is no longer a viable escape option for her. But you do this at the cost of a less effective mix-up: now your persona will push Mitsuru farther away, not giving you enough time to get to the other side of her. This makes your mixup is one-dimensional, but still effective. Practice IAD’ing after your delayed 5DD and going for any combination of highs and lows.

For the most part, you should cool it on using your own DP in this match. Mitsuru can hit you from safe ranges where your follow-up kicks won’t hit her even if your DP is triggered. And Mitsurus LOVE to 4B Fatal Counter people when their opponent thinks they have a window to push their own buttons. If she has you blocking, just be patient and react. You’ll get hit by the occasional j.B overhead while you’re blocking, but she can only convert this into a combo by spending 50 meter to OMC it. So try not to panic if you keep getting hit by j.B.

There’s more but I’m tired, lol. Hopefully these are some good starting points.

OH. And Mitsuru’s 5AAB is not safe before the B if she holds down B to delay it. This is the only part of her pressure I feel comfortable using my DP to get out of.


Also watch the Kirisame vs. LordKnight match from NEC…as well as any japanese chie vs. mitsuru match. Spinking completely destroyed the best Mitsuru player, Shuuto, you can look at that one too.


I keep forgetting about the low 2A for Chie, but the 5DD and 5B are things I didn’t know I could use as effective there, so thanks for that.

As for terms, what is IAD and spinking?

[S]And is there a link to the Kirisame vs LordKnight matchup?[/S] Never mind, I found it.


IAD = instant airdash

Spinking is a japanese Chie player. Look up SpinKing vs. Shuuto.


For anyone still having trouble with Challenge 30 I put together a video. Hope it helps someone!



I put together a collection of 214C FC combos


Thanks for sharing these videos, they’re good.


I recently purchased P4A for the 360 and plan on practicing/maining with Chie. I’ll study what you’ve posted so far before asking any questions. Thanks for the info!