The Chun Bodō: Chun-li Video Thread



Post up your Chun vids!
I’ll edit the original post to include videos that people are likely to look up (e.g., tutorials).


















Well since she’s a member of Interpol and the footage is based around gameplay, why not coin a phrase based around that?
Or it can just be something along the lines of some of the catchy names like CrossCounter and FingerCramp:

  • Rush Hour
  • Rap Sheet
  • Surrender Now!
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Blue Thunder

Most of her special moves just don’t roll off the tongue too well. Just some thoughts – may as well have fun with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Chun Bodō: Chun Li Video Thread

With Bodō (say “baw-doh”) meaning “channel” in Chinese.


I like it. Simple and clever.


Thanks drowsy, just finished watching those vids. So did they buff her Those guys in the first video seem pretty confident that it’s a good anti-air move. Anyone having any success with it?


Here are two real simple but good combos that I recorded:


Plus I did one followup using Chun in this Julia video at 0:22



Yeah, that second vid follow up is the one I’ve been using online. Hopefully can add more damage later, but it’s solid for now, and pretty easy to be consistent with.


Trial mode stuff is now available


March 14 Edit- changed to Vesper arcade version, original link got removed.


nice, I’m having trouble her mk head stomp in the air though, how do you get it to juggle 3 times after the kick?


It’s a jump cancel so as the HK hits you Down~Up Forward and then 2mk the stomp.


I will start using Chun first once, i’m comfortable with Asuka enough. I’m still trying to play chun as if it is sf4…
Here’s a video, there’s more on my channel…critics are welcome for sure.


Round 2 was just bananas.

…and I love seeing Chun beat the piss out of Akuma.


There you go! I approve sir!!! :slight_smile:


As a Chinese person, I’ve never heard of this term lol.




My very first matches. While a lot less “wtf is going on?” than when I first played MvC3, but since I played it like SF4…


It’s just 波導 transliterated with a western-recognized romanization system. It’s not “channel” literally, but it’s really a technical term for wave guides that guide electromagnatic waves to form a channel. It even has the words 波 slang for a woman’s “breasts” and 導 “guide” in it, nobody is going to pass up a pun like that!



Found this one on my youtube feed. Hm. I wonder if I should cave in and learn at least one Tekken character?


One of my favorite Chun players Haneyama; displays some of the techniques I’ve been working on and his execution is disgusting as always:





More Haneyama fighting another pretty good Chun worth checking out – I’ll have to follow that individual as well.


Chun Alt 2 if anyone missed it on the frontpage. :lovin: