The Chun-Li buffs request thread


In an alternate world where an infinite amount of bitching isn’t gonna get this character nerfed, What would you actually want to see buffed about Chun-Li ?

I would like a bit more range on her sweep. It is actually kinda weird that Chun has a bit of an average sweep at best.

I would her to have a better V-skill somehow,i am not sure if it being faster is the answer or what but i rarely ever use except when i go for a mixup after landing a super.


More throw range and slightly faster travelling or recovering V Skill. If her V Skill is going to be useless for building V Gauge might as well be a bit stronger in neutral. Will be important vs characters like Guile and Urien who actually beat her in the mid to far range. Especially when she has no real anti projectile option other than slide which they can pretty easily deal with or generally won’t suddenly win her the match.

Other than that I leave it up to our Lords


Yeah, I had forgotten about the throw range, you are right Jin.


-Throw range increased, throw range increased and throw range increased. I think it sucks that a character who’s always had a great throw range now has the worst throw range.
-More damage for B+HK (non v-trigger version).

Fantasy Buffs:
-B+MK target combo from trailer added.
-J. HP hits overhead for both hits… even better if they just brought back the 2 hit target combo j. HP from SF4 (juggle state and all) and left this version as a neutral j. HP.
-People to stop bitching about her


You know what i would like, I would like her F.HK to return to its Beta 1 glory.
That move was so good back then.



More throw range
Overhead sped up to 20-21 frames startup with half the range it currently has, overhead no longer combos in v trigger/CH overhead is now -4 on block. (Nerf to low level Chun, buff to higher level Chun, Chun now has a functional overhead)
V skill is projectile invincible from frame 3 till just before its descent.
M and H ground legs -2 on block.
Less charge time on kikoken/make kikoken a motion move :slight_smile:
Less pushback on bhp
Stomp gets a slightly bigger hitbox in the front
Df hk sped up by 3 frames



This is a “nerf” but I hope they fix the fact that her crouching hurtbox is expanded in the wrong direction. It’ll make her a bigger target in the front, sure but it also makes going for things like instant stomp more consistent on her. Plus I’m just an advocate on things like that working properly.

For fun, what are your top 3 nerfs that would scare/bother you the most?

-IALL being less frame advantage on block. I think the problems it’s giving people should be addressed some other way (like a bigger hurtbox to make it easier to stuff) because I think the advantage on block is the only thing that makes it usable and gives her a real throw game in neutral.

-St. HP Nerf (unless it’s just whiff recovery). It’s already a very slow/ the slowest St. HP she’s had and the lowest meterless damage HP she’s had as well. Also -3 on block. I think just being able to challenge after whiff or block is the area people struggle with. Any other other reason they’re getting tagged is bad neutral on their part imo and I think characters’ button ranges should be buffed in general to help alleviate that.

-St. LK as an AA. The abundance of weird st. LPs being able to AA everything in addition to Chun just being good in general has gotten this move targeted for nerf talk… and that bugs me. It’s pretty much designed as a dedicated AA compared to other lights, so let it be an AA. I don’t really want any change that promotes more jumping.


No she needs no buffs unless capcom nerfed her and give her nothing in return


Honestly my biggest concern is Capcom taking something that we spent hours and hours to practice and make it useless. I just hope they don’t take the fun out of the character.

I agree very much on your opinion on air-legs, I am finding it very hard to believe that it will stay this way unfortunately.

I think something drastic will happen to her cr.MP because it is being bitched about too much. I fear that with a gimped cr.MP and air-legs being negative that her anti-zoning options would be horrendous. I also think regular EX Legs is gonna be punishable on block for sure in Season 2.

People who don’t use Chun don’t realize how awful her throw range is and that is what makes IALL so important. She has good walk speed yes but there is also others with as good and even better walkspeeds with a much bigger throw range.


I would be fine with nerfing Chun’s pressure (forward throw +15 to +14, increase pushback on mk air legs so that the followup cr.lp doesn’t link into two mediums) in exchange for a better st.MK, something to punish Nash/Birdie sweeps, and more fun uses for instant air lk/hk legs, like making anti-air HK legs juggle into headstomps.

But what I expect: st. lk nerf, v-trigger nerf, and maybe a damage nerf on her bnb / something to make it easier to punish EX sbk and of course no buffs in return because Chun only has one 5-5 matchup (the mirror) and an advantage in every other matchup.


Chun goes even with Guile also. Maybe even slight advantage to Guile


I am fully convinced that Cammy is at-least 5-5 if not in Cammy’s favor.

I can’t find a reason for it to be a winning match for Chun-Li. I usually just switch to Mika to deal with that matchup.


Maybe it’s just me, but I think her V-reversal is actually terrible. It hardly takes any pressure off from due to the range it pushes opponents back. This would be okay if it knocked down or something, but no. If they made it so that it pushed your opponent a little farther, I think that would be a good buff along with a slightly increased throw range. (Her throw sits @ 0.794 according to


Easier inputs for IALL.


Is it too early to request that iall be plus on block?


You had your time for it to be plus on block.

Now you must deal with honest IALL.


My buff requests still remain the same and have not been confirmed or denied yet.


Does anyone know when the balance patch for season 2 happens? Is it when Akuma is released, or sometime after?


Weve been told that it’s with the akuma release, but have had no official word on the matter. People at psx have said that the capcom representatives said the changes would be with the akuma build :slight_smile: